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Spoiler alert: I love to read.

I’ve always loved reading. Even when I couldn’t read, I was fully convinced reading was my jam.

(Dr. Seuss is not difficult to memorize.) 783 more words


That's How I Beat Shaq

Would ya look at that! Another title you most definitely should not take literally.

Basketball has never been my thing. I played it growing up—along with just about every other sport—but could never master the mental aspect. 626 more words


How's It Going to Be

We’re barely a month into the new year and I’m already overwhelmed by everything we have planned.

It’s a great problem to have.

I’ve always enjoyed traveling. 651 more words



I consider getting rid of Facebook at least three times a week.

It is an absolute dumpster fire of political rants, pyramid schemes and pregnancy/engagement/relocation announcements. 487 more words


Smile Like You Mean It

I despise the idea of anything nonfat. I buy cheap shampoo. More often than not, I forget to apply lotion.

And while we’re on the subject of legs, bear in mind I did attend an all-girls high school, and anything you’ve heard about those shaving habits is probably true. 578 more words


Dog Days Are Over

Please don’t let the title of this post alarm you. Charlie and Maggie aren’t going anywhere.

But in writing about them, my options for a title were either this or the oh-so predictable tune from Baha Men, and I’m just not feeling that today. 790 more words


It's Only Rock 'n Roll

Have you spotted the trend in how I title these posts?

Music is my jam.

I listen to it, dance to it and sing to it any chance I get. 781 more words