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Scott Walker Is the Right's Barack Obama

One of the reasons why Barack Obama has been a successful politician is the fact that he has been fortunate in his choice of political opponents. 565 more words

NICK GASS: Daily Beast Retracts Scott Walker Propaganda Piece

Politico: Another major media outlet has apologized after getting a story about Scott Walker wrong. Last week, it was the New York Times; now, it’s The Daily Beast. 106 more words


bloody bloody caricature of the citizen soldier

This Daily Beast call to strip Andrew Jackson off the $20 is way overdue:

it doesn’t stop with the Trail of Tears. The military record that made Jackson a “war hero”?

715 more words

Activity Theory: The Daily Beast

About a week or so ago, we read an essay by Kain and Wardle discussing Activity Theory which is “a lens for looking at an object or happening and understanding it in new ways” (273). 471 more words

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Left's Latest Attempt to Smear Scott Walker Blows up in Their Faces

Liberal fear of Scott Walker and their attempts to smear him are reaching comedic levels.

The latest manufactured outrage was that Scott Walker wanted the University of Wisconsin to stop reporting rapes or something. 69 more words


Ron Fournier questions 'ethic' of Wonkette editor deleting 'screwed up' tweets about Scott Walker

A Jezebel story which was called out for being enormously misleading as to the reason Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker sought to remove from the state budget language to delete certain sections related rape reporting requirements was quickly spread by other outlets. 242 more words