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Never lost, never found

Always losing my mind

Many roads to turn around

But life is still unkind.

Close to giving up

I will have at least… 50 more words


467 Tails of Inheritance: Born to be eaten or birthright to eat?

Convention of the Carnivorous…


Whilst others confern…

In the temperate house, exotic ferns vote other relatives as edible. Tempting recipes see below.



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Instinct VS Qualm

Instinct – a fact or quality of possessing inborn behavior patterns

Qualm – worry, uneasy feeling, having doubts

TRUST your INSTINCT, but never QUALM. 38 more words

Daily Post Challenge

Trump cowers from political controversy

“You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.”— … 344 more words

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464 Keep me suited, booted and always in your company Elaine Quinn

You charming little pansy. Birth marked in purple and white, Creation made you into the perfect violet. Dappled like an elegant, but authentically rebellious Abstract Expressionist painting, Elaine Quinn breathes modern femininity. 280 more words


Reflected images are some of my favorites to shoot because they’re always changing, and yet somehow still so serene. When I have the option, there’s nothing I enjoy more than to just go down to the water to reflect and have some quiet time to myself. 60 more words


A mother's touch..

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     There are things that we cannot control… Like raining on a Monday noon even if the sun is scorching. There are moments that we cannot just leave behind… There are people that we cannot just shun… And there are instances that we cannot just avoid… Like hearing what most politicians have to say on a public interview or talk.  626 more words