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Day 148 Challenge

Body Language

Our bodies are amazing machines for our souls.  They are true masterpieces and complete works of art.  Our bodies are constantly working.  They never stop protecting us, or talking to us.  256 more words

Daily Challenges

Take In A Brisk Walk, Sunshine And Fresh Air

Today’s Challenge: Take in a brisk walk, sunshine and some fresh air.

Breathe in an Awesome Weekend! :-)


Day 147 Challenge

Stay the Course

Change is difficult, exciting, tiring, exhilarating, and a fact of life.  Today’s challenge encourages you to stay the course towards the positive changes in your life.  48 more words

Daily Challenges

Clean Up Your Office Space

Today’s Challenge: Clean up your office space.


Day 146 Challenge

Health & Forgiveness

Modern research and ancient teachings are showing a interactive and connective link between how our physical body functions and the thoughts and emotions we hold.  281 more words

Daily Challenges