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Path of Partiality

24 hours to go until the Great Eclipse, and I’m pretty excited!

I’ve read some people grumbling about the hype and how they’re sick and tired of hearing about it, but I figure this is essentially a once-in-a-lifetime experience and will be one of the coolest things I’ll ever witness. 888 more words

Daily Life

19 August 2017

actually I wanna tell about yesterday. I don’t know where tell a story. yesterday I was so freaking bad. I’m crying a lot. a loooootttt. I’m so angry but I don’t know how to express my feelings. 617 more words

Daily Life


Was asking Jo “Should I ever show less interest in you, will you give up and not chase me at all?”. He said that as long as he still loves me, he’ll chase me till the end. 624 more words

Daily Life

challenge 6: Your Favorite Birthday

it almost my birthday. but first let me talk about my favorite birthday. I will choose only 3 the best of my favorite birthday:

first, when my 8th years old birthday. 427 more words

Daily Life

Chemists Say You Should Add A Little Water To Your Whisky.

Merrit Kennedy reports at NPR:

It’s a common refrain among whiskey enthusiasts: Add a few drops of water to a glass to open up the flavors and aroma of the drink.

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Daily Life

Skin Care #1: Eucerin DermoPurifryier Cleanser

Today’s topic is skin care. I think I should give my review now. Because when I want to purchase something, I always find it hard to find a review that actually helps. 508 more words

Daily Life

Am I a fetishist?

Isn’t it gorgeous? Surely, a suitable dress is required, but isn’t it breathtaking even as a standalone object?

Despite the fact that I am not generally excited by the pointed tip, this is where it is just perfect. 34 more words