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Why are?

Why are smiles so contagious? 

They enter a room before us, and like laughter can soothe an inner soul; their energy overwhelming and undeniable, a positive, genuine emotion that has the power to touch even those unaware.  29 more words

Daily Inspiration

Addressing my followers

Thanks so much for five followers! I really hope to keep to the daily posting, guys. I didn’t get to updating the website because I realized I know very little about how to work with wordpress, but I will learn and things will improve. 50 more words

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Feeling hopeful

Tonight I decided to dust off my yoga mat and tried a couple poses to help ease my back pain. It has been about a year since I have done yoga of any kind. 322 more words

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Playlist Day 2


Quick recap of Playlist Day 2 or Day 1 if you don’t count business day.  I saw a few different panels in the morning.  I left to get in line for Alfie (pointlessblog)’s meet and greet.   168 more words



Some only act like they are trying to help…..

Daily Blog

Lesson #3 in Raising Chicks

Goldie eventually got eaten by something…and she was our only hen producing eggs at the time.

My daughter, of course, loves “baby” chickens the most… 366 more words

Daily Blog