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I miss you. It’s weird to think I will never talk to you or see you again. I’m sorry my last words to your were a correction of grammar, but your’s were “still wanna bang you,” so I guess neither of us win the poetry award. 188 more words

Poem A Day


This is not the
first time I have

laid my sins
upon large stones.

Not the first
time I was unwounded
and unweeded.

I can deseed sweet… 43 more words

Chasing Rabbits

Happy Hour Aftermath

Fix the clock,
it is an hour slow.
Fix these dreams,
flavor them
smooth and forgetful.

Fix this memory so I
stop thinking of you, 75 more words

Poem A Day

Write It Down

When I woke
at 3:42, I should
have grabbed paper
and pen and scrawled
the haunting chorus
of my mind. I should
have recited those words… 35 more words

Chasing Rabbits

Like a Flock

Today’s assignment was landscape, using Found Poem and Enumeratio. I got the landscape¬†part but couldn’t use the found poem structure and only a little enumeratio. 315 more words



I slept for over 13
hours yesterday. Didn’t
move once in my sleep.
Never turned over, even
a little, even halfway.
He tried to wake me up… 71 more words

Chasing Rabbits

Seven Drawers

(The assignment was to write an ode to ‘drawers’, using the tool¬†of apostrophe. Hopefully I have met this challenge in this simple ode.)

I have a chest of drawers… 252 more words