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19/4/15 day 310

Well, today was actually a pretty cool day, I know I’ve said that a lot but it has been a really cool day today, although yesterday evening after the barbecue I had bought my camera outside and was doing some macro photos of the plants and the wildlife that we had in the garden, getting some pretty cool photos and getting some really nice images actually. 622 more words


An Old Penny

When we were in the middle of our adventurous youth, me and Feather would get You to steal pennies from his penny collection, and take some with him on walks. 348 more words

Daily Blog

Day 2: The massive task ahead

So I woke this morning just realising what I decided yesterday and as excited as I am, I’m also intimidated by what lays ahead. Before I leave I need to get my finances under control (if not eliminated) and ensure my partner and our cats are ok while I’m gone so not only am I saving for an epic trip, but also to cover my bills back home which I’m pretty sure will be nil. 72 more words


But, There is a place at his table ...

I do not live where it is you do.  The empathy inside of me embraces the woes of the world and plight of others.  And, I choose silence over energies with a tendency to suffocate.  58 more words


Dementia and employment

Soon, I believe, society will need to legislate for changes around inclusion in employment in the same way Aboriginal Australians had to, those people living with other disAbilities have had to, and in the way women have had to fight for equality for many years (sadly, these groups still have to), for any sense of real equality. 480 more words

Daily Blog

I'm Like Spring, Wassup, Hello

Heyyyy subscriberrrrrrssss! lol did yall miss me?! Yall lemme tell you I have been so busy lately, guess what ya girl landed? IM CO HOST OF TWO RADIO SHOWS! 482 more words

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18/4/15 day 309 Saturday fun

Well today was rather cool actually, it was rather a good day indeed. I had a rather interesting but amazing taekwondo lesson and it all started off at 7 when I woke up. 324 more words