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Writing here in an attempt to soothe my soul.

for Anne Kemp Hummel​

i see the text from
last week saying we
won’t make it up until… 77 more words

Daily Poems

To Be Love

I know pain

I know it hurts

I know rejections

I know fear

I know betrayal

I know loneliness

I know emptiness

I also know how to love… 91 more words


February Senryū 2015

for being able to not only see, but to believe in the truth

she worries he’ll fly | so fast his wings won’t carry | the weight of the past | but one can only live | the life they are assigned… 389 more words


January Senryū 2015

for wings to fly above the bullshit ✿⊱╮

she no longer knows | where she ends and he begins | it’s a soul union

oh groove and rhythm | that marvelous soundtrack | of your crazy life… 463 more words


Our Grandfather Langston Hughes... African American, Native American, White American (what and amazing mix).

Google celebrtes his 113th
birthday today and i don’t
know whether to applaud or
weep he is such a grandfather
to me though my skin would say… 89 more words

Daily Poems


There’s a myth out there that has some of us believing as we age we lose our youthfulness,

that is not true my friends, the only way you can lose your youthfulness is if  you let go of it.

Micheline Jean Louis

Life Quotes

Ode to you, as if owed to you

How the mighty have fallen.

I’ve seen you rise
from humble beginnings
and watched your head get swollen
like water on the brain, you know… 419 more words