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The Taste of Chocolate

The great tragedy of life is that
Every thing you love, cherish, work for and worship will deteriorate, diminish, decay and die.
Every Thing.
“You,” will vanish like a may fly on the wind as if you had never been. 67 more words

Daily Bliss

Creek Song (ruminations on my Father's Playground, 08/2018)

Creek song,

Yellow stone waters gurgle softly,

Pale wildflowers full with nectar,

Fuzzy bumbles drunk on sunshine.

Bighorns traverse the slickrock above

Adjacent the pines and cottonwood. 49 more words

Daily Bliss

A View Among the Pines

A pair of osprey circle overhead,
their call a harken to primal ceremony
I rest in the exposed roots of a big cottonwood tree.
Sand and rocks and water. 64 more words

Daily Bliss

Daily Bliss - May 31

The Angels remind us to take each storm as it comes, tossing us, blinding us, whirling us through its clutches until we don’t know which side is up, trusting that on the other side there is light, there is hope.

Daily Bliss

Daily Bliss - May 30

The Angels remind us to ask as we step up to the edge, what do we see in the mirror of our soul? For it’s at the edge of us that we face our truest self.

Daily Bliss

Daily Bliss - May 28

The Angels remind us that…

Fear is not the animal

We make her out to be

She is the truth which lives

Inside both you and me

Daily Bliss


I taste the roof of my mouth
tongue pressed to the crinkled folds
eyes rolled upward and inward
spine on fire with electricity
scent of geraniums in my nostrils… 37 more words

Daily Bliss