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Corporate media busy convincing US public that the Deep State does not exist


Caitlin Johnstone in Newslogue:

The Daily Beast, whose corporate owner is co-directed by Chelsea Clinton, has made another contribution to the steadily mounting gaslighting campaign to convince the American public that the deep state is not a thing.

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Civilian Control of the Military

President Trump’s budget probably won’t go through. Not even Republicans like it. But it’s worth looking at what he asked for, and the scary thing it implies about his understanding of the role of the military, because he’ll try it again. 476 more words

Money Money

The "Plan" to Make Camilla Queen

According to Tom Sykes at the Daily Beast, there’s a plan in place to make Camilla queen and it will be implemented within 24 hours of Charles ascending the throne. 1,361 more words

The House Of Windsor

CNN: Jason Johnson on Donald Trump versus Sweden

On CNN New Day with Chris Cuomo and Brooke Baldwin, Morgan State professor Jason Johnson discussed the issues of the  day with Daily Beast Washington Bureau Chief Jackie Kucinich and CNN Political Commentator Matt Lewis. 28 more words

Jason Johnson On Television

If there is absolute verification that Senator Jeff Sessions with his cohort, Stephen Miller are the chief architects of the President Donald Trump’s recent refugee ban, then this along with his history of being anti-immigration reform; anti-voting rights legislation; criminal justice reform, etc., should be the final nail in his coffin towards becoming the next US Attorney General. 1,247 more words


#NACBA25 Highlight!

Jump Into Hot Topics with  Keynote Luncheon Speaker: Matt Lewis 

Friday, May 5th 

12:30-2:15 PM

#NACBA25 is excited to announce that Matt K. Lewis  a Senior Columnist for the Daily Beast, a CNN political commentator and author of the book Too Dumb to Fail: How the GOP Betrayed the Reagan Revolution to Win Elections will be our Keynote Luncheon Speaker. 128 more words


"I am heartbroken:" The announcer for inaugural parades since Eisenhower will be replaced for Trump's

So far, there is little indication that president-elect Donald Trump will fulfill his campaign promise to “drain the swamp” and radically change Washington. But while the elite appears to be doing quite well, scoring position after position in the incoming administration, one unsung mainstay of American politics has fallen victim to the change of guard in the US capital: Charlie Brotman, the 89-year-old announcer of every inaugural parade since that of Dwight Eisenhower’s in 1957. 247 more words