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Daily Poetry: Free Verse: A Difference


a name for love


a name for hope

Mother in law

a name for pride

daughter in law

a name for patience

Daily Poem

sliver of silver moon

like a shining sliver

a crack of light

casting upon the waters a gleam of silver

what a light! Oh so bright!

great silver moon… 109 more words


the pencils dance

it’s like-

oh, the beauty from this little lance!

jumping, twirling

doing pirouettes and curling

across the pages,

the pencils dance!

and slowly they form… 63 more words


Daily Poetry: Haiku: Early Mornng Soft

Early morning soft

Light rising slowly once more

Heart lifted once again

Daily Poem

Daily Poetry: Haiku: Tomorrow my Darling Child

Tomorrow my darling child

Walk among the petals fresh open

Summer smells so sweet

Daily Poem

sea green waves

a crash

a constant clash

sea upon land

battering the sands

waves and foam

will it ever stop? No!

forever the waves will come… 49 more words


eternal dream

an eternal dream

where am i? I wonder,

there is nothing to be seen

oh aren’t i going under?

a crack in the dark, 86 more words