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Handy Daily Check scripts for SQL Server

SELECT name, database_id, state_desc, recovery_model_desc
FROM SYS.DATABASES where state_desc <> ‘ONLINE’

Select CONVERT(CHAR(25),login_time,100), CONVERT(CHAR(25), DATEDIFF(DAY, login_time, GETDATE()))
FROM master..sysprocesses
WHERE spid = 1… 288 more words

Test Day # 1

What I am thankful for

  • Ability to not let stupidity get me down. Sometimes you just have to except that some people just do not know any better!
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Horseradish day

What I’m thankful for

  • not needing an alarm set in the morning
  • schedule free day, (this does not happen often)

Todays Workout:

Easy 3 mile run through Tawawa park.   292 more words



What I’m thankful for

  • birthdays as we celebrated a 74th birthday, hope they keep coming
  • having to travel in 3 different directions at the same time as Zach needed to be at the YMCA for basketball at 11am and Isaac basketball ended at 11am at the school on the opposite side of the county.
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Daily check 11/8/2015

What am I thankful for:

  1. Kayak adventure with Olivia
  2. Feeling stiff in the morning

Today’s story:

Yesterday I some how managed to talk Olivia into going on a quick kayak trip. 322 more words

Daily Check