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53 commons words you don't want to misuse

Last week, I emailed my boss that I was hoping to elicit feedback, and then, I panicked.

Did I just say that I wanted to prompt feedback (my intention), or did I accidentally use the word that sounds the same, but is spelled differently and would suggest I was hoping for feedback unsuitable for the workplace (very much not my intention)? 1,088 more words


How to tweak your resume to prove you're the perfect fit

You know you’re supposed to customize your resume for each and every job application. But sometimes, it’s not so clear how you can give the employers what they’re looking for—at least, not without being in-your-face obvious. 1,170 more words


What is a Fashion Show?

That is the danger of putting on a show. The runway is a theater — this, by now, is well established. But it’s one that can easily eclipse its own point, which is, at least nominally, to show some new clothes. 340 more words


5 templates that will make writing the perfect LinkedIn summary a breeze

How many times have you started reading someone’s LinkedIn summary and found yourself totally bored two sentences in? The whole thing is only a paragraph, but you’re already scrolling down to the Experience section—or even clicking away from the page. 1,451 more words


Teenage Girls Flock To Calvin Klein Show

There was a new breed of lurker outside Calvin Klein’s menswear show during Milan Fashion Week on Sunday: teenage girls, in orderly but excitable groups, waiting patiently for male models. 196 more words


4 secrets to negotiating a salary

At some point during an interview process, the hiring manager will ask you, “How much are you looking for?” And while you want to respond with a competitive, yet reasonable and well-researched number, you end up blurting out a tongue-tied, “Uh, what you’re paying?” 1,203 more words


Spotlight: Craig Green Spring 2016

As you have probably noticed by now, we are a little bit obsessed with Craig Green. As we previously wrote about him, his Spring 2015 evoked a very strong emotional reaction from the audience. 123 more words