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Day 1567

…Either you’re

Anze Kopitar


You’re eating pizza


About Anze Kopitar…


Free-Box - A Poem by Devon Balwit


I am not above stooping,
free-box food as good as any other,

the shampoo in half-used bottles still shampoo,
a set of tea lights with only two missing, 222 more words

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Day 1566

…Keep repeating

what you don’t need

what you can live without

who you need never see again

keep repeating

it’s ok

you’ll believe it someday…


Black water

Stroke, stroke, stroke, breath
It is joked that black people cannot swim
Listen at my chuckle as I count all those I know
– who can swim… 166 more words

Elegy - A Poem by Aden Thomas


The wildflowers run their purple flags.
Fields are castaways.
The crescent moon is unattached again.
No stardust. No clouds.

You think you’ll keep the memories of lovers… 152 more words

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Day 1565

…What existential ghouls

Linger behind every rolling eye

In the infernal depths

Of an HR training session…


Two Poems by Wilderness Sarchild

Ordinary Moments

Again, the hummingbird
is buzzing over the sugar water.
Again, the coyote
is crossing the road.
Again, the deer
are feeding in my yard. 202 more words

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