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Madrugada Musings

I watch the sun push up

a row of dirty gold dissipating

rain clouds at four thirty am

sleepless after too many

interuptions in the night my… 101 more words

Daily Poems

One Cigarette Ago.

An accumulation of tit for tat

words against words, endlessly creating daggers.

not forgetting, a million dollars worth of touches

this is how it felt, one cigarette ago. 127 more words


Fly Me High

You have always been a charm

In my heart you’re always warm

Love springs in spring

Even in odd seasons, you fill

All the love that you have, 39 more words


April Senryū 2015

for the promise of Spring

another Texas | morning that wakes in mystery | not knowing which way | the wind or politricks | will blow this bright – sunny day… 464 more words


March Senryū 2015

for belief in love even when it’s imperfect

old as mountains | their love across the ages | steady as beats of hearts

traveling with wings | fueled by waking-dream voices | on prayers and hope… 533 more words


Just A Thought

the romance of money is an interesting plague
comes creeping into the thought pretending
to be life
like a viral video demanding attention
stealing joy seeking anyone who is… 175 more words

Daily Poems


Writing here in an attempt to soothe my soul.

for Anne Kemp Hummel​

i see the text from
last week saying we
won’t make it up until… 77 more words

Daily Poems