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A Belated Response to Glenn Greenwald

I fear that perhaps too much time has passed since Glenn Greenwald catapulted me to my not quite five minutes of fame by responding to a… 3,003 more words

John Avlon: Poll That Shows Whites Feel Reverse Discrimination

Roland Martin talks to John Avlon of the Daily Beast talks about the new study that shows that white folks feel reverse discrimination and are longing for the 19450’s when things were so much easier. 60 more words


Gun Confiscation Is Coming. Civil War An Acceptable Cost Towards 'Fundamental Transformation'

Obama & Hillary Clinton’s recent references to Australian-style gun confiscation reveals the next step in the fundamental transformation of America into a totalitarian state.

I blogged on this last week… 492 more words

Obama Marxist Tyranny

Glenn Greenwald: Why Is The Daily Beast’s Russia Critic Silent About So Many Hideous Abuses?

What could possibly explain Hamad’s stunning, disgraceful silence about these massacres, abuses, injustices, and extreme levels of avoidable human suffering?

By Glenn Greenwald  The Intercept… 1,416 more words

Seumas Milne: geopolitics first, people second

Okay, so let’s see what we’ve got so far. Labour MP Tom Harris, citing his party’s new chief spokesman Seumas Milne‘s relativization of the coldblooded jihadist murder of Lee Rigby and celebration of Iraqi terrorists as freedom fighters, described him “contemptuous of traditional working class attitudes to Queen and country.” Michael Moynihan of the Daily Beast commented: “Wherever there’s an aggrieved terrorist or an undemocratic regime engaged in an existential struggle with the West, you can rely on Seumas Milne…to offer a full-throated, if slightly incoherent, defense.” Alex Massie, in the Spectator, noted that Milne’s oeuvre includes “defences of, or explanations and occasional justifications for, inter alia, Joe Stalin, Slobodan Milosevic, Iraqi Baathists attacking British troops, and much else besides.” … 509 more words


US ’news’ on Cubans in Syria lacks one thing: Cubans in Syria

Fox News (10/14/15) reported last week that Cuba has sent Gen. Leopoldo Cintra Frias and hundreds of troops to Syria to assist the Russian and Assad governments in “operating Russian tanks.” This explosive claim was soon echoed by James Bloodworth in the… 1,192 more words

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