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Hope in 2011 for the Unemployed? (January 4, 2011)


As a long-suffering member of the long-term unemployed community, I look for any sign that career fortunes are about to change, and grab on with the tenacity of a starving rat. 574 more words

Contemplating My Navel (Personal Blog)

22 Tips to Transform Your Financial Life After a Divorce by Robert Pagliarini

June 1, 2015( Posted Daily Finance) As a divorce financial adviser, I’m often brought in to work with clients who are still going through a split, but I’m just as often brought in afterward. 71 more words


Organizing Your Closet to Help You Save Money


Me doing a segment for AOL “The Savings Experiment” on organizing your closet. How is this a money tip? Because knowing what you have and what clothes work best for you will help you avoid making unnecessary clothing purchases. 20 more words

The Dump: Episode 4

Morning, metalheads! As promised, here’s the first edition of The Dump, our new series of podcast companion posts where we share all of the content we allude to in the episodes each week. 130 more words


Amazon's FireTV Is Better Than Apple and Google's Alternatives -- For Now (Daily Finance)

Unless you’re an HBO Go addict, Amazon‘s FireTV is just about the best set-top box you can buy. It’s faster than the Apple TV, packing features Apple’s set-top box lacks, including voice search and the ability to play video games. 41 more words

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