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Mon petit déjeuner

My breakfast today is…
– Soup with green vegetable
– Fruits smoothie
I added soy milk into smoothie.

Daily Life In France


Winter has arrived.
I saw a big rainbow in grey sky.
It was so beautiful and
I made a wish.

Daily Life In France


It’s easier to lose weight in summer but
it’s difficult in winter.
I want to lose few more kilos!
I’d like to continue health diet.

Daily Life In France

Les imprimantes

Recently, I bought a new printer.
I can print, scan and photocopy at home, now.
It’s convenient.
I should have bought it a long ago.

Daily Life In France


It’s almost end of August but the temperature is still hot.
I lost my appetite.
I’m drinking cold organic tea everyday.
Sometimes I skip meals.

Daily Life In France

Entre 14h00-17h00

It’s very hot so I’m avoiding going out between 2pm and 5pm.
I go for shopping in the morning or after sunset.
I switch on a fan before I go to bed. 9 more words

Daily Life In France

B&W Candid Photography Essay - France

This photography essay was submitted to Edge of Humanity Magazine by photographer Tony Edenden.

Click on any image to see Tony’s galleries and collections.

Click on any image to see Tony’s galleries and collections. 32 more words