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In the café

Wednesday 31st August 2016, 2.05pm (day 1,833)

Oxford Road again, but further up toward the city centre this time, and inside the café instead of outside. 25 more words

Daily Post



There’s fire in her eyes,

Her dreams are higher than the sky.

There’s resolve in her heart,

She is magnificent, like art.

You can’t predict her personality, 63 more words

Fiction & Poetry


She loved him dearly.

Each and every day she cooked and cleaned the house.

She catered to the children.

She worked a full-time job.

Her wardrobe was stylish. 126 more words


In Which We Wax Anthropomorphic

‘Do you mind,’ asked, ‘if I tell you a rather remarkable story?’
“It’s an animal story,” he said, rather apologetically.   — Mr. Hamble’s Bear

The quality of…

1,027 more words
Literature, Writing

Perception Frame

I don’t have a fancy camera, I’ve never taken a photography class and I believe Instagram can make anyone a photographer if they want to be. 86 more words


The Women Who Are Too Much!

God peeped out of the window of His vast heaven.

Looked down to see His pretty jewels

The heavens beamed with Joy

When the Holder and Owner of the Universe… 116 more words



Daily Prompt

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt


I did it!

This month I did a post a day. 307 more words