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23rd 🎈

It has been a month since I celebrated my 23rd birthday, and I feel like I also took a step onto the ladder of “maturity.” I used to think birthdays are just for having fun, and just basically turning a year older, but by turning 23 I’ve come to realize that birthdays aren’t only celebrated just to get cakes and open presents. 130 more words


Art from the Borderlands.

Welcome to Pandora, kiddos!
I’m obsessed I know!!!


Get to know me!⎜25 question tag;

This is a different kind of post I’d usually do/write.. but I thought it would be fun and it’s my first time doing a tag of any sorts. 428 more words


Life of a 20 year old

We’re always on our phones; we’re always wondering what other people are doing and fear of missing out. Should we just go out just to go out? 297 more words


Hola !

Kalau mau mempersiapkan ajaran baru di sekolah, hal apa yang kita lakukan?

Hal dasar tapi paling penting banget yaitu beli buku tulis.

Kenapa penting? Karena buku itu wadah untuk menampung catatan materi yang diajarkan disekolah. 77 more words



Today I write you from the train.  I have 32 minutes left in my journey.  I used to hate the train.  It was boring and long and mildly uncomfortable and people talked to loud and I wanted to crawl up on the roof and spend the rest of the ride there.  133 more words



I’ve been incredibly anti social this week.  My roommate is gone and, with the exception oftonight, I have not had any social interaction outside of work.  110 more words