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Interest Vs. Commitment

Live your life Regardless of what people think. If you think your passions are worth your commitment then others will follow your lead. If you falter in your values and beliefs than others will see weakness in your commitment and judge it less than worthy of your desire. 24 more words


Contemplative Thoughts, Wonderful Reading, and Grateful Moments: 07/23/2015

I am Worth it!

That is the message that I’ve received today. I am worth the effort.  I am worth the respect.  I am worth the communication.  778 more words


Readings, Wonderfuls, and Gratefuls: 07/18/2015

Lots has been going on.

I cleaned my credit up some time ago, but as finances became tight around the end of the year, I was forced to make some decisions on where my money was going.   576 more words


Random Speech 3: Touch Down on Success

Thoughts are a flowing! I’m taking initiative and action to accomplish my goals. I’ll no longer be on the sidelines. I will be on the front-line and soon be doing a victory dance after making a touchdown of success and accomplishment. 29 more words


Monday Mantra 5

WELCOME BACK! To both you and me. It’s been a while since March.. how have you been?! I’d hate to use the word “busy” so I’ll have to say as much as I wanted to write, share recipes, talk about fitness and grow my blog – I had to step back and focus my efforts in other areas of life. 241 more words



Don’t base your self-worth on what does or doesn’t make other people tingle in their pants.


Daily Affirmation: 7/2/15

White Crystal Dog

I dedicate in order to love
Universalizing loyalty
I seal the process of heart
With the crystal tone of cooperation
I am guided by the power of spirit

Daily Affirmation