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Playing Hearts at Uncle Doug's - A Poem by Bill Gillard

Playing Hearts at Uncle Doug’s

Those nights playing cards at Uncle Doug’s
the smoke-filled kitchen, the beagle
at his feet. Aunt Elaine fills our glasses with… 254 more words

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Quintile - A Poem by Richard King Perkins II


A copper token forges a place
in the unlit sky.

I can see the contours of another life
playing out in dim silhouette.

Bodies and foliage in swirling arabesque… 146 more words

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Awaiting Acceptance - A Poem by Ron. Lavalette

Awaiting Acceptance

I will have coffee and cigarettes on the porch.
I will watch the morning build itself

from fading dark. Men will arrive,
and I will think that this is work… 144 more words

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There's a Difference

At times you wish to

be happy but

mostly just

less sad and

you are too

tired to explain

the nuance.



The Well - A Poem by Aparna Sanyal

The Well

After the drought
the well fills fast.
Someday there may be birds
that sit at the edges,
sating their thirst.
They will sing sublime melodies… 214 more words

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Through His Lens - A Poem by Devon Balwit

Through His Lens

He frames the world through his lens, directing
his subjects this way and that, ordering one gone

completely, as if to rewrite history, … 171 more words

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One Bad Date - A Poem by Travis Laurence Naught

One Bad Date

There is an armadillo
underneath the art-house
picture frame. It’s holding
two blue slushies
and an answering machine.
No one knows how… 240 more words

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