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Death on the Serpent River: How the Lost Girls of Panama Disappeared

Everyone hoped and prayed.

Then everyone grieved.

And finally, everyone eventually had a theory.

Theories ranged from … and this has always been my theory … that the girls, inexperienced and unprepared, headed out late in the afternoon just for a walk, made a wrong turn on the unmarked trails, and found themselves lost and alone at night in the middle of the jungle without a guide, equipment or knowledge.   484 more words


Memphis Policemen Suspended Over Racist ‘Shooting’ Snapchat

Two Memphis, Tennessee police officers have been placed on suspension after one allegedly posted a Snapchat picture showing an officer aiming a gun at an emoji of a black man. 7 more words


America’s Past and Future

Today, June 14, 2016 I just spotted a Daily Beast article “… This is America’s Senior Moment” celebrating Clinton’s 69 years and Trump’s 70 years that reminded me of the following that I published on May 12, 2016. 410 more words


Trump throws the Washington Post off the bus

Donald Trump, who earlier today suggested that President Obama might somehow be linked to the Orlando shooting, has revoked the credentials of Washington Post reporters because of a headline stating that Trump had suggested Obama might somehow be linked to the Orlando shooting. 241 more words


Tom Hiddleston Talks to the Daily Beast About 'I Saw the Light'

The complete article:

To say that Tom Hiddleston is “dashing” or “gentlemanly,” as profiles of the actor so often do, is an understatement. Hiddleston is the type of British guy American coeds study abroad to meet. 2,185 more words


Mr. Spectator's News Digest for 6/6/16

The astute numerologist may be alarmed to note that the headline’s date contains 3 sixes. Mr. Spectator assures you this is a complete coincidence, and that you must not read too much into such things. 563 more words

News Digest

Inside Donald Trump’s Vitamin ‘Scam’

Photo Illustration by Emil Lendof/Daily Beast


You give the Donald your urine and a stack of money? That’s what he wanted, in exchange for a customized vitamin regimen that a Harvard doctor deems a ‘scam.’ 726 more words

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