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Le plombier

I’ve done bathroom renovation partially.
I called a plumber to change equipment of shower.
I’m using brand new shower.
The cost was 200 euros in total.

Daily Life In France


I’m trying to buy more organic products this year.
For example, here is today’s lunch:

Vegetarian soup (Organic)
Smoked mackerel
Rice with bean and vegetable (Organic)
Soy bean drink (Organic)

Daily Life In France

La photo d'identité

I took photos for my new ID cards.
This time, I used a self-service photo machine
with an assistance in the shop.
It’s cheap and quality is good.

Daily Life In France

La relaxation

It’s a relaxing day off by:
1. watching snow,
2. eating healthy lunch,
3. borrowing lots of books,
4. enjoying traditional remedial massage

Daily Life In France

Les pantoufles

I wear comfortable footwear at home.
These can be slippers, thongs, ballet shoes and sandals.
New pairs have been added to my collections.
These are warm and light.

Daily Life In France

Deuxième démarque

Sale has begun on 7th January.
Some of goods are up to 70% off (or even more cheaper).
I already bought cosmetic products, shoes, hat and gloves. 11 more words

Daily Life In France

Bonne Année

A Happy New Year!

It’s been snowing some days in December and
I wish that there will be more snow in January.
2015 will be a busy and exciting year.

Daily Life In France