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29/04/17 - Daily Blog - Haircuts and Ballet

Kids, sacred Saturday mornings are no more. Up at 7 to get everyone ready and then into the car to start the day.

First up is ballet and disco dancing for both of them between 9 and 11. 109 more words


When Is It Ok to Quit? No Seriously, I'm Asking.

Winners never quit and quitters never win.

Never give up.

These are the quotes I can remember pasted above the blackboard of my grade 6 classroom like it was yesterday. 664 more words

Daily Blog

Blue Boat - Maine.

I took this photo several years ago. I just love the blue in the boat, the light reflections in the water and those fabulous shadows. 22 more words

Daily Blog

Day 641: The 28th of April

Well, I mean, that is just what happens.

I ended up not working today. Too much stuff going down to concentrate on anything. It is probably for the best, taking a step back from it. 23 more words

Daily Blog

#106 Reflection - 'The Importance of Introspection'

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On a molecular level humans are not very reflective. Shine at torch at a human and nothing will come back, apart from maybe a few inquiries as to why you’re shining a torch at them. 562 more words

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