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Day 86: The Day Captain Hook Died

I’m catching up on my Once Upon A Time. Hook is one of my favorite characters. It was kinda sad seeing him get ran threw with a sword, but I rarely believe characters stay dead long in most shows. 163 more words

A Year In The Life

Vanish: it's time.


Sometimes we do more thinking instead of acting when it comes to following our dreams and achieving our goals. We may overthink something that seems so simple because we think that life is supposed to be hard, difficult even. 112 more words

Personal Development

You are Only as Old as you Feel (Day 516)

It’s taco Tuesday! So shall be heading down to my local Mexican place for dinner soon.

Today’s photo is just a little reminder that you are never to old to go on a swing; to laugh, play and out-swing those way younger than you. 85 more words

Daily Blog

Day 497: The 5th of December

Another short day. I guess I can say I am enjoying having the time to have a lie in.

I did my tutorial preparation and played Overwatch and Final Fantasy today. 186 more words

Daily Blog

First day!

Today couldn’t have gone any better.

I feel absolutely exhausted, and my brain feels ready to burst with everything I’ve had to take in today – where things are in the lab, who’s who, how to work various new pieces of kit, and all the tidbits of information thrown at me throughout the day – but the work is exciting, the environment stimulating, and I couldn’t ask for nicer colleagues. 148 more words

Daily Blog


I have not been great today. I don’t know if this is justĀ a normal part of the last stages of pregnancy but I have been crazy tired. 71 more words