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Photo of the Day - Trichomes

In response to this weeks Daily Post Photo Challenge – prolific, I have chosen to share the hairs on a Poppy flower bud.  The botanical name for the “hair” is… 27 more words


Is Kim Jong Un Trump's genie in a bottle?

“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” – Albert Einstein.

A  M A N  O F  L I M I T E D  A B I L I T Y… 290 more words

Daily Post

The Crank

I walked these woods every day, and I usually kept to the path because the undergrowth grows thicker than an Italian’s beard, but that day I decided to explore the gully. 138 more words

Child's Play

Death after Life or Life after Death – A mystical distinction between sense and purpose!”  ~ unknown

“I knew if I lived long enough this would happen!”  372 more words

Real Life

gc reblogged this on THE MAIN AISLE - 2018 and commented:

This is an intriguing and captivating article that tries to show the mind-set that young children adopt after they are exposed to the adult themes of life and death. Parents might not be watching their children but youngsters are like sponges and absorb their surrounding almost instantaneously. A good and thought-provoking read. - gc

New growth

Grandma wore a floppy hat and garden gloves. I would carry the watering can, following her down the row as she scattered the seeds.

She would kiss the seeds before she planted them in the ground. 33 more words

Disruption to the cutest degree

Every cat-owning writer is plagued with this disruption. Rex is too big to fit on the keyboard now, but he does insist on sitting on my lap when I write, or should I say, try to write. 21 more words