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Falling Implies an Accident or Lack of Intent

You told me that I

had fallen from grace

but you see, my darling,

I did not fall- I jumped

and I am not yours to save.



Lunch Break - A Poem by Bobby Bolt

Lunch Break

Outside the writer
watches some begging
birds hopping around
the bakery while
observing the final bite
in her hand.
To the birds
I think I heard her say, 139 more words

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Putting the pieces back. - A Poem by Alicia Grimshaw

Putting the pieces back.

I will walk beside you. Fill your cracks
with care. Speak your strengths, over
and over until they are glue. Help you… 183 more words

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I don’t dream of you at all.
At night my thoughts rest,
from an entire day daydreaming of you.

Daily my stare sticks to the sunlight… 31 more words

Maggie in Baltimore - A Poem by James Diaz

Maggie in Baltimore

No one knows how far
you’ve come
like a small light
from the underground
hostile ruminations
out on the road

also, I love you… 153 more words

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My Life as a Dog - A Poem by Norman Minnick

My Life as a Dog

The first year they tied me to a tree.
It wasn’t long before I became worthless and lazy.
When a cute redhead skipped by… 175 more words

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Morning - A Poem by Tom Montag


These trees
are fallen

and the sky
fell with them.

A hawk spreads
one wing, then

the other.

means something,
even this.

About the Poet: 106 more words

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