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Lessons From An Unplanned Road Trip

I’m writing this from a hotel room. The last hotel room in an unexpected ten-day adventure, in fact.

Tomorrow, we’ll be home. Back to our non-humid, cat-filled normal lives. 626 more words


Hillbillies… figures.

Hillbillies… figures.

When it comes to apocalyptic world shattering events there are generally 3 types of people who will survive: Hillbillies, Survivalist and Mormons.

For instance, the Jones family were Mormons and hence the amazing stock piles of food, guns and fun recreational vehicles. 284 more words


Daily Drawing #203, Enjoy A Quiet Picnic with Your Friends

Today’s drawing entitled, “Goin’ On A Picnic,” is offered as a piece of advice. Life is hard, we work, work, work and then work some more without ever really taking some time for ourselves. 100 more words

Timothy Whitt

CONTROLLING THOSE LIMITING BELIEFS - time to stop running and start hunting. pt.4

Time to start hunting.

My inspiration; and my first plug

I was introduced to this book 10 years ago when I started going through management training. 803 more words


Keeping up with the Joneses

Sometimes you’ve gotta ask yourself, are zombies the worst neighbors? I mean they don’t play loud music or borrow your stuff without returning it, but they do try awfully hard to eat you every chance they get. 397 more words


Who's to Blame, Really?

They’re dead… and I guess it’s not their fault. I mean we get older and we get slower, we die and then things rot and fall off. 318 more words


milestone 1: blood of my blood

Since I’ve been out for a while, I thought I’d recap a few things that have happened in this last year or so of radio silence. 184 more words

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