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Day Thirty-Five: What Am I?

I am quiet and small,

And almost never come when I am called.

I have a cute little roar

And I attack things that soar. … 30 more words

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Essentials 2

‘Fly, I Say’ was the beginning of the end of my writer’s block during the summer of 2016 and ever since then, these 3 words have become a constant in my life. 41 more words

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Cold to Hot. Bright to dark.


This is just a side note about teasing others. I will continue my post after this.

Where does a prank become worse?

When it leaves a lasting impact in a negative way on someone’s life. 292 more words

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Something I finally agree with....

“The Trump administration is facing backlash for reportedly considering defining a person’s gender as the one identified at birth based on genitalia.”

Finally, something that I can agree with, but I know, not many will think I am right.

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Essentials 1

Sea, sky and clouds are like oxygen, food and heartbeats for me. I can spend hours looking at the clouds floating in the blue sky while I listen to the melody of the waves formed by the sea. 22 more words

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The Home City

The familiar sounds,

The local language,

The traditional food,

The spirit of people,

Coming to this city again,

Is just like coming home.

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