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Eminem's Daughter Tearing Up MSU, Sam Ponder's Out & Arrieta Smashes Long Dong

Kentucky-UCLA at like 9:40 or so. CBS. That’s the entire focus of the night. All eyes. You’ll be at the bar. Keep an eye on it. 156 more words


Erika Girardi Dumps Em Out, Pelas A Masters Par 3 Caddie Candidate & Kentucky Man's Bracket

Don’t forget that the games start at 7 tonight. Oregon-Michigan get things rolling followed by Kansas-Purdue and Gonzaga-West Virginia and Arizona-Xavier on TBS. Late late one on TBS is scheduled to start at 10:09…that means it’ll likely be 10:27. 145 more words


Anouk van Kleef Wants Your Attention, Greg Hardy Coke Arrest Video & Costco Vs. Titleist!

You might want to watch the UT-Arlington-UC Bakersfield game tonight at 9 on ESPNU. The UT-Arlington guard is pretty damn good. The Knicks are on ESPN again. 140 more words


Nurse Carina Linn, Insane Aaron Hernandez Story & Bullfighter Takes Horn To The Dumper

Spurs at Bucks, anyone? Yep, it’s going to be LIT tonight on television. You’re going to have so many options. Bulls at Raptors in another worthless regular season game. 136 more words


Devon Windsor Destroys A Beach, Tiger Woods Looking Rough & Bam Adebayo's Mom Is Lit

Here’s the list of sports I’m going to watch tonight: Nothing. Don’t @ me saying there’s a great NIT game going on. Don’t care. I’m burnt out. 154 more words


Thank you, Big B for promoting composting!

On 100 Foot Road in Indira Nagar is this fabulous new bus stop ad featuring Amitabh Bachchan promoting composting in Kannada. There was some buzz about this recently… 129 more words


J Lo Date Night With ARod, Odell Hooking Up With.... & Pitino Getting A Sweat In

Caitlin from Arizona:

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Need March Madness to crank it up a notch today. Need a buzzer-beater. Need more buzz than Northwestern losing thanks to a Vandy moron fouling up 1 with like 12 seconds to play. 112 more words