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Working With The Flow

I decided that all the pretty little headers are nothing more than a distraction, and in some way, a time waster. If you can believe this, The Truck header took longer to get right than it took me to actually write the story. 95 more words

365 Challenge

Do You Remember The Day You Stopped Singing?

I’ve been a legal adult for half of my life now, and I gotta say, we adults are screwed up.

The prospect of growing up is scary to a lot of kids. 721 more words

Daily Grind

The Phases of Going Through Major Change

So these last few weeks have been a whirlwind to say the least. Let me explain. I left my full-time job, was planning on moving, then didn’t move, said good bye to a countless number of people, and started a part time job and full time lifestyle change… 814 more words

Daily Grind

The Gap Between Reality And Relaxing Sometimes Can Feel Huge

We take vacations to relax. But I failed at that last week when we were away, and I’m not alone. Why? Because we can’t always get away from ourselves.  493 more words


Why we hate Hoomans

I imagine things would be a lot easier if civilization as we know it, just ended. Not that everyone dies, but the current ‘modern society’ gives way to a anarchic one with lesser number of people. 265 more words

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