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Best. Name. Ever.

I totally forgot to post this lovely lady (I presume, it’s Slaaneshi so anything goes) that I painted up as my Slaanesh Lord.

I was inspired by two things.   62 more words

Warhammer 40k

They came....FROM THE 80's!

So I finally got around to stripping, pinning, gluing, green-stuffing and painting my original Slaanesh Fiends.  I’m rather pleased with how they turned out even if they have been somewhat underwhelming on the board.   64 more words

Warhammer 40k

The Terror of Daemons

Torturing each other,
In front of my sight.
Developing and experiencing,
The biggest fight.

Uplifting the huge scissors,
Both at the same time.
Cutting off their noses, 30 more words

Review: Yield the Night

And here I’m done with the third book in the series Steel and Stone i.e. Yield the night. This books continues exactly where we had left in book 2. 321 more words


From "St. Gaius's School for Daemonically Tainted Girls" by Blythe Hilson

“I know that the daemons ever seek to invade and influence our world,” said Claudia.

“Yes, but do you know that all too often that influence takes the form of, shall we say, … 340 more words


Victor Hugo and Daemons

I’ve just come across this from Victor Hugo:
‘It is our conviction that if souls were visible to the naked eye, we would clearly see the strange phenomenon whereby every individual member of the human race corresponds to one of the species of the animal kingdom … Animals are nothing more than the forms our virtues and our vices take, trotting around before our very eyes, the visible phantoms of our souls.’

9 more words

Review: Chase the Dark

This books shares a long background as how I actually met that book. Oh yes trust me it’s an interesting one. One of my friend came acorss this book via GoodReads and she was just drooling over this book and its synopsis. 296 more words