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How I Made Daenerys's Wedding Dress

The Dress:

The dress was made into a long skirt , it was sewn around a bra so i could achieve that low v neck, it has an elastic waste band all around it and especially in the back so i could just slide it on and fasten the bra. 150 more words


Cersei, Dany, and the Two-Edged Sword of Religion

Early seasons of Game of Thrones were largely focused on the political and military wranglings of kings, with some trying to secede, some trying to settle grievances, and some with their eye on securing the Iron Throne. 2,641 more words


How I made my Daenerys Faux Leather Chestpiece


I am gonna be straight up with you,  I am not a seamstress, I do not have any real training when it comes to making costumes, and I do not know what I am doing , so when you see how made this piece, you may laugh at me but it’s OK , cos the end result is good haha. 259 more words


I'm learning to draw...

My mother used to tell me that one day i might discover a hidden family talent in me, being able to draw…

She used to tell me stories about my uncle who one day tried his hand at sketching and discovered an unbelievable talent for it. 121 more words


Daenerys Targaryen Season 2 Qarth Cosplay.

My favorite part of Game Of Thrones is Daenerys. The beautiful, silver haired, lilac eyed, just and compassionate dragon queen of House Targaryen.

I feel as though the beginning of her journey to take back the Iron Throne was Qarth. 152 more words


Daenerys Targaryen Wedding Day Cosplay

The costume was made from 4 yards of cotton fabric and 1 yard of silver faux leather for the armbands and the dress strap.  The wig is from Ebay and the center three headed dragon piece is made from  a combination of worbla and metal. 28 more words


Cersei Lannister: the Queen Who Played with Wildfire

This post will be talking about HBO’s Game of Thrones in general, and specifically about Queen Cersei Lannister. She had a pretty eventful season recently on the show, and if you’re not caught up on… 1,208 more words