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I have planted you

In every place I’ve gone

In hopes you blossom

Be it in another’s earth

To have held you close

A memory for lifetimes to come… 84 more words



Do not think of me keenly

I do promise thee

That I will fail you

And leave tears where Love reigned

This admiration you feel… 84 more words



Tell me

You’ll pray with me

That God will be first in all we do

And when you see me on my knees

Thankful in tears… 87 more words


vires acquirit eundo

Tak terasa ini sudah menjelang tahun ke-enam. Aku sudah bukan anak kemarin sore lagi yang baru masuk dunia, tetapi sebagai pemain lama. I’ve been ouuuut of the book and being tooooo attached at the real street for long, haven’t i? 682 more words


On Medical Schools

Before that admission paper was presented to my eyes

medical schools were in my dreams

but far from my side.

Determined to earn that title I worked to the extreme… 182 more words

Random Muse


I can smile

And know

That yes there was a moment

When our hands binded as one

And the fragrance of breeze

Made fantasy actual… 97 more words



A change maybe just around the corner!

After hard months, perhaps some changes are good.

And I’m hitting number 70 in my blog post! Gak istimewa sih, tau..  700 more words