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SKCK 5 menit!


Ceritanya, udah beberapa bulan lalu gue kepikiran. Daripada suntuk weekend gak ada kerjaan, mending ngetaksi online bentar buat dapet duit jajan. Coba-coba signup ke salah satu penyedia jasa taksi online, keluarlah syaratnya.

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Searching for the avant-garde in England

Searching today for the avant-garde in England I found:

avant-garde public relations
avant-garde cars
avant-garde e-liquids
avant-garde alloy wheels
avant-garde hair and beauty
avant-garde audio-visual solutions… 123 more words

Daily Observation

Brexit-Trump and the end of language hegemony

It looks as if the Brexit-Trump era is already having an effect on the international nature of higher education. In the anglophone world, academics are either feeling unwelcome or are being discouraged from taking up positions because of anticipated changes to immigration law and zealous security vetting. 618 more words

Daily Observation

Paper concept

Take notes of every fleeting moment whether mundane or extraordinary. Inspirations are collected and accumulated through these daily observations.



John Lennon: 8 December 1980

I’m in the shower then and hear
Someone’s shot John Lennon dead.
I ask, as a New Yorker might, ‘you sure?’
‘Yes. That’s what they said.’ 38 more words

Daily Observation

Castro enjoys an Irish coffee in Shannon

There was a time when I used to pass through Shannon airport on a regular basis; so did Fidel Castro. In those days, the flight from Moscow to Havana would come down to refuel in the west of Ireland and the passengers would sometimes get off and have a stroll around the airport. 72 more words

Daily Observation

Memories of Bratislava

A visit to Bratislava in 1970 entailed a short bus ride from Vienna through barbed wire fences and past watchtowers. The walk up to the castle was a rough path covered with snails of many colours: brown, yellow, green. 65 more words

Daily Observation