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The Hinge - A Poem by Sergio A. Ortiz

The Hinge

the craft
of pouring myself
into pitchers.

cannot tolerate thirst
for long periods
of time, the thirst

that invaded my home… 142 more words

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Dyslateral - A Poem by Sonja Johanson


Never really could tell which way people meant.
I understand the concept, I truly do, but which
foot to kick the ball with, which way to turn at… 308 more words

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Beach Dweller Manifesto - A Poem by Leah Mueller

Beach Dweller Manifesto

I hated the close of the year
before it ever became
popular, believing the digits
themselves to be ominous-

a number left behind… 211 more words

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Native - A Poem by Kimberly Paulk


Every tree and flower I see,
I ask if it is native.
Was it here before time?
No, the answer comes
always the same. 102 more words

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Day 1703

… There’s no goddamn standard

No meaning for your groan

There’s what works

And you’re




In the grease room’s dark - A Poem by Allen Braden

In the grease room’s dark

(somewhere above
the stacks of retreads and rings
of stockpiled air filters

and rough pine planks that sag
under cans of every kind of paint… 211 more words

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Day 1702

..He asked for

His book back

And I wondered


We had ever been friends…