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Ripyuw: Pond's mineral clay, deep clean

Hola halooo hulaa hulaa…

Ambu endhel kembaleee lageeeehh… udah macam beruang kutub yaks gw.. hibernasi gitu… lha beruang kutub mah jelas, hibernasi gitu di musim dingin, dan ketika bangun tetap menggemaskan…yang disini, hibernasi terosss… dari musim rambutan sampe ke musim mangga… udah bukan lagi menggemaskan, pada tahap mengenaskan kayakna bwhahahah… 551 more words

Daily Life

Yup! I’d runaway, you read it right!!!

It’s a long story.

to make it short,

first, I was too weak to face my own problem. It was about my family.

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Daily Life

Hot pot

We tried some pretty decent hot pot specializing in Grouper at Himalayas.

img 20181019 123238 680×510

img 20181019 124315 680×510

img 20181019 125804 680×510

img 20181019 124745 680×510

img 20181019 123959 680×510

img 20181019 125256 510×680

img 20181019 123037 680×510

Daily Life


Ended up at Pistolera for a few snacks after working out.

img 20181017 202820 hht 510×680

img 20181017 203708 hht 510×680

img 20181017 203650 hht 510×680

Daily Life

Disney mooncake

Not sure how they taste but there is a bit of nice packaging for Disney mooncake

img 20181009 083416 680×510

img 20181009 083452 510×680

img 20181009 083107 510×680

img 20181009 083347 680×510

Daily Life

Just another Saturday

Today, I woke up at 11 a.m. It’s been a while since I’ve woken up this late. After, I went to the restroom, took a shower, and brushed my teeth. 316 more words

Sat 20th Oct 2018

Today has been Good.

Work-wise I’ve harvested and cut back three of four pumpkin plants (the fourth, in the greenhouse frame, hasn’t started dying back at all yet and is clinging on to summer) and set the pumpkins out to cure in the porch, cut back some of the honeysuckle on the coldframe frame, cut down the finished sweetcorn stalk, dug up a load of ground elder roots from between the roses (and re-planted all the spring bulbs that came up with them) and set 6 cloves of garlic (of that garlic that I discovered growing back in June!) there, weeded the big vegetable bed ready for covering with cardboard to over-winter, and pulled some carrots for tea to go with the potatoes I dug up a few weeks ago and one of today’s pumpkins. 811 more words

Daily Life