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Angels , Demons and Humans

Of course we can not prove the presence of demons and angels . Is that right ?

or can we prove their presence among ourselves . 1,090 more words


Two Poxwalkers and a Plaguebearer

I decided to add some Nurgle to my painting queue, after spending a fair amount of time completing first the brimstone and then the blue horrors. 367 more words

Games Workshop

Blue Horrors Finished

So I finished painting my ten blue horrors.  Now I have to start on my pink horrors, though some plaguebearers and poxwalkers seemed to have wandered their way into my painting queue. 22 more words

Games Workshop

Some family photos

Before I delve into some model-by-model photos of my collection, I figure a good place to start would be showing the army as a whole. 772 more words


Hello Blogosphere!

..Does the involuntary wincing whenever one types the word “Blogosphere” ever go away? Or is it permanent?


Hello internet! This slightly pretentiously-named blog is going to be the main place where I post my work from now on – work on tiny plastic miniatures, that is. 249 more words


Ghallamore Incursion - EPIC Daemonworld List

Hey guys,

I don’t know if you know, but I am the Army Champion for the NetEA Ghallamore Incursion Daemonworld list, a new armylist we are developing that aims to represent the forces of a Daemonic incursion into realspace in EPIC. 40 more words


Nycaloth Yugoloth

Nycaloth are these arrogant commanders of the yugoloth armies have green skin, muscular arms, a doglike head and a pair of large bat-like wings. 141 more words

Creatures Of Esperia