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Character and Reputation...

People watch their leaders. This is especially true when it comes to spiritual leaders. The life of a spiritual leader is under the microscope 24/7. … 97 more words

Daily Leadership

Successful Leading...

Success is linked to a vision, goals, and plans.

A daily “to-do” list provides great value as we check off each item accomplished, and leaders understand that success is built upon daily achievement over an extended period. 82 more words

Daily Leadership

Helping Our Leadership...

What is it that gets us up and going in the mornings? Is it coffee? Exercise? Regardless, we all have times we need a little help. 91 more words

Daily Leadership

Assessing Our Leadership...

Leadership development must have a means by which we measure or determine specified growth or advancement.

But how can we assess our leadership accurately?

First, consider the activity of followers. 71 more words

Daily Leadership

A Cause To Lead...

Passion drives our efforts in relationship to specific causes. The causes range from self-preservation to self-gratification.

At times we labor in a cause that provides for the physical wellbeing of others. 70 more words

Daily Leadership

Heart of Leaders...

Do we have the heart for leadership? Our leadership is about influence, passion, character, vision and much more. If we have the heart for leadership we do what is necessary to prepare ourselves in each area to grow and develop appropriately. 66 more words

Daily Leadership

Project Leadership...

When is the best time to start and complete a project?
Why is this project important and what will it cost?
How will the project benefit others? 70 more words

Daily Leadership