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Thermarest Prolite Apex Review

The Prolite Apex is an ultra-light sleeping pad that combines air channels with a self-inflating foam skeleton to create a warm, packable, and comfortable sleeping pad. 1,153 more words


November 17, 2019

“Sometimes the clothes don’t make the man” – From Pitch Perfect (part 3). Wanna feel motivated, here’s a movie you should watch.

And so I feel motivated to put thoughts to words, once again. 289 more words

Daily Life

Lizzo is good as hell

Yeah, so, like every other woman over 40 I’m completely in love with Lizzo. A few days before Halloween she came to San Francisco for two nights, and she was good as hell. 199 more words

Big Tech's Bust Out

In this post yesterday I commented on how the GOP’s looting of the US reminded me of how the Mafia would extract all possible money from a legitimate restaurant. 675 more words

Daily Life

Review jujur mengenai Yoforia Yogurt (Cerita Pengalaman Pribadiku).

Bulan lalu anakku yang masih balita sakit, muntah dan diare terus menerus tanpa henti. Sudah beberapa kali dicoba diobati ke dokter spesialis anak tetapi baru sembuh 2 hari, diarenya anakku kumat lagi. 747 more words

Trăng khuyết

On a night without you
Even when the moon is up
I can’t see it
It’s hidden by thoughts of you, yeah

Vì mải nghĩ về sự thiếu vắng đó mà cũng chả thể ngắm trăng mà chỉ biết ngồi nghĩ vẩn vơ. 596 more words

Daily Life

Thirteen Books

Words and books have been a part of me, even before I
existed. My grandfather recited and penned beautiful poems and stories about anything
and everything to my grandmother until she—utterly smitten yet spectacularly… 339 more words

Daily Life