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39 weeks, round 2

Well, little one, you are just determined to do things your own way. The external version didn’t work, and I think I can say without any doubt, if that didn’t, nothing will. 174 more words

Daily Life

What does one do?

What does one do when she is discouraged by the ones she looks up to? What does one do when everything she does is never good enough? 185 more words


Date Night By the Lake

The best kinds of nights are the ones that are not particularly planned. Those are the ones where the most fun is had, the ones where you get to explore new things and go somewhere you haven’t gone before. 382 more words


Sometimes The Rocky Road

Sometimes the rocky road,
is the surest footing in a storm.


Jack Used to Love the Backyard

Jack used to love the backyard… until the fireworks started going off.

A week after Independence day, he wouldn’t come outside unless you pulled him by the collar. 57 more words


rethinking religion - repost from 2010

Reposting these thoughts from 5 years ago. And so it continues, in all it’s changes; from chaos to clarity, from longing for certainty to comfort with groundlessness, from grief at the loss to joy at the inexpressible spaciousness of mystery, from clinging or resisting dead twigs to immersion into the wild, juicy freshness of now. 1,355 more words

Daily Life

A forever draped in smoke

“the magic of love often left her breathless..

drunk in love, she wished the wormhole he took her to would take them to the world of ‘us’..yet, his kisses were cosmic rays waiting to burn her out inch by inch.. 22 more words