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Tree Meditation at UUCO

I offered a Tree Meditation in honor of Mabon at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Ogden last month….


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The Disappearing

Recently, I made the connection that the home my father used to live in in Ogden when I was child – the place where I spent innumerable hours on the river make-believing with water sprites and wood nymphs and unicorns – is gone, just gone. 418 more words

Daily Bliss

Chakra Flow Workshop

Join Britta for a workshop involving yoga postures for each chakra, guided meditations, affirmations, and discussion about the chakras and their place in our lives. Each of the chakras plays a vital role in our vitality, mental and spiritual well-being. 122 more words

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The Spawning Run


a cinnabar streak in the stream

from eagle-eye heights,

they can be seen

Fins skimming the surface,

a sail of scarlet bodies

an ebb and flow… 108 more words

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Change is in the Air!


Anyone there?

I’m baaaaaack!!!

And yes, I know, it’s been what…7 months?

What caused me to fall off the face of Passport to Bliss, you ask? 440 more words

Daily Bliss

The Taste of Chocolate

The great tragedy of life is that
Every thing you love, cherish, work for and worship will deteriorate, diminish, decay and die.
Every Thing.
“You,” will vanish like a may fly on the wind as if you had never been. 67 more words

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Creek Song (ruminations on my Father's Playground, 08/2018)

Creek song,

Yellow stone waters gurgle softly,

Pale wildflowers full with nectar,

Fuzzy bumbles drunk on sunshine.

Bighorns traverse the slickrock above

Adjacent the pines and cottonwood. 49 more words

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