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It's All About Power

I realize this blog caters to two niches that may or may not overlap much, and that people who are into one of those niches may have little to no interest in the other. 313 more words


Dany the Femdom Dog Whistle: The Subtle Ways Dany Can Help Male Subs Stop Sucking So Much

Note: All of the blog articles I link to are safe for work unless noted otherwise. The blogs themselves, however, may contain some porn or other NSFW material if you click around. 3,807 more words


Wars and Politics of Ice and Fire Podcast, Episode 10: The Book That Never Was


In early 2015, Harper Collins UK in conjunction with Waterstones, a British Book Retailer, released pictures of a letter that George RR Martin wrote to his agent Ralph Vicinanza in 1993 outlining his idea for this brand new book that he was writing entitled  264 more words


Sex, Power, and Daenerys Targaryen: The New Cultural Template for the Sexually Dominant Woman

Say the word “dominatrix” and the image comes to mind of an austere German woman in a latex cat suit looking really mean and holding a whip. 5,797 more words


Targaryen Entitlement: A Case Study for Milennials

The word “entitlement” gets thrown around a lot these days. It seems like every week there’s another lazy, throw-away op-ed written by another boomer who either is up against a deadline or craves self-validation through the old “I earned my keep” narrative. 888 more words


The Dragon's Shadow: Viserys Targaryen



Viserys Targaryen (image credit to Duhi)

Ser Jorah snorted. “Can you wake the dead, girl? Your brother Rhaegar was the last dragon, and he died on the Trident.

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ASOIAF Analysis

Halloweens Past...

I’m so excited for Halloween this year! We have a new little person to dress up along with us, and I’ll be sharing this years Halloween costume on Monday (most likely).   283 more words