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Bits of news that hide agendas.

OK! First in order of importance was the shooting in Texas related to cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.
This seems to be another in a string of incidents around a theme that began in 2005 with the Jyllands-Posten cartoons controversy, itself inspired by the inability of a children’s book author to find illustrators for his work on the Quran and Mohammad’s life, that coming in the wake of an attack, against a Danish lecturer on the Quran to non-Muslims, and a murder, of Nederland’s director Theo Van Gogh for a movie on the role of women in Islam. 1,718 more words


MMW: April 20th

Marc Jacobs was making Style statements in dresses long before Jaden Smith–sorry, Jaden, but Marc always has and always will wear it best. Just like any runway collection of his, Marc’s Style is just so Marc. 37 more words

Monday's Most Wanted

Arthur Chu Explains The Hugo’s Issue Beautifully

by AJ Adejare

While we explained it before, here’s another person explaining it properly.  Arthur Chu delves into the issue of the Hugos and explains the issue at hand.   35 more words


EXCLUSIVE: Michael Slager’s Attorney Dropped Him After Video Emerged

This story is circulating as evidence of something about Officer Slager’s worthiness for trial. No. No. No. 140 more words