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Apalah gunanya dunia kalau semuanya kan hilang?

Semalam tadi aku tiba2 berpikir banyak tentang kematian. Tentang pemutus segala kenikmatan dunia. Aku tiba2 sesak.

Dalam bayangku aku berada dalam liang lahat, kegelapan dan ketakutan. 331 more words

Daily Days

The boring day

Today’s main topic is gonna be either playing games or watching a movie. It starts in the morning and then from there till lunch it was just me watching Christmas theme horror movies. 268 more words

Daily Days

The after effect

Usually after a long and exhausted trip the next day some people would feel sore all around the body. This is what I would like to call the after-effect. 262 more words

Daily Days

Plans never go right

Today I woke up planning a very stressful day ahead of myself. The plan would start with me making some nice coffee in the morning with maybe a little snack, then I would be working on all the details of blogs and maybe a way to make some money for myself with some music in the background. 379 more words


Field trip over

Well my field trip ended and now that I am back home, things will probably go back to normal again. So it started in the morning where we had to wake up early so that we can go back to the city a bit earlier than before. 365 more words


Field trip=no blog??

As you know tomorrow I will be going on a field trip and if you didn’t know well I’m going on a field trip. While on this field trip I won’t be bringing my laptop or Ipad with me just phone. 62 more words


Worst biking journey ever Pt.3

So after we got the gift card was the moment the worst part comes in. But I didn’t know that yet so I was pretty happy I might get a free Dota 2 skin. 492 more words