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On Medical Schools

Before that admission paper was presented to my eyes

medical schools were in my dreams

but far from my side.

Determined to earn that title I worked to the extreme… 182 more words

Daily Muse


I can smile

And know

That yes there was a moment

When our hands binded as one

And the fragrance of breeze

Made fantasy actual… 97 more words



A change maybe just around the corner!

After hard months, perhaps some changes are good.

And I’m hitting number 70 in my blog post! Gak istimewa sih, tau..  700 more words


Why I Don't Write Anymore

WHY I DON’T WRITE ANYMORE-The rise and fall of the flame

-Nicole Martin

It’s been a very long time since I’ve put pen to paper-or to be truthful, keys to iPad screen. 488 more words


Since You

My heart is yours

It has no use without you around anymore

Please take it

These eyes are for you

As I do not wish to see anything but thee… 143 more words


Creativity-The Pathway to Peace

The Spectacular Cairns Esplanade, Australia

‘Living creatively is to burn the demons that plague us’


WordPress Photo Challenge

-Nicole Martin

In my spare time, which is rare these days, I throw myself into creating imagery. 81 more words



Dingin dan berjarak. Memangnya kenapa kalau sisi emosional saya sedang hibernasi dan tidak ingin diusik (lebih tepatnya bahkan tidak terusik mau ada apa juga). Maaf, saya memang memilih mau nurut kepada siapa. 289 more words