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Clean Reader | Microblog

I’ve read a few blogs and other social network posts about clean reader.

All i have to say on the subject is;


“Now clean this shit up, motha fucka!”


That moment when... | Microblog

You write something in your novel then you sit back to read it and say out loud:

Damn, i fucking wrote that shit!

9 more words

The Dogs | Microblog

Two dogs live in this house.

On the left we have Bailey: Relaxed most of the time, seems to not give a shit about much of what goes on. 44 more words


Musical Listenings | Microblog.

So, todays microblog is simply so i can tell you that i’m going to be listening to Led Zeppelin’s alternate LP’s from their 2014 and 2015 reissues. 6 more words


I Might... | Microblog.

Try my hand at Microblogging.

Here is a picture of a dog sitting in my kitchen; 6 more words


Letters I Did Not Send: Commuting

Dear girl-who-blasted-her-music-and-sat-next-to-me-on-the-bus-the-other-day,

It was 1:24pm when I got on the bus. I said hello to the bus driver, paid my fare, and decided to move towards the very back row of seats because I know there will be a lady with a stroller at the next stop. 518 more words


Millcreek Canyon, Utah

How I chose to spend my day off.