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Today I woke up from another nightmare of my lover and someone else. 
My martial arts teacher taught us how to fall correctly on the ground and taught us how to run correctly Judo culture. 254 more words


It has been one of those weeks

This week has been crazy busy!

But the good kind of crazy. Work has really picked up and I am enjoying it more and more each day. 231 more words


That night.

A Goddess,broken sink and a black cat.


Thoughts for Sunday13

I don’t want to get deep right now, so let’s scratch the surface.

Identity is entirely intangible. I cannot touch it, see it, smell it, or find it. 120 more words



What a strange day. Shane and I went to visit my extended family. It was exhausting. Then we saw his family. We hid in the pool with the little children and played all evening. 134 more words