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Day 1207

…see I’ve ranted
And raved
At silent neon glass
I’ve told myself
I make a difference
But when the knocks come
All I can do is say… 9 more words


Day 1205

…I gazed upon
The ruin of
What was once
Such noble sanctuary
Under my yellow breath
I proclaimed
In muted mumbles
“I’ll clean it up tomorrow” 6 more words

Heady days

Of all my many misadventures
The paths perhaps, I should not have walked
I regret not one
But all the same
I’m glad those heady days of my youth are done… 14 more words


100 Days of Haiku [51-60]

Day 51:

“The leaves are turning.”
People say that ev’ry year.
“No, they are dying.”

Day 52:

Thirsty for crisp air
My face and my words quickly… 125 more words


Day 1199

…Well look here Mister


I pee in a different urinal

Than my usual one at work


I know a thing or two

About not fearing change…


Not that girl

You’re not that girl.

You know, the one I call up

just because something’s come up.

That girl.

The one that’s only good enough to sleep with, 143 more words


I didn't know

I’ve often thought of making money with this ink, but

when they spill on the pad and words form it’s like they tell me to stop and think. 420 more words