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Daily Prompt: Waiting

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When I started to embrace travel as a way of coping up back in 2011, I wanted to travel as many places as I can. 543 more words


Sometimes We Just Have to Trust Again

If you’ve been one of those people who have been wronged several times, would you still believe in the word trust? Would you still give it a chance or give yourself a chance to trust again? 270 more words



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“It’s when he said he loves me and that it is possible to fall for him. He said he enjoys going out with me and that he wants to do it everyday.

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Radical Authenticity

Lately it feels like there’s a rebellion afoot. More and more, I’m seeing writers challenge platitudes about living authentically and mindfully.

I like mindfulness and authenticity. 392 more words


Some Things About Arguments

Arguments are part of our lives and inevitable throughout our lifetime. As much as possible, I tend to avoid arguments even if I know I am right. 318 more words


Daily Prompt: Daring

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Daring comes with a sense of fright,

Nothing is gonna come true,Until you fight.

And when it passes, it will be all right…..



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And then I asked myself, “Do I really look old? Am I not allowed to wear these fashionable clothes anymore? Don’t I look respectable with what I wear?” 132 more words