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let me remind you
of the way you cut
my hand when I scooped
you from side yard.

A punishment for
refusing to let you be… 56 more words

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You’re the
reason I still hold out my hand
every time I cross the street

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I write with
my mouth open.
I bite my lower
lip sometimes,
when he kisses me
just below jawline,
scraps his hand
along the small of… 34 more words

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I face north,
rests in the
direction of
the road,
chin on shoulder.
I lay on my
right side,
hand curled
under breast.
This is how… 99 more words

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It will be better
by Monday as long
as I keep my mind
wrapped around the
person I was. I let
you take advantage
of my kindness and… 94 more words

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there is a part of me that is still overwhelmed with the shame of my neurosis the selfishness of depression the vanity of starvation the insecurity and the helplessness that often to leads to self harm, drugs, alcohol who am i to feel any of those things but the chemical component in my brain is a powerful one and if i am to believe the doctors it is not my fault and if i am to believe the psychologists i did not have a normal up bringing or childhood but still every time i look in the mirror the same guilt and shame returns it is the cycle of my depression it is the pavement covering my feet.

Poem A Day


I did not
catch his eye
all night.

I tried.

Don’t think
for a moment
I didn’t attempt
my best nonchalance.

don’t think
for a moment… 27 more words

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