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It was love at first BANG

Big Bang: not your common existential theory.

As many Hallyu enthusiasts told me throughout the past year, I started off my Kpop journey with the best of the best. 907 more words


Time waits for no one

I have one month left for practicum. I have one semester left for graduation. But I don’t know how much time I have left for you. 93 more words

Big Bang Raih Trofi Pertama Di Tahun 2017 Dengan Lagu ‘FXXK IT’

Big Bang berhasil membawa pulang trofi pertama mereka di tahun 2017 ini pada program musik SBS ‘Inkigayo’.

Dengan salah satu title tracknya yang berjudul ‘FXXK IT’, Big Bang kembali membawa pulang trofi penghargaan dari SBS ‘Inkigayo’ yang ditayangkan pada Minggu (01/01) siang. 97 more words

Menurut Taeyang BIGBANG, Daesung Main Drum Tanpa Busana

Pada 28 Desember di episode MBC “Radio Star,” Taeyang mengungkapkan rutinitas Daesung yang aneh setiap pagi. Dia menjelaskan, “aku tinggal di gedung apartemen yang sama dengan Daesung – kita hidup di atas dan di bawah satu sama lain. 78 more words


Our Last Dance

Funny how people are surprised every time they learn that I am a Kpop fan. Although I am not really into a lot of Kpop groups right now, I have always been outspoken about my “fangirling” moments when it comes to my bias groups which are Girls’ Generation, 2ne1 (which just recently disbanded) and BIGBANG. 931 more words


Big Bang's Newest MVs Released

Hey guys, as you may or may not have known, Big Bang released two new music videos, Fxxk It (에라 모르겠다) and Last Dance, on November 14th. 171 more words

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