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March Senryū 2015

for belief in love even when it’s imperfect

old as mountains | their love across the ages | steady as beats of hearts

traveling with wings | fueled by waking-dream voices | on prayers and hope… 533 more words


Just A Thought

the romance of money is an interesting plague
comes creeping into the thought pretending
to be life
like a viral video demanding attention
stealing joy seeking anyone who is… 175 more words

Daily Poems


Writing here in an attempt to soothe my soul.

for Anne Kemp Hummel​

i see the text from
last week saying we
won’t make it up until… 77 more words

Daily Poems

To Be Love

I know pain

I know it hurts

I know rejections

I know fear

I know betrayal

I know loneliness

I know emptiness

I also know how to love… 91 more words


February Senryū 2015

for being able to not only see, but to believe in the truth

she worries he’ll fly | so fast his wings won’t carry | the weight of the past | but one can only live | the life they are assigned… 389 more words


January Senryū 2015

for wings to fly above the bullshit ✿⊱╮

she no longer knows | where she ends and he begins | it’s a soul union

oh groove and rhythm | that marvelous soundtrack | of your crazy life… 463 more words


Our Grandfather Langston Hughes... African American, Native American, White American (what and amazing mix).

Google celebrtes his 113th
birthday today and i don’t
know whether to applaud or
weep he is such a grandfather
to me though my skin would say… 89 more words

Daily Poems