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Into The White - A Poem by Ezra Kronfeld

Into The White

My heavy black coat protects me from
The freezing temperature.
Strolling into nothingness, I walk on, just
Entering the pure blankness.

A big tree ahead stands out, 173 more words

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Day 1679

…Let us then

Dance in the streets

Let us sing

And realize in harmony

That freedom is no word

It is a summer breeze passing through your toes… 124 more words


Amazing Microcosm - Poem by Sergio A. Ortiz

Amazing Microcosm

Eloy put a few seeds in my hand.
Thirty trees tomorrow, a forest fifty years later,
birds find the South in those trees, 282 more words

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Watching the Street Performers - A Poem by Melissa Fite Johnson

Watching the Street Performers

The indigent man next to me
frowns at my cell phone.
I’m taking a picture, I explain.
Use your eyes, he says. 229 more words

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Day 1677

..Nothing quite like

Fucking up a stranger’s money

To make one wonder

What gun metal might taste like…


Old Man With Cracker - A Poem by Dana Hughes

Old Man With Cracker

In a booth in a corner of a diner beside a woman
with smooth skin, an old man sat with a cracker… 278 more words

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Day 1676

…Can you admit you’re wrong

Are you so humble you wouldn’t need confrontation

Can you pray without irony

Could you allow your lover to believe a rival god… 44 more words