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Day #268 Challenge

Enjoy Life :)

Hopefully today is not seen as a challenge, but as a gentle reminder to enjoy the life that you have.  As morbid as it sounds, if you were told this were your last day…would you wish for more?  193 more words

Daily Challenges

'I like' Friday the Art Challenge Edition.

There are so many daily challenges around you could chuck a stick and hit a handful.  Challenges which last a week, a month, 100 days or a year are abound, you just need a fleeting glance at Instagram and the Interwebs to find the one for you. 673 more words



You put a lot of time and effort into cooking tasty, healthy meals. So why not get more out of your investment by doubling or even tripling the recipe? 74 more words

Daily Challenges

Day#267 Challenge

Funny, I didn’t think today would go this way!

Have you ever had a day, a week, or a month where you felt like this?  I sure have, and currently am.  146 more words

Daily Challenges

Do Something Different This Weekend... And Have A Great One!

Today’s Challenge: Do something different this weekend… and have a good one! Happy Friday!



If you have days where you lack the energy to work out, you’re not alone. Life is busy and everyone gets tired. But if you skip your workout every time you feel tired, you’ll never get off the couch. 60 more words

Daily Challenges

Day #266 Challenge

You Are Powerful

Many times, sensitive people who live their life through their feeling senses believe they are vulnerable and powerless.  Our world often aligns power with physical strength, emotional hardness and a cut-throat attitude to obtaining success.  150 more words

Daily Challenges