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Only My Shadow Knows

Lost, lost in the woods, in the dark,

Night full of stars.

Reflections all around 

But I don’t know which is mine.

Help! I’m screaming out  110 more words

Live And Learn

Just Testing

Bloggers know this, but today I’m just reminding us all that best friends need not always be close at hand or even living in the same country. 243 more words

Daily Prompt: Test

via Daily Prompt: Test

Isn’t it ironic that my first poetry blog was on teachers, and my first post to Mind Out Loud is on tests :) 231 more words

Daily Post

A Cosmic Test?

I’m one of those people who dream in color.  I grew up thinking I was special because of these vivid nocturnal images, only to later discover that most people dream in color.   347 more words

Test, a story of its own.

Tomorrow my freedom will be lost and the next study year begins. It is my second to last  year and as such requirements, pace and expectations are peaking. 303 more words


while she was asleep; (daily prompt);

Some nights, I would wake up with a dire need to lick the flames—to sacrifice my dignity for a drop of flesh blood. It happened again tonight, but you were there to satisfy my need. 115 more words

Creative Writing

The Daily Prompt - Facade!

We are all walking with our own scars

Embracing our jagged edges

At sunrise our beautiful faces

Hide our shattered hopes

And conceal our pains and emptiness… 22 more words