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July 24, 2016 at 06:44PM

16/07/12: That day I found what I would have immensely helped me with my move a few months ago.
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Daily Life

Culinary experiences in China 

It has been a month without chocolate. Sounds impossible? Well… just come to China and you might even forget that chocolate exists. It is not to say that Chinese don’t eat sweet desserts, they do: rice cakes, sesame cookies, sweet rice, jelly, fruits… Most of these deserts, though, are very foreign to my taste buds. 459 more words

Daily Life

Pokemon Go...WTF?!

I went to the bank yesterday and next to the bank is a local park.  There must have been close to 40+ people in the park, all walking around and looking down at their phones.  250 more words


Be Afraid of the Unlived Life

A few days ago, I wrote a post entitled Don’t Let it Control You, and because of the big response it received from so many of my fellow entrepreneurs, I decided to dig into the concept a bit further this morning. 701 more words

Daily Life

Nyawang Sing Ayu

Bahasa jawa: nyawang sing ayu. Bahasa indonesianya kira-kira melihat (menikmati) yang cantik. Hehehe, saya ga sedang menulis tentang perempuan cantik. Saya sedang menikmati tanaman lama saya yang jadi cantik (ayu). 180 more words

Daily Life

A very Jakartan weekend

This weekend I did something that I haven’t done in a long time. I spent my weekend like a true Jakartan! 582 more words


When I Broke My Foot

I can be a real klutz sometimes, despite have a good stance on what I am there comes a time when I do something and it just fails horribly, like getting into a PUV (Public Utility Vehicle). 556 more words