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Daily Blog #9

Well, okay Tuesday, today was fairly Thursday of you. I mean….Just what a day!

My goal is to get some rest tonight because not having at least 5 1/2-6 hours of sleep made everything harder. 558 more words

Daily Blogs

Tickets booked... Countdown started!

24 July, 2019 – Monday

“It won’t rain here, so I must go to the rains.”

– Me, Luna

This year my birthday coincides with a public holiday, followed by another holiday just two days later… Thats two holidays in a week.

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Daily Blogs

Reading short stories and an impulse buy!

23 June, 2019 – Sunday

Who all are with me when I say, nothing is as strong as that moment in the morning when you wake up and remember the numerous morning plans you had made the previous night, but all that goes down to hell as your head plops back on the pillow? 323 more words

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Daily Blog #8

Just finished writing blog #7 haven’t even posted it yet- but I wanted to continue the magic.

Bret and I are playing some Left 4 Dead, spending an hour cleaning, playing another level, (hopefully) and then prepping for the week!! 892 more words

Daily Blogs

Daily Blog # 7

Well I opened this file yesterday but other than the header I didn’t bother writing anything. It’s Saturday, which I generally stay pretty low key and chill with, to rest, and then I get back to being productive on Sundays. 1,005 more words

Daily Blogs

Saturday outing, lunch at Britannia and Co.

22 June, 2019 – Saturday

Todays Weather: Sunny. Rains have all but disappeared. I think I need to start chanting again!

To-do list for today: 686 more words
Daily Blogs

Frustration level high!

20 June, 2019 – Thursday

“And I got out of there without punching anyone, kicking anyone, or breaking down in tears. Some days the small victories are all you achieve.” …

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