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Churn the wheels

seemed like the first month or so of writing I was turning out a lot of pages but not really going anywhere. With no background in the literary field, I never even had a clue what the average length of a book was, what was the word count etc. 475 more words


A day in the life

As I’ve touched briefly on some aspects of my writing I thought I would spend the next post with what an average day was like. 396 more words


Feb 28, 2015 Starbucks with mom

Today,  my mom and I watched Valentine’s Day at home then went to Starbucks for a drink.   It’s rainy and stormy outside so we thought we could use a hot drink.   17 more words


Introducing: goals

This whole blogging process is very new to me and I want to utilize it as much as possible as a learning opportunity. I want to find my voice and find a flow for what I write about. 187 more words


2/3/2015 Another wasted day.

So..today i’ve decided to tell you how my day was, What i have been doing all day and stuff like that. Well…i think i only have 1 word to say. 395 more words


February 28, 2015 Naked 3 Palette

James was so sweet.  He bought me the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette and the primer portion!  I can’t wait to use it!  :)

Pretty colors… :) 35 more words