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Story told by elevator buttons

This is in our apartment building.  You’ll note that people rarely take the elevator up to the second floor—faster to walk than wait for the elevator (hydraulic, fairly slow)—and that people often walk downstairs rather taking the elevator (since the “1” button is less worn than “3” or “4.” 10 more words

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Taking care of 'Stuff'

July 1st, two weeks ago, was moving day in Montreal. Between 200,000 to 240,000 people moved their residences.The streets were filled up with worn out mattresses, broken furniture, and garbage bags of trash, recyclables, and reusable objects, all thrown together highly piggy because their owners were too rushed or too uninterested to sort out their stuff, or to take the still usable items to the local Salvation Army or Renaissance thrift stores. 402 more words

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I’m not consistent. Whenever I start a routine (I love routines btw), I invariably tend to look for excuses to stop it. I really don’t know what my problem is. 298 more words

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i150W: A Certain Disappointment

We have our own disappointments in life. Some people do get disappointed for a certain reason.

Yeah, it’s like you already know the reason for your own disappointment. 126 more words


Here Fishy Fishy

Last year Clive came upon East Pit Lake after he and his brother were out fishing. A fellow fisherman told them of the lake at an old coal mine that was stocked with trout. 86 more words

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Once Militantly Anti-Abortion, Evangelical Minister Now Lives 'With Regret'

Terry Gross interview:

Evangelical minister Rob Schenck was once a militant leader of the anti-abortion movement, blockading access to clinics to prevent doctors and patients from entering.

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