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Mother Duck and Her Little Ducklings

When I had gone out to attend a class yesterday, my parents had texted me a photo of a mother duck and her little ducklings. 919 more words


The Sunset

I have been listening to this song since 8pm on April 18, 2017 up to now. Non-stop. On repeat. This and only this. When I stared out of the window, looking up at the sky and clouds and trying to busy myself away from the thoughts, the song was on. 419 more words

Daily Muse


“I hear my battle symphony
All the world in front of me
If my armor breaks
I’ll fuse it back together”

Daily Muse

Upon My Soul

Let a thousand past lovers

Point me to you beloved

Bring me fulfillment

With your whispering touch

Having thought I had known

The sweetness of caress… 22 more words


"I'll find my own bravado..."

“I’m thinking glory, lick my lips, toss my hair and send a smile over and the story’s brand new. I can take it from here, I’ll find my own bravado.” 975 more words

Daily Muse


The possibility of making our dreams comes true, that makes life interesting even more.

This has been one thing or two that i will never stop to show people around me.

788 more words

Truth in Context

It’s been forever since I posted on this blog of mine, but it’s the more appropriate place, as compared to my Librarianhats spot, for what I want to share. 549 more words

Daily Muse