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What we hear twice, we remember better

    An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign, but no sign will be given to it except the sign of Jonah.” So he left them and departed. 350 more words


Spurgeon: Faith has clearer optics to behold things as they really are

    Trust in the LORD, and do good;
        dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness.
Psalm 37:3 ESV

C.H. Spurgeon:

Trust in the Lord.  Faith cures fretting.

57 more words

Gifts for His glory

The building of the tabernacle, described in our Bible reading portion for today (Exodus 35-37) required two vital components: goods and services. First, there was a need for the raw materials from which the tabernacle and  all its furnishings were to be made. 320 more words


Numbers 5-6

Good morning! Happy Valentine’s Day, for those who are celebrating. We have a distinctly unromantic reading today from Numbers 5, and then Numbers 6 introduces us to a class of people called the Nazirites. 485 more words

Daily Bible

February 14 Acts 22

February 14

Acts 22 (ESV)

22:1 “Brothers and fathers, hear the defense that I now make before you.”

And when they heard that he was addressing them in the Hebrew language, they became even more quiet. 732 more words


February 14 Matthew 16:1-12

February 14

Matthew 16:1-12 (ESV)

The Pharisees and Sadducees Demand Signs

16:1 And the Pharisees and Sadducees came, and to test him they asked him to show them a sign from heaven. 239 more words


February 14 Psalm 37:1-22

He Will Not Forsake His Saints…. Of David.

Psalm 37:1 Fret not yourself because of evildoers;
be not envious of wrongdoers!
2 For they will soon fade like the grass… 341 more words