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For You

I wake up dripping with sweat

Sitting up, I look around the room.

Squinting and for some reason I still see you,

I rub my eyes as to erase the phantom in front of me. 313 more words


When Our Souls Meet

My devil dances with your demon.

A one two step to a song that seems to never end.

An infinite loop of give and take, our hearts entwined… 221 more words


Last Night

I dreamt you came
back to me. All was
forgiven, all understood,
and you were so grateful
to feel my smile, you never
asked where it had been. 65 more words

Poem A Day


You pray for my death
because I am weak. I am
sick and fading. It is
only a matter of time.
But you can’t wait. Not… 67 more words

Poem A Day


When I am alone
I am free. My body
does not feel the
weight of my mind.
I am not distracted.
I feel more.
When I am alone… 97 more words

Poem A Day


a generation of fruit


Daily Poetry

Love till the death

It wasn’t love at first sight for us
no, I caught your scent while sitting in the next room.
It was something I’ve not smelled before, 421 more words