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August 31, 2017


it’s all an act
light a sight
for sore mind

the bit
of the hit
of you

under my lid
deep in the I… 26 more words



i call my new biz buzz Just Connections
it's fair trade stuff from around the
world so when the connections pop up
for me here there and everywhere i am
astounded at the red threads that link
me to everything in the Universe 
what I see is golden light made
of nothing but love though the mountains
sometimes fall and the people roar in 
pain for me there is just One a tapestry
tightly woven and not thread bare 
quilting our way through the valleys
wars come money flies children grow
parents die and still there is only
that love glue given many names but
only One a stronger thread than any chord humans have made.


Daily Poems

Too Much Media or Facebook Overload

maybe im just exhausted
from too many computer
hours making my dream
online Fair Trade store
come alive or maybe
i'm really just sick
of everyone who knows
everything and quotes
everyone who knows
everything when i want
to sit in the moonlight
or sunlight and listen
to the voice of a universe
i am a very piece of
feel her filling up
the spaces that are
empty from too many
answers i want to soak
my feet in the water of
oneness, lay down on
the bed of not knowing
empty the brain and open
the mind i don't mind
being ingnorant, knowing
i learned a long time ago
won't save me i let go
like a monkey jumping
from tree to tree not
even a whisper of fear
to keep me from smiling

Daily Poems

August 20, 2017

the low roar of the across-the-back-yard air compressor
the transitory rumble of the distant plane

the continuous whine of the circular saw
stops then snarls and farts without stopping until it does… 11 more words


August 19, 2017

you like the sun
slick flesh with sweat
and musk


August 18, 2017

in the gentle rain
the world shimmies

and shushes
the blat and grind of the garbage truck

the body hums and cools
the air is thick as remembered fresh cream


August 17, 2017

the voices of the office
are not the voices of the sea
we speak differently

in the crashes and backwashes
of bureaucracies and oceans
still we almost drown… 28 more words