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Day 37 Challenge

Affirm all the good you desire in your life!

There is proven research that shows the power of affirmations, but the only way to truly believe something is to try it for yourself.  138 more words

Daily Challenges

Reach Out To Your #Family and Have A Great #Weekend

Today’s Challenge: Reach out to your family and have a great weekend.


Day 36 Challenge


Today’s challenge is about simplifying your thoughts, which in turn will bring calmness and peace to your day.  Humans are gifted with a very highly evolved brain, but we have created a society that thrives on innuendos and subtleties.  117 more words

Daily Challenges


Keep an eye on your first-aid kit and restock as needed so you are always prepared. 

Daily Challenges

Do Something Nice For The Person You #Love The Most

Today’s Challenge: Do something nice for the person you #love the most.

Daily Challenges

Day 35 Challenge


Make today a day of declaration for your personal independence.  This means behaving in a way that rings true to YOU.  Today’s challenge asks you to remove the haze of others expectations, hopes, dreams or aspirations for you and move forward with excitement and confidence on the path that shines brightest to you.  81 more words

Daily Challenges

Make Sure Your Actions Match Your Words

Today’s Challenge: Make sure your actions match your words.