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The possibility of making our dreams comes true, that makes life interesting even more.

This has been one thing or two that i will never stop to show people around me.

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Truth in Context

It’s been forever since I posted on this blog of mine, but it’s the more appropriate place, as compared to my Librarianhats spot, for what I want to share. 549 more words

Daily Muse


This photo was taken in a small park in the centre of Cairns, Australia. Recently redeveloped, it now houses a spectacular outdoor amphitheatre, home to many concerts and theatrical productions. 46 more words



Aku rasa sepi paling memekakkan itu seperti ini: kau tiba-tiba tersadar belum menemukan satu pun orang tempat kau bisa mencurahkan dirimu sepenuh-penuhnya tanpa rasa takut atau waswas, dan dia menyahutimu seperti yang benar-benar kaubutuhkan tanpa kau perlu mengatakannya sama sekali. 56 more words


No Thing

Body is just a shelter system for the soul. Functional matter, dears.

A system is only trying to help and simplify the mundane daily life but never made to make life easier or make sense. 395 more words



I have planted you

In every place I’ve gone

In hopes you blossom

Be it in another’s earth

To have held you close

A memory for lifetimes to come… 84 more words



Do not think of me keenly

I do promise thee

That I will fail you

And leave tears where Love reigned

This admiration you feel… 84 more words