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Death Shakes

I found out today that two people I knew died this past week.

Not friends of mine.

One was a customer that I waited on probably at least once a week, another was a guy I knew years ago, a friend of a friend whose house I partied at a few times. 27 more words


Mist in the Air

There was heavy mist in the air this morning.

We were making our toward the paseo leading to my son’s school when we felt it. No rain. 278 more words

World, Near And Far

Turning Ideas into Projects

I have accumulated so many ideas over the past years. It’s all written down in my cute little planner I carry around with me. I need to start pursuing these goals… not just in my head.   55 more words

Daily Grind

Distracted by another project, it was a close call to post on time on this 143rd straight day of blog posts.


My Problem with Motivational Posters and Why They Don't Work For Me Anymore

If I asked you to picture what you could imagine being the toughest day of your life, could you do it? I bet you can. Does it involve a bad day at work? 827 more words

Daily Grind

Forever and ever and ever

What is a home?
A place to eat, drink and fuck your wife?
What is a home but a place for respite?
Or a place to let go? 266 more words

Elise is curled up watching JUST A FEW MORE MINUTES of the end of her Goosebumps show, and I’m posting early because I keep totally nodding off. 20 more words