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Remember Remember the Fifth of November

AnElephantCant explain to non-British
Just why we celebrate the Fifth of November
Every school kid is told
About this scoundrel of old
And we are told to Remember Remember… 136 more words

Daft Rhymes

Michael Jackson Live!

AnElephantCant claim to be the biggest fan
Of this undoubtedly talented lil dude who moon-walked and twirled
But between he and you
He agrees that it is true… 180 more words

Daft Rhymes

aNeLephant and aNiPod

AnElephantCant understand his iPod
It is kinda random he reckons
When it decides to be to all intents and purposes dead
A man on the interwebblogwhatsit said… 200 more words

Daft Rhymes

AnElephantCant be famous

AnElephantCant stay incognito
He does not even know what that means
Or where it might be
So he treads lightly
He thinks it does not add up to a small hill of beans… 185 more words

Daft Rhymes

Time Machine - Sunday Photo Fiction

AnElephantCant deny it
C.E. Ayr is becoming an addiction
His weekly write
Is sheer delight
AnElephant now loves Sound Bite Fiction

He is scarily good. 28 more words

Daft Rhymes

Animal Vegetable or Minstrel?

AnElephantCant always be serious
Some animals just make him laugh
A wee chunky donkey
A wild funky monkey
And there is nothing half as daft as a giraffe… 525 more words

Daft Rhymes

Cars - Friday Fictioneers

I have some news to share here
which I’ll explain anon
but before that let me tell you
AnElephant is gone

so now I must inform you… 155 more words

Sound Bite Fiction

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AnElephantCant believe it He is tearing out his hair He is steadily being ousted By the upstart C.E. Ayr