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5 Daily Ideas: 2015-01-16

1. Smart glass; ID’s owner and alerts if glass has been touched or filled without owner’s presence
2. Paintings which change based on spectator
3. Smart food, changes taste based on people’s taste… 16 more words

5 Daily Ideas: 2015-01-15

1. Innovation-in-a-Box; platform/swat team/whatever to infuse corporations with disruptive innovation capabilities
2. Ventures-in-a-Box; platform for adding Venture capabilities to companies
3. Tweet What You Say; Siri-like app, automatically picks up sentences worth tweeting and tweets them, probably based on some intelligent learning plus your own rules… 37 more words

5 Daily Ideas: 2015-01-014

1. Automated/customized food ready in (corporate) cantenas
2. Drone-delivered coffee
3. Local weather forecasts via drones or connectivity-retrofitted birds
4. Insta-hairdo hat
5. Small pouch/box in garbage bins for batteries and lightbulps

5 Daily Ideas: 2015-01-12

1. No-noise lawn mover
2. $10 water filter to purify rainwater collected from gutter
3. Smart boxing gloves, can soften blow which would otherwise do permanent damage… 24 more words

5 Daily Ideas: 2015-01-08

1. Hootsuite for car buyers
2. Tile for old-people caring/watching
3. Washing machine/dryer combo
4. Dirt-repellent clothes
5. Personal drone, auto-follows you, packs and carries extra stuff based on your activities, weather forecasts, etc

5 Daily Ideas: 205-01-06

1. Instant cooled/heated cup
2. Biology-based IFTTT platform
3. Pocket printer
4. Hackathon for political laws
5. Drone-delivered cash, eliminating the need for stationary ATMs

5 Daily Ideas: 2015-01-03

1. IMDB for books
2. IMDB for songs
3. Cancer scanner, affordable and convenient for home use
4. DIY for electric cabling at home, LittleBits-style
5. Self-repairing car wipers