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Bergdahl court-martial: Did he aim to misbehave?

I swore I wouldn’t write anymore about Bergdahl until I’d talked to his attorney. That may change soon. But for now, I can amplify that attorney’s voice: 242 more words

End of bipartisan foreign policy?

Leslie Gelb never has struck me as a crazed, left-wing ideologue.

He still doesn’t, but he’s written a piece for the Daily Beast that paints an extremely grim picture of one of the consequences of the Republican Gang of 47’s letter to the Iranian mullahs. 303 more words

Barack Obama

Buncombe Short Report: Republicans Admit: That Iran Letter Was a Dumb Idea


Republicans Admit: That Iran Letter Was a Dumb Idea

Tom Mak, Daily Beast

Behind the scenes, Republicans are wondering if sending an open letter to Iran’s leaders was the best strategy to keep a bad nuclear deal from being negotiated.

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Buncombe Report

Scott Walker Is the Right's Barack Obama

One of the reasons why Barack Obama has been a successful politician is the fact that he has been fortunate in his choice of political opponents. 565 more words

NICK GASS: Daily Beast Retracts Scott Walker Propaganda Piece

Politico: Another major media outlet has apologized after getting a story about Scott Walker wrong. Last week, it was the New York Times; now, it’s The Daily Beast. 106 more words


bloody bloody caricature of the citizen soldier

This Daily Beast call to strip Andrew Jackson off the $20 is way overdue:

it doesn’t stop with the Trail of Tears. The military record that made Jackson a “war hero”?

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