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sun. flower.

… and in that field that you pass by every single day. As you always promise to stop. And look closer at the world around you. 43 more words


Daily Post's Weekly Challenge: Close up

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Close Up.”

Here is my take on close up:

June 2015



I apologize in advance for my over-fascination with clouds. And the sky. And looking up.

I don’t really believe in a “heaven” per say, but I DO tend to talk to those that have passed during sunsets while staring in awe at the always perfectly imperfect sky. 44 more words


This week the challenge is “Half and Half”,  I was struggling a bit to come up with anything original and thought provoking.  Then yesterday was spent at sea dolphin spotting – we saw a few Risso’s dolphins but not much else. 

144 more words

yellow shutter.

Open up! I love a vibrant color as an accent. So much so that I think I photographed it crooked. 😖


red bike.

There it was! Red as red. Stood out like a… like a… like a red bike.