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Flexibility Is The Key to Your Personal Branding Success

One thing that most marketers could be accused of is too much planning. While this sounds counter intuitive. In between the multiple projections, plans, forecasts, campaigns, budgets and allocations, a marketer spends a large portion of their day reviewing data and finding more data to review. 838 more words

A Smile Has Many Benefits

A smile has many benefits.

πŸ‘‰ A smile is contagious. When somebody catches you smiling, they will want to smile too.
πŸ‘‰ One smile can turn someone’s bad day around. 37 more words

Daily Motivation

Trusting Our Woman's Intuition

You already know what it is! Why is it hard trusting what we first feel. This little voice or feeling is called a woman’s intuition. This is a woman’s best defense against the b.s. 244 more words


3-2-1 Quote Me! β€” Expression

Laura Venturini, lauravent69 tagged me in game of quotes. Thanks to Laura!!


Rules are:-

1) Thank the blogger who tagged you: Thank you… 122 more words


Stay True to Your Company DNA and Grow Your Brand

Building a company is hard work. The environment is always against you. Your friends and family tell you it is crazy idea and you are better to take the easy way out. 776 more words

The God-man relationship: My unpopular opinion

Hi Hi!


So, I’m just sitting here minding my business and then a thought hits me.

God is in every one of us, even the most evil one of us. 645 more words


Wake up call...

I almost lost it…everything I have been trying so hard to fix within myself! I almost let that one person have the power to destroy me. 220 more words

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