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Six-minute lithium battery recharge for phones and cars on way

Amazing. Mike Scialom writes in Cambridge Independent:

Echion Technologies, the Sawston-based battery specialist spun out of Cambridge University, is preparing to commercialise technology which has been trialled to allow charging times for both mobiles and electric cars to drop to six minutes.

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Got my erythritol and tried the pink juice with green foam

It’s great. I use 1/2 cup frozen cranberries with enough water that I have 2 cups after blending. I use my immersion blender with its beaker, and I fill the (2-cup) beaker only half-way for initial blending of the cranberries and mint leaves, then add water to make 2 cups and stir. 53 more words

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Toddler hood ( just when you thought you had it together toddler hood hits)

So I am taking a new spin at this writing thing, i usually post diy, inspirational quotes but after sleeping a mere 2 hours last night and having a funny story to tell I thought why not share it with my wonderful viewers. 844 more words



Some Spanish taste at Empellon

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What the Free College Movement Can Learn from Kalamazoo

It’s not all bad news these days. Michelle Miller-Adams has a good report in the Washington Monthly:

The 700 students who graduated from Kalamazoo Public Schools in 2019 are unique.

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Kegundahanku Menyandang Status "Mahasiswa"

Aku gatau ini hanya aku yang ngerasain atau kalian sebagai pembaca juga pernah merasakannya ketika duduk dibangku kuliah.

Tahun – tahun pertama aku kuliah as a… 419 more words

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