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Is the world still spinning around?

I can’t promise what I write will be informative or entertaining as I am currently functioning on 2-4 hours sleeps (this has been the case for the last two days and no not for that reason, I wish ;-)) 1,309 more words


I finally made it!!!

My first official blog (well if you don’t count Facebook). I have been meaning to set one of these up for agggggeeessss! well a few years now well since I kept hearing “your Facebook statuses are like essays you should totally blog” (I’m paraphrasing but yes i do write epic statuses like that :-)). 466 more words


What Really Matters is... | Microblog

“What you Like, not what you are Like.”

“Barry proposed the idea of a questionnaire for prospective partners, a two-or three-page multiple-choice document that covered all the music/film/TV/book bases.

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It's the journey that countsĀ 

It’s almost every day that I have to remind myself of this. I see the outcome and I’m not there yet and it frustrates me. … 220 more words


When you're strange .

Maybe it was the perfect timing listening to this song in the subway today, on my way to work.