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Reminder: We Came From the Stars

i chant the names
of my children and my
children's children 
not so much a beget
of ancestry  a litany of love 
even more an opening 
to a Universe made of music
where there is only one choir
all of us angels today i am
mostly silent listening the
symphony beyond my song i 
chime in an occasional note
of harmony transforming from
this disquise of mortality into
divine reality a cosmic longing
rests always in the recesses of
my existence telling me of so much
more so much better than this grim
television show where everybody dies
and i am left to mourn believing the
insanity of humanity except now
listening i know i see with the one
eye the one mind the one love
Daily Poems

January 11, 2018

Roy Herndon Smith

Consider clutter,
an accumulation of

(that’s debatable,
depends on who you talk to,
but nevertheless)

junk (well, that’s also
aguable and depends… 88 more words

Daily Poems

January 10, 2018

Roy Herndon Smith

The blares of morning—
the sun blasting through the blinds,
rush hour cars honking,

the laptop humming,
my ears ringing, memories
flitting, and these words— 15 more words

Daily Poems

January 9, 2018

Roy Herndon Smith

Early morning and
late afternoon shadows and
light slant sharp and flat.

The oblique angles
and expansive empty forms
of solitude stretch… 19 more words

Daily Poems

January 8, 2018

Roy Herndon Smith

A warmer, still cold,
morning. Without steam shushing
and rattling, stillness

shivers and stretches,
beyond the tick of the clock
and the breath sighing, 20 more words

Daily Poems

Lake Tallahassee

Without you,

I am just a shell

and I hate myself so much for that.

I preach words of independence and self love

to all of my sisters and all of my friends… 22 more words

Daily Poem


We are walking in the night

I hear the rustle of your jeans

I see the lights of the streets

everything is dark

You’re holding my hands… 65 more words

Daily Poem