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The first time I bruised
my thighs with my thumbs,
I didn’t know about seasonal
depression, vitamin D withdrawal,
low levels of serotonin, or that… 46 more words

Poem A Day

Your Body

I can imagine
nothing better

than the proximity
of your body

I want you to
read next to me

to speak
next to me

to breath… 28 more words

Poem A Day

The Fight

I don’t need expensive
clothes or a fancy sports bra
to fight.

I have never fought
as hard as I did butt naked
in my bathroom that night. 6 more words

Poem A Day

When your heart is broken

you make love
like a doll,
docile and malleable.

it is slower
than it used
to be.

you ask for

he will kiss
you again on… 52 more words

Chasing Rabbits

The heart speaks

In silence my heart sits, waiting
for that familiar sound.
The beating of your heart
that rings like a written song.
Playing tones, high and low… 99 more words



Yours isn’t the only
empty house on the street,
but it would do.

I watch her
pack and flee, the pick
through boards and nail… 61 more words

Poem A Day

I write about how I miss you

I have learned
you are a
lonely midnight.
You are claw and
thorn and the
sweetest steel
guitar. You are
water, rain,
a shiver that… 53 more words

Chasing Rabbits