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Calling for coups: Chelsea Handler's activism

As we noted on Tuesday, Chelsea Handler has metamorphosed from clown into political pundit. Well, actually, she has become a political pundit while remaining every bit a clown. 676 more words

Show Business


Meet ‘Posh George’: The Shady Money Man Tangled Up With Brexit, Russia, and Trump

Why did Nigel Farage take a dark web fraudster to the Republican convention? 2,431 more words

Lizzie Crocker caught plagiarizing. Just another day in a dead profession.

Very little mentioned about it. She worked for the Daily Beast, and this is the article that did her in.  (One link is an archive, the other is from another site that has not yet removed it. 238 more words

Alleged Journalism

Lưu dân Việt làm nghề làm móng[1]: Làm thế nào sự cắt sửa móng lại trở thành kinh nghiệm nhập cư của người Việt Nam tại Hoa Kỳ?

Ảnh: Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast

Đối với việc di chuyển sang những thị trấn nhỏ, những nơi ít gặp phải cạnh tranh trong chuyện làm ăn về nghề làm móng, người Việt có một thuật ngữ: Làm móng xuyên bang (Doing nails across states). 5,344 more words

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POTUS shows that 'Fire and Fury' is accurate

Michael Wolff wrote a book, “Fire and Fury,” that alleges that the president of the United States is clueless about government and the issues of the day — among other things. 300 more words

Note: I am speculating that Steve Bannon could be the leak for the following Daily Beast report. He could be the so called ex-colleague.

Dear Republicans, why are you continuing to enable a president who looks, acts, speaks like a Russian asset? 1,455 more words


In honor of National Science Fiction Day, here’s a link to the Daily Beast piece I wrote about LGBTQ inclusion in 2001: A Space Odyssey… 10 more words