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Naries: It's all downhill from here

As we were travelling from the Southern Cape to the Namibian border, we decided to make our first night’s stop in the Northern Cape town of Springbok. 345 more words



Hello all!! Today was a good day for me because I  got to play basketball in the evening which was fun. I enjoyed it and it  was awesome exercise! 70 more words

Underground London

Precisely at five, her little alarm chirped, and Clair left the law office and headed to the Tube. Her routine never changed.

She knew something wasn’t right when she reached the platform. 75 more words


Day 1588

…What scapular trash

Wanders the desert sets

Of vain dreams unearned

What venomous cackles

Erupt at the mention of

Self-interest without pomp

What gnashed jaws wet… 42 more words


Will Technology Take Over Human Evolution?

We human beings, even if cannot be called a the most perfectly evolved species it can be called a very efficient evolved one on this planet, our technological arsenal is growing day by day and we have proved to be able to survive the most harshest environments on land, sea, air and of course on space all not because of our biology but because of our technology. 247 more words

Daily Post

Is there a God?

We all human believe in myths and history. In a way we believe in God to fulfill our wish, but do you think he accepts or hear your wish. 270 more words

Daily Post

wait. waited. waiting.

  • I’ve been worrying, wringing my hands…waiting.
  • I sit at work…waiting.
  • At night when trying to sleep…waiting…to zzzz….
  • I anticipate and wait…to see anyone will break into my house today…
  • 95 more words