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Here I Am

In between each breath

There in that space… I am

See me in

That moment before ink touches paper

… I exist

Where sleep wins over… 37 more words


The Ten Commandments of the Honorable Judge Roy Moore

Judge Roy Moore’s love of the Ten Commandments is well documented. Many of a different theological mindset (not to mention those blasphemers amongst the ACLU) 356 more words

Daily Muse

Back with a Vengeance

Okay, hi.

It’s been 6 years since I’ve last posted anything here but I must say I am surprised by the interest level that’s still going on. 191 more words

Daily Muse

Every SecondĀ 

A kaleidoscope of memories

Sprints across my eyes

Realizing all that was

Each and every moment

Living and dying all at once

The essence of right now… 78 more words


To My Children When I am Gone

To My Children when I am gone

A cloud once spoke to me

As it cried down on the Earth

I had forgotten my fathers promise… 125 more words


When the best thing to do is nothing.

Sometimes, the only thing to do is nothing.

Park your emotions.

Put them on hold for a bit.

Shove them up on the top shelf until such a time that you can deal with them rationally. 101 more words



Sunday woke me up early with mild sunshine dancing among the chaotic white state of bed sheet, pillows, blanket and a teddy bear; and a breeze sneaking through the window together with the undistinguished talks of early risers at the train station. 387 more words

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