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Trump has broken the American spirit

“One nation armed to the teeth and totally divisible.” –  Anon

America it seems has once again become a “tribal nation” and is effectively circling its political wagons in the hopes of warding off imagined threats and abuses from both trading partners and allies alike. 342 more words


610 The best of English mist and rain


For 10 metres below the surface of the woods of Malham Tarn, sits a peat bog dome. Surrounded by exotics such as bog bean, water mint, water avens and a variety of wild orchids is the undiscovered world of water vapour. 13 more words


595 Liquid storage made to go with the flow

Managing Irrigation between the salt and freshwater flows for oranges and lemons, mountain to coast.

Nice scenery, hard daily work over generations

On the way from Tuscepi to Dubrovnik, Croatia, May 2018… 11 more words

590 Falling on the pavement after excess liqour

One can feel very browned off.

And the look after drying out with friends is not at all satisfactory either.


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588 Liquid assets

Vapoury air hits a hard base, rolling down barest mountains

Lakes are made, soaking the soils, seeds awake, roots suck

Transported by trunk and leaf to float up and up and away… 51 more words

583 Keeping peace for those beside the sea

We are but earthly guardians


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Brac’s beautiful mausoleum. Supertar  Brac, Croatia