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On the 10/12/15 Daily Beast Post, Mike Barnacle painted a picture of Ben Carson which reflects my thinking on the state of today’s  republican party and this famous neurosurgeon who is consistently polling second for becoming the next republican presidential standard bearer.  544 more words


Putin's Israeli "peacemaker"

On October 7, Vladimir Putin celebrated his sixty-third birthday. To commemorate this occasion, we’ve spent the last few days here at Useful Stooges looking at Putin – and at a few of his benighted fans around the world. 459 more words


Deni Elliott: Journalists often fail to think beyond 'Charity = GOOD'

Charities make feel-good stories for journalists and too often we turn off the skepticism and verification upon which journalism is built.

This will be mostly a guest post from… 1,460 more words


Wait, what happened?

This is a continuation of Sunday night posts on things you might have missed over the weekend. May this serve as a friendly guide for conversations around the coffee maker on Monday mornings with your colleagues! 478 more words

Daily Beast scrapes bottom of the barrel for anti-Russia coverage

The Daily Beast is not somewhere I would generally turn to for balanced coverage of Russia, and mostly, I scroll past it without reading. But occasionally they manage to prove that there apparently is no limit to the depths they will plunge for a good old anti-Russia story. 409 more words


Channeling my inner "beast"

Late last week, I was tasked with covering Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s Article 32 hearing for The Daily Beast. Bergdahl, 29, left his post in Afghanistan in 2009, was subsequently captured by the Taliban, and spent five years in captivity. 102 more words