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Spring bulbs

          There are new surprises waiting for us as we step out into the garden in the first weeks of August.  The undergrowth is always changing – the ground cover is lush one week, then yields to weeds in the next; it is stripped anew by an energetic burst of weeding, then allows hibernating plants to declare themselves through the well-worn earth. 334 more words

New on the Block

Well howdy there!

I’m new to WordPress.com, so I might not know how everything works, but I still hope that this will be a welcoming environment.  68 more words

In Full Bloom.

Flowers are one of my favorite things on the planet. They’re just little sprouts of happiness! So, there may or may not have been an audible gasp when I first found these floral shorts (on clearance, I might add). 32 more words


World Watercolor Month 7/24/16


Day 24

Always enthralled by those that can paint roses loosely and still make you know it’s a rose, I thought I’d give it a go for this challenge. 57 more words




Gentle daffodil

How you sway with the wind

Nodding at the end of the pot

Looking below, enthralled

With a world you never knew… 66 more words