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Day 1331

…My name is James
I am special because
I help clean the yard…


The People In My Life: Dad

Another second, another minute, another hour, another day, another week. Another year. Wish you were still here. For the days gone and moments lost, we make up the loss in our hearts and minds. 76 more words


Day 1330

I dreamed I
Had a horse
That fit in the backseat of my car
And every night
I tucked him in back there
Snug in his favourite blanket… 9 more words


Day 1329

…She asks me
What does my heart tell me
I quietly listen
And heart
Cheeseburgers and sleep-in
And suddenly I suspect
My heart might not have
My best interests in mind…


Day 1328

…What a waste

Pen on crisp paper

The staining of potential

the hesitation of passion

what arrogance creation

Maybe God was just

A moody artist… 13 more words


Day 1327

…An artist is
Someone who can
Express their
Staggeringly narrow minded opinion
In a
Interesting manner…


Day 1326

…contradiction is not oppression
But that breath is…