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Five on Friday.

Each Friday I try to share five links that made me think, inspired me or I just found entertaining throughout the week.

  1. This whet my appetite for more international travel.
  2. 50 more words
The Art Of Inspiration

Menschenrechte? Nicht für Untermenschen.

Ich würde ja schon seit fünf Tagen gerne was über Charlottesville schreiben, aber ich wusste nicht so genau, was. Drei Tote sind natürlich immer unfein, wenn man friedlich demonstrieren wollte, aber es kotzt mich an, dass mittlerweile nichtmal mehr… 3,079 more words

Haiku Quintet, The Rule of Straw

1. “Trump believes the rule – of law is meant to keep poor – losers in their place”

2. “The framers built an – edifice made of law; Trump – thinks it’s made of straw” 53 more words


#73, it's about xenophobia, racism, and sexism

This #100hardtruths was shared with me by my friend, the writer Jay Fisher:

“During and after the election a myth developed that Trump’s support was driven by a surge of disaffected white working class voters. 765 more words


Music & Other Gems Feb 27-Mar 3, 2017 – Reorganizing: Chaos Theory & The Butterfly Effect

What if chaos isn’t anything to be afraid of? What if chaos is a way of finding new patterns and possibilities? This week we played with the 5 Sensations of Fitness, noticing how they reorganized movement and our bodies. 863 more words

Music / Playlists

Anthony Kennedy Is Not Stupid - By Dahlia Lithwick and Neil S. Siegel - FEB. 5 2017

He’s not going to step down just because one decent conservative judge was nominated to the Supreme Court.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy arrives for the funeral of Antonin Scalia on Feb. 291 more words

Point Of Interest

Buck Up, Democrats, and Fight Like Republicans - The New York Times

I have to agree here. I’m starting to believe that corruption is so deeply ingrained in the Democrats that they don’t truly see the seriousness of the Russian interference past the point where it kept Clinton from being elected. 152 more words