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Permission to Write a BOOK

i sit at the coffee shop
in small town Maine
my wife delivers mail
while i sit and sip and write

i hope something will come of this… 186 more words

Daily Poems

Almost Daily Poem 4 - Oak

The oak is the wise uncle of the trees

As he stands and watches the world go by

He whispers thoughts and ponderings  like breeze… 91 more words

Daily Poems

Ordination Big Business

you go to church from
before the time you
can speak you find
as you grow that
God is so much more
than they tell you… 144 more words

Daily Poems

Almost Daily Poem 3 - Olive tree

What do I want for my birthday?

Do I want a fancy smartphone?

No! Go home.

Do I want a red ferrari?

No! Sorry.

What I really want… 9 more words

Daily Poems

Almost Daily Poem 2 - Bamboo

The company of shoots stand to attention

They are the soldiers of flora.

Uncompromising, aloof.

Their leaves are daggers

and their stems, spears.

If ever a plant were to retake the cities

bamboo… it would be you.

Daily Poems

Almost Daily poem 1 - Silver Birch

I sit in the summer sun

staring at the tree’s leaves

Beauty blows in the breeze

Below are jagged bolts of black

Between pure silk… 11 more words

Daily Poems

Reiki (Daily Poems – NPM #5)

Hues of purples, greens, and blues
Encapsulate the lids fluttered closed
Dancing around in concentric circles
Feeding off of the energy transposed

Pigments of yellows, reds, and whites… 16 more words