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I'm Finally On A Podcast Again!

For years after discontinuing The OkiNinjakitty Podcast I received messages, comments and emails asking when I would pick up podcasting again. There seemed to be a lot of interest in hearing a weekly podcast but the reality for me is that making a podcast was a challenging task. 628 more words


Privacy and Metadata

The controversial “data retention” laws have passed Parliment. To which I can only say, bugger.

The laws will force telecommunications providers to keep records of phone and internet use for two years and allow security agencies to access the records. 512 more words

Daily Life

#CatParty #CrazyCatLady

Long time no see!

I wanted to share the photos from Ollie’s birthday last weekend! Bobby and I baked him a cat cake (recipe borrowed from… 145 more words

Therese Morawetz walks down a street with her two sons, Walter and Hans


Morawetz, John, and Alice Morawetz. “Therese Morawetz Walks down a Street with Her Two Sons, Walter and Hans.” United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, 1 Jan. 1928. Web. 27 Mar. 2015.

Before WWII

Friday Favourites - 3/27/2015

Just a random note to start this post because it made me laugh and  realiuze that while, yes, I’m used to writing in English, the dates still confuse me every.single. 565 more words

Daily Life

i don't want to adult anymore.

The older I get, the harder life gets.  Well, maybe that isn’t entirely true, but it sure feels that way.  I remember being a child and always wanting to grow up.  865 more words

Can you wig it?

Yeah, so, today was the first day I wore one of my wigs in public.

I’ve been worrying that my wigs look like wigs, and that I will walk outside and everyone will think, “Who is she fooling? 352 more words