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For Once

Mornings like this.
 Where you're feeling like a storm
 Could settle over you,
 But you just want to enjoy your day
 For once.

So you run. 116 more words

Untitled 01

You know women confide into me
 And onto me and underneath me.
 They share their stories until my heart cracks
 To let them in.
 But they don't need my pity
 Nor am I offering it. 173 more words

Southern Travels

Hotel or motel, hostel or Inn,
Traveling the south from end to end.
Dusty roads and gleaming skies,
Enjoy the beauty as time flies.
Tennessee oh Tennessee, 122 more words


Summers Daze

The morning dawns with glistening dew,

Bright shafts of sunlight, shining through.

Chirping birds singing birdie songs,

New day righting all the wrongs.

Freshly cut grass assail the nose, 92 more words

wash out

wash out

(this is an unedited poem. something raw. May 18, 2017. 2AM)

sometimes i wonder if you ever thought of loving me
of ever being close to me, 172 more words


NaPoWriMo 2017: Picture-verse W-Z

And the last week of April came to a close with struggles and resolutions, some that were overturned, some that were reconfirmed. My confusion and fatigue shows in the poetry but I think it is poetry. 280 more words


Toukokuu - A Poem by Gerry Stewart

(Finnish for May – sowing moon)

This gamble –
a seed thrown down
on warming soil.
Surrender the weight of hope
into the season’s fickle hands. 166 more words

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