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Having Asperger’s makes it hard for me to understand what people are thinking, why people react to situations the way the do, and how other people connect with their friends and family. 567 more words

Khi hai ta về một nhà ^^

Này anh, chúng ta đã về chung một nhà, một đôi vợ chồng mới tinh kkk.

Chúng ta hãy thương yêu nhau, luôn tôn trọng, hiểu và cảm thông chia sẻ, cùng nhau xây dựng một gia đình luôn đầy ắp tiếng cười và hạnh phúc nhé anh.

Anh & Thương 15/10/2016.

Daily Life

Play date-ish

This morning was really chilly and perfect for pumpkin spice oatmeal. Yum. Seriously, I wish you could it smell through the computer.

I had an interview this morning that I think went really well. 196 more words

Daily Life

A Good Day of Sitting

First, the pretty picture:

Some of my family and friends in rural places seem to think Columbus is what they’ve seen on TV crime shows. This is more what I see. 399 more words

Daily Life


What are you thinking about?

reliving sports, shows, or the morning news

concerned with the bag-worms in the trees

debating the complicated presidential race

regretting the way you treated that person… 93 more words


My Crush and School

Hey Guyz! I know that I didn’t make a blog yesterday, but that was because I was super tired and worn out from all the things that I had to do over the weekend, so this blog with make up for both yesterday and today. 184 more words

Daily Life