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Its the year 2015. Do people still blog? Is it what the cool kids still do?

I ask because in the last couple years I have let this site collect dust and spammy comments, I have realized I’m not even the same person. 106 more words

Daily Discoveries


To create the illusion of magic, a magician has to be very skilled and clever.  Beyond that, at the same time, a magician must be able to suspend disbelief, and cross that line into believing that he really is creating magic.   22 more words

Daily Discoveries

Daily Discovery: The Roving Typist

There is something magical about stories. They have the power to sway our emotions – make us laugh like loons, cry like babies, question like Socrates, and feel empathy like Mother Teresa. 104 more words

Daily Discoveries

Daily Discovery: Artist Pamela Zagarenski

I cannot contain my love for the work of Pamela Zagarenski. A successful illustrator, she has received a Caldecott honor for two of works ( 125 more words
Daily Discoveries

How To Keep Old Friends

We hear about the effort required of relationships all the time. Call mom. Set aside time for your significant other. It’s Grandpa’s birthday! Oops, you never sent your sister that gift. 398 more words

Daily Discoveries