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i don’t have good timing
thoughts weave in and out of the crevices
and ridges of my mind


Daily Poems

Nothing is Right

night falls quickly
pain psychic all encompassing a
scrape on the skin of
my soul, stinging and
bleeding i hold his
hand and he vice
grips mine as if he
were not leaving yet
as if this thing we
lived in would go on and on
Daily Poems

Wearing Thin

April wears thin

where she once

started startling

us warm she has

returned cold today

and still my father sleeps

in and out of presence… 200 more words

Daily Poems

My father sometimes more
Lucid than any time in his
Long life at night I sit with
Him counting sheep afraid
I’ll be the one here alone to… 169 more words

Daily Poems



mountains have taken

time for me, my ancestors

lived in Maine mountains

but i have been long in exile

from this ancestral homeland

tropics and ocean sing… 174 more words

Daily Poems


i crave it and i
vehemently hate it

i want to crush it
make it nice and
compact and stuff
it like a wad of… 102 more words

Daily Poems