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Is there a correlation between heat and violence?

The 4th of July is a celebratory time in Chicago but it is also a long summer weekend and that means gun violence. Last year, 82 people were shot and 14 killed. 75 more words

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James Carden, mud-slinger

We’ve been looking at a recent piece in The Nation in which one James Carden spent page after page slinging mud at a report on pro-Putin propaganda in the West. 677 more words


Abu-Suleiman Al-Mowahhed Identified As Shia Mosque Suicide Bomber As ISIS Slaughter Claims 45 Lives In France, Kuwait and Tunisia

Daily Beast — Three terror attacks within hours of each other Friday killed dozens of people from southeastern France to Kuwait City.

A day of global terror attacks struck France, Tunisia, and Kuwait on Friday, killing at least 45 people. 109 more words


More threats on Facebook for Scott Walker

Check out this guy over at the Daily Beast facebook page.  Clearly a classic case of Scott Walker derangement syndrome.   Liberals are such the tolerant bunch.

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Shane Harris: Hackers Stole Secrets of U.S. Government Workers’ Sex Lives

Daily Beast — Infidelity. Sexual fetishes. Drug abuse. Crushing debt. They’re the most intimate secrets of U.S. government workers. And now they’re in the hands of foreign hackers. 84 more words


Nick Gillespie Editor of Reason.com: How the Feds Asked Me to Rat Out Commenters

Daily Beast — Reason.com, the website I edit, was recently commanded by the feds to provide information on a few commenters and not discuss it. Here’s why we’re speaking out. 97 more words


Charles Gasparino: Trump’s Running—but the Joke’s on You

Daily Beast —However much The Donald is worth, after he’s done with this so-called presidential campaign, he’s going to have a lot more.

Donald Trump says he’s really rich—worth nearly $9 billion ($8,737,540,000 to be exact). 101 more words