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Boy Scouts President: End Ban on Gays

In an acknowledgement that the world is changing, and that a person’s sexuality is not an automatic indicator of either virtue or flawed character, the head of the Boy Scouts has called for an end to the organization’s ban on gay leaders. 56 more words

Human Rights

Sexual Assault Has Reached ‘Epidemic Levels’ On Campus

We absolutely believe that women need to protect themselves and keep themselves out of harm’s way. It the consumption of alcohol, either because of its own intoxicating effects or as a roofie delivery system, is identified as a factor in sexual assault, then by all means women need to be aware of this and take steps to safeguard themselves. 109 more words


Christian Terror Plot Against Muslims Isn’t Getting Press

The criminal complaint versus Doggart, filed by the U.S. Attorney ‘s Office in Tennessee, paints a bone-chilling picture of a plan to launch a violent military style assault on Islamberg, home to about 200 hundred Muslim Americans who are predominately African American.  25 more words

National Security

Argument continues whether white marathon bomber would be put to death were he white

If there’s one thing we learned from the media Saturday about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s sentencing to the death penalty, it’s that Slate contributor Seth Stevenson spends longer than 14-and-a-half hours online… 655 more words

Boston Marathon Bombing

Bits of news that hide agendas.

OK! First in order of importance was the shooting in Texas related to cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.
This seems to be another in a string of incidents around a theme that began in 2005 with the Jyllands-Posten cartoons controversy, itself inspired by the inability of a children’s book author to find illustrators for his work on the Quran and Mohammad’s life, that coming in the wake of an attack, against a Danish lecturer on the Quran to non-Muslims, and a murder, of Nederland’s director Theo Van Gogh for a movie on the role of women in Islam. 1,718 more words


Baltimore: In Need of a Laugh, Or at Least a Smile?

What’s there to smile about in Baltimore? Good question.

Baltimore saddens us–not just because what happened to Freddie Gray fits a sickening American pattern, but because… 807 more words

Wing's Words

The Queer Pushback Begins As Gay London Gets Wiped Out

Gay London faces total annihilation. The shock closure of legendary London queer bar the Joiners Arms last week has stunned the city’s queer community. Another jewel has fallen from a once glittering tiara. 82 more words

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