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Light the Flame

Bernie burns his flame
using up all the last
hopes of my generation
of late 60’s all my contemporary
artists have died in January
cancer laughs as fake in its… 356 more words

Daily Poems

We are like touching leaves being blown by the same wind of passion,
Destination unknown yet exhilarating, and refreshing to be deeply connected while flying free. 34 more words


Of God on Saturday Morning

i ride at six a.m. back

from dropping off my love

to pound the road all day

carrying heavy loads of letters

we stop for a biscuit sausage muffin… 186 more words

Daily Poems

Love In This Day

seems like some plague from Egypt
our sweet sam swallowed a quarter
had surgery, still in the hospital
his sweet face haunting his
grandmothers here in Maine… 132 more words

Daily Poems

Be reckless

Run naked

Let the rain drops touch your skin

Be young tonight.

Sway your hips; let the drum beats guide them,

Feel the wind caressing your passion… 44 more words


Religious Talk Me and My Mother

hunger lives in us i think
my mother says there
is a vacuum inside only
God can fill, yesterday
we reverted to a discussion
of my inevitable visit to hell… 167 more words

Daily Poems

One Cold Breath (Loving God in the Fall)

words dance or
maybe sing when a poet
has them in her arms

in autumn words are more like
chilly breath
change-talking night and day… 38 more words

Daily Poems