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My Hero Academia Anime gets 3rd Season

The final episode of the popular anime My Hero Academia anime confirmed on Saturday that the anime will be getting a third season. It seems like the third season will cover the forest school trip arc from the original My HEro Academia manga by Kohei Hirokoshi. 66 more words


Kara and Vessel! Boruto's Training - Boruto 16

Boruto 16 see’s Kara members talking about their mission and what they call the Vessel and how it’ll come into use in their overall plan. All whilst Boruto and Naruto face off each other in an effort to see how they’ve grown, from Boruto’s training to Naruto’s use of a hand tech. 249 more words


Garou's Surrounded! Monsters Gather - One Punch Man 80

One Punch Man 80 see’s members of the public finding out whats going with the monster association and the heroes fighting back. It seems like their image is being ruined. 398 more words


Kara Gathers! Mitsuki's Father - Boruto 15

Boruto 15 see’s the defeat of the Mujine Boss as both Sarada and Mitsuki appear to save both Boruto and Tentou. All whilst Shojoji is captured and interogated by Sasuke who managed to reveal secrets about Boruto’s mark which had transformed when fighting Shojoji a lot earlier. 387 more words


Monster King Orochi! Saitama vs King - One Punch Man 79

One Punch Man 79 see’s the power the Monsters Association holds as we see Monster King Orochi himself attack and kill one of his own monsters in an effort to show who’s strong. 516 more words


Sonic's Monster Cell! Zombieman Chases - One Punch Man 78

One Punch Man 78 see’s Sonic’s story come into light after two individuals show up who seem to know exactly who Sonic is, they try to recruit him using their own powers enhanced by the monster cells. 651 more words


Fairy Tail Anime Returns in 2018

To add to the end of the Fairy Tail manga series, the creator Hiro Mashima reveals on his twitter account that the final season of he series will  be adapted into an anime which will return in 2018. 148 more words

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