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“Perhaps, too, exposing Nixon would mean revealing that Johnson had used the FBI to wiretap a presidential campaign.” PART TWO

Vignette inspired by: When Presidents Are Accused of Crimes, The Daily Beast, April 11, 2017

That night I grabbed a car2go (harder for someone to gather intel on me in case I was being monitored) and followed the tracer signal to 4233 Erickson Lane, a commercial building called Penn Gardens Office Space. 1,771 more words

Science Fiction

Unmasked at last - dodgy Brits in America

The Yanks have copped on to us at last. For hundreds of years, we Brits have been exporting the slimiest, most opportunistic gold-digging toe-rags we can find from our decadent society to the pristine shores of the United States. 788 more words


Found his niche?

According to the Washington Post, POTUS 45 has finally found his niche. What it is? Need one ask: fixing problems that do not, or no longer exist. 366 more words


Assad/ Putin

The republican President Donald Trump has yet to meet the real Russian President Vladimir Putin. He would be well advised to learn more about the history of this ex KGB director before he decides to coordinate any actions of a mutual benefit. 2,092 more words


Okay, there is finally at least one reasonable explanation for the odd behaviors of the US House’s Intelligence Committee’s chair Devin Nunes (R-CA) on 3/22/17, when after he contacted the House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-KY) he gave a quick impromptu press conference, followed by a run to the White House to share newly discovered data with the president, before holding another press conference. 881 more words