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Ticket Or Ticketless, Everybody Needs To Know This

It was a Saturday afternoon. I boarded a Churchgate-bound slow train from Borivali. It was a rather ordinary day. A child was asking his mother for water, three old Gujarati women were chatting, two young girls were having a serious discussion about their boyfriends, others either had their earphones plugged on or were reading/browsing through their mobiles as I sat there observing all of them. 743 more words


pa state rep sue helm wants to take away your rights.

Meet State Rep. Sue Helm. The architect of the disaster bill known as PA HB 809. Quite simply stated, this bill would render any local municipal government useless in the ability to control off-campus student housing. 1,106 more words


pause, downingtown?

Uhh ohhh, Downingtown. You are a very small borough whose residents had better pay attention now. It has been quite a while since I have heard such develobabble (development babble). 683 more words