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Black Friday.

Black, in more ways than one.
Another Americanism the UK has taken to our hearts.

Black Friday is one of those days that is horrific but also kind of good for you. 309 more words

27/11/15 day 499 good day

Nanowrimo word count goal: 45,000
My daily nanowrimo total hasn’t changed, I’ve done some writing but not enough to change the total

Today was pretty good at least apart from the start. 544 more words


College Life Day: 172 : Silver Lining and RNA Synthesis


November 27, 2015

Dear Journal and 17 year old self,


I know it was tough for the last couple of days but I decided to  436 more words

The Day After As

HELLO!!!!!! As HAVE ENDED!!!!!!!! THEY HAVE ENDED!!!!!!!!!!!! Tbh it feels kind of surreal that we have no school and theres so much time to do so many things, but for now, it will just be holidays and going out with people that we were so deprived of for the last 2 months. 204 more words

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Day 142

Sometimes, it is good to just look up once in a while – you never know what you will see. Strolling past many buildings in the city, what you see (if you look closely) caught my eye. 236 more words

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All You Can Eat!

Yesterday I got to catch up with some amazing friends and have a cute little double date at a restaurant that we all love ❤️ It’s an all you can eat place but with a slight twist in that you make your meal how you want it!

109 more words
Daily Blog

Day 122: The 26th of November

Hello again everyone. Hope your week has gone well. It’s almost the weekend now, not long to go. Let’s have a chat.

It has been a fun evening. 530 more words

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