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New to me food: Leek scapes

I’ve never seen these before, so of course I bought them. I continue to try to buy a new vegetable or fruit on each shopping trip, and these look interesting. 158 more words

Daily Life


You know how you walk around, a completely normal-ish person, and you say things like, “I like bread, teenagers are spooky, I truly never learned anything in Economics class, and Nirvana is overrated.” You know that? 54 more words


What stage are you in...Caterpillar, in the Cocoon, or the emerging Butterfly

The caterpillar makes it through its life until all its duties are done. Then just before death, it works tirelessly to encase itself within the walls of a protective cocoon. 235 more words

Inspiration, Motivation

Before anything else, I want to say that I’m moved on and I’m happy more than ever.

So here… I get mad at what my ex did to me, no, I’m not mad at him; I’m mad of what he did to me.. 175 more words


sloth walking loose on a road

today was tiresome. usual drooling sleeps, and little walks here and there. I didn’t have the time to develop a game properly, which I’m upset for since I’m going to replan the entire system. 162 more words

Daily Life

A Dynamite Day

OK, now I’ve officially had a first full week of work, and my impression of the new job has only gotten better. There is so much fun and variety there! 811 more words

Daily Life

The Countdown Begins

Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi. It has been a ridiculously long time since I’ve posted and a LOT has happened since my last post. I’m going to go over the highlights from the past 5 months and since I only have 3 months left I hope I’ll post at least once more before leaving South Korea. 1,342 more words