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Slate is Tedious

Slate is Tedious

Today, I just gave up. I looked at the endless columns and Jackson Pollack arrangement of files, and said “Screw it, I’ll just read something else.” 410 more words

Business Ethics

Dahlia Lithwick: What months of suffering and surgery taught me about motherhood

There came a day last November when I simply couldn’t get out of the car. After months of half-ignored back pain, I couldn’t move my left leg anymore. 1,060 more words


Abortion rights, women's rights: A major victory

The government has finally been ushered out of the exam room.

In a definitive step protecting women and their very private decision-making, the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Fourth District on December 22 permanently… 419 more words


"What is Judicial Restraint?" By Bruce Frohnen

Arguments about judicial restraint are not often principled arguments about jurisprudence; instead, they’re politics by other means. When the Court is conservative, as it is now, liberal legal scholars tend to urge judicial restraint; when the court is liberal, it’s conservatives who urge restraint. 1,563 more words

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From Dahlia Lithwick: "Scales of Justice"

It’s almost the weekend and definitely time for some comic relief…The below is a well written article of what must have been an unusually humorous (given the Justices involved) and good-natured day at court. 1,654 more words


Guilty pleasure

In my post, The evisceration of Dahlia Lithwick, I referred to Ms.Lithwick as being “very bright.” Among a lot of other things, I also added: ” Lithwick can be a tiresome scold. 265 more words

The evisceration of Dahlia Lithwick

If you want to read a great piece of critical legal writing, page through Scott Greenfield’s piece Horse-Trading Constitutional Rights. Scott incisively dissects a poorly reasoned article written by the very bright Dahlia Lithwick for… 66 more words