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Canada Surpasses The United States

Woo Hoo… but it is not what you would at first think……..


The Average Canadian is Richer than the Average American. And you know that they say about averages, which means the lower levels here in America are way, way, behind…… 745 more words

"It's A Wonderful Life"

You Can't Go On Pretending Nothing's Wrong.

According to DailyKos

Twenty-seven states banned texting while driving. Yet twenty-five states offer traffic updates via twitter. 216 more words

Blue Dog Bite

Don’t celebrate too soon. The stakes are so high in the health care debate, we shouldn’t be surprised if Obama pulls off a Hail Mary… 772 more words

Did Petraeus, Betray Us?

Much controversy surrounded this ad. It is no wonder. The controversy came from a incredibly small remainder of human beings, who out of ignorance or hobbled by duty, still support the republican dream. 1,651 more words

America's Morals

Holy Cow, Batman! Squirming Hypocrites

It has been one year since Murtha stepped forward to call a directional change in Iraq. If you enjoy seeing hypocrites squirm, then you must read… 33 more words