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Usagi Drop Ep.2

Neste episódio o Daikichi ao servir o pequeno almoço à Rin repara que ela está a fazer desenhos nas folhas. Quando mete conversa com ela, esta diz-lhe que está a fazer peixinhos com as folhas. 274 more words


Usagi Drop Ep. 1

Hoje vou falar-vos sobre um novo Anime “Usagi Drop”, espero que gostem!

Today I will tell you about a new Anime “Usagi Drop”, hope you like it! 511 more words


Foreigners, Fortunes, and Fashion.

It has been a month since my last post. In that time friends have got Married (Congrats Peter and Mari!), I’ve had three guests come and go, I’ve been to Tokyo, taken a hundred Kawaii photo booth snaps, taught about a million English lessons based on Frozen’s ‘let it go’, and spent at least 4 hours doing Karaoke. 778 more words