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Sediment - A Poem by Jacob DeVoogd


Your senses dulled by what has yet to be known, intentions
become loose threads collectively binding noose to pole.

Shuddering lips synthesize pulses,
ephemeral breaths… 164 more words

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Day 1532

…How much

Of your day

Is imposed victimhood

When did

you decide

To be

such a coward…


Magic - A Poem by Max Reif


It must be some kind of sorcery,
how we all dip into
the same alphabet-palette
of 26 letters,
and one man comes out
with word-paintings… 158 more words

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Walls of Serenity - A Poem by Ninni Andersen

Walls of Serenity

“Take my hand”
he says pulling back
golden threads of wisdom
hanging swiftly from
an unseen ceiling

Walls of serenity
closes in on me… 199 more words

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Day 1530

…If you can summarize

Your argument

With a pithy cartoon

I’m not too sure

Just how proud you should

Hold your shoulders…


Another Hot One - A Poem by Sheila Wellehan

Another Hot One

The meteorologists predict another hot day
a dangerously hot one, in fact
a day they advise you to stay inside

or park yourself next to the water. 312 more words

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