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Day 14 - Rules are ment to be broken

I just need His attention…

I will do something which is against the rules. I’ll touch myself without permission. I’ll use my fingers without permission. I’ll come without permission. 7 more words


Day 14 - anxiety spiral

Oh well.. I knew this would happen eventually. He’s having a bad day. Bad mood, trouble with work, so even though He could, He’s not talking with me. 195 more words


Day 14 - here we go


So this is how long i can remain calm without Him.



Day 14 - no phone

So His phone is taken to get fixed. I think He’ll get it back today afternoon, which means no texting again. I thought i won’t see Him online this morning at all, then the nicest thing happened. 104 more words



WATCH – Christian Scientists must work daily to annul the prayers of the unrighteous, those who unrighteously pray that the Christian Science prayers cannot heal the sick.   10 more words


24th May 2017

‘Everybody’s Changing’ – Keane

Are you beautiful or lovely-the difference

The definitions I am using from the 1959 Webster’s New World Dictionary come from a blog I subscribe to by CS Perryess. On should give credit where credit is due. 370 more words