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The elixir of fortune
The coffee of fate
Whiskey of accident
Territory of your story
Drink now or wait

A List Of Everything

Eckstein No.5


Raïsaic looted six more bodies on his way out of the graveyard but only found talismans and mementos of superstition, and those tokens had not saved their owners so he left them untouched lest provoke their rotten luck. 185 more words


all that you are

                                                                      all that you are

                                            all that you are

                     all that you are…

 a mass of opulent grace and beauty.

 glimmering, shining like the sun’s kisses upon the ocean’s surface. 103 more words

Daily Prompt


Today’s story from Jackie Burgoyne first appeared in ‘Still me’ an anthology of prose and poetry created by a group of Open University students and published by Pewter Rose, which raised funds for the Alzheimer’s society. 2,267 more words


#cyw/daily post 20.03 to .04: a colourful exercise

Monday 20.03: She tried not to cry when she hung the framed purple heart, awarded posthumously to her “gallant knight;” she must remain strong for the children’s sake. 372 more words


I Am...

…a lucky woman.

Fortune has shined Her face upon me and showered me with Her Bounty.

Gratitude flows unfettered through my life.