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Perlunya Niat dan Ikhlas Saat Bekerja

Memang ya, kalau mau mengerjakan sesuatu tuh harus ada niat dan ikhlas. Kalau nggak ada niat dan nggak ikhlas biasanya hasilnya nggak bagus atau nggak maksimal. 233 more words

Daily Life

Fonts, designed by women


a curated list of fonts designed by women, because some times you just want something different.

Daily Life

no. 001 | New Starts on Sleepy Days

I used to keep meticulous journals; my motto was a quote attributed to (though likely not actually written by) Anton Chekhov: “Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” But the seemingly non-stop pace of work life and then mom life have gotten me out of the habit. 1,239 more words


Memorial Day Sales & Favorites

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!

I wanted to gather some of the AMAZING sales that are going on and provide you with the promo codes (if needed) and some of my favorite pieces included in the sales! 167 more words


Old Man Rafferty

After Eliza ace her SCAT exam, we had awesome lunch at Old Man Rafferty.

img 20190524 114331 604×805

img 20190524 114822 805×604

img 20190524 114800 604×805… 45 more words

Daily Life


有三晚趕住食飯冇得睇吓 case


In tray 由零變咗兩棟就黎冧嘅 files

同埋終極黑仔連收兩隻 linked OSA


感覺… 虛脫得黎都值得.

(好似)(應該)解決咗由落位開始最困擾自己嘅 cases.

唉… 但咁唔係辦法…

又做得唔開心同呢度 d 人夾唔到…

或者要諗吓轉環境 😑

Daily Life*