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The (Daily) Beast with the least

Women’s tennis is one of the few sports I can watch. There’s little to no risk of, say, brain injury in tennis, and the sport has a sort of… 607 more words

According to recent news reports, the republican President Donald Trump’s FBI’s Special Counsel Robert Mueller III who has been placed in charge of the Trump Russian probe, is now enlisting the assistance of the IRS.   528 more words


The White House is lying its teeth off

This was heard on the Rachel Maddow Show from Astajuan Subasang of the Daily Beast, who was talking about Gorka leaving the Trump Administration: “…the White House is lying its teeth off.”  This is a nice mashup of “lying through your teeth” (telling someone something that you know is completely false) and “lying your ass off” (lie continually).   37 more words


America the hateful?

What a terrible week for the Country. External threats, such as North Korea and Iran loom large in the political arena, but it’s the domestic disturbances that are invading the national consciousness. 536 more words


Failing Daily Beast Can't Help But Mislead

Maiming, maybe. Killing? Definitely not. CNN’s zombie fake news is a long way from being dead – Ted Turner has very deep pockets.

Fake News

Alyssa Milano is fighting to hold Trump accountable for Russia “Collusion” — Fellowship of the Minds

Well, it’s not like she is an in-demand actress. Might as well have a graduate of the “independent co-educational institution” (Buckley High School) educate y’all on the concept of “collusion.” From Daily Beast: If you happened to be strolling the streets of northern Atlanta on March 28, you could have scored a ride from Alyssa […]

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Dunkirk (2017)

I love going to the movies. It’s the perfect escape from reality. Some escapades though aren’t always the most enjoyable though.

Saw Dunkirk today. The two hour film was about the evacuation of the Allied forces in Dunkirk, a commune situated in Northern France. 668 more words