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Find A Restaurant That Serves Your Favorite Dessert, Then Go.

Today’s Challenge: Find a restaurant that serves your favorite dessert, then go.

Daily Challenges

Weird Dreams I had about taking my Baby on Vacation

So, Newbie Dad and I are going to take Baby MB on our first family vacation this month. Apparently we are the kind of people who like to gamble, so rather than a short road trip we have decided on a 5 hour flight to Arizona, which is 3 hours behind us in Toronto. 486 more words

Daily Challenges

Draw Something, Anything

Today’s Challenge: Draw something, anything. Great creative.


Day 123 Challenge

Catch Your Breath

As I wrote the challenge number of 1-2-3, I feel as though it is saying Ready-Set-GO! if that is the case, then we could all use this challenge.  106 more words

Daily Challenges

Day 122 Challenge

Acknowledge the Greatness in Those Around You!

The human experience is intricately dependent on the interaction and relationships with others.  We are all here on our own journey of learning, exploration, and growth.  115 more words

Daily Challenges

Day 121 Challenge

Change – the Better of the 2 Paths

Okay, so the topic of today’s challenge is in how we handle the changes that life brings at times.  254 more words

Daily Challenges