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Shoes that Fit

to graduate in my 
dream i must find
my shoes they have
already been bought
to match this fancy
dress i pull on not my unusual
style...white with
some lime green decorations
almost a work of art but it fits
finally today i found my shoes
put the final touches on my
story looked again into that
mirror and pressed print
now it sits numbered two sided
ready to be copied and sent
for last editing these shoes
are not comfortable, merely mine
somehow they match this
strange shiny new
outfit refit unfit retrofit 
fit fit.

Daily Poems

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Two friends parted ways along a dirt road

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Daily Poems

Countless Snowflakes from the Sky

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Shining red a flag in the night

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Daily Poems

Right as can be

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“The courtyard has been taken” said the knight

Austere peasants enter bearing torches

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Daily Poems

Of Soup and Dumplings

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First came the flood; its muddy waters rose

Next came the shadow blocking out the sky… 687 more words

Daily Poems

One Step Today

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One loose thread: a peccadillo;

Years later the tapestry comes undone

A million unsaid words come pouring through… 557 more words

Daily Poems

My heart beats for you

​My heart beats for you

Every boom, boom, boom is set and tuned to make this body do what it needs to please you.
That’s right. 122 more words