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A Few Running Tips for Summer Running.


Yin and Yan! Some summer days feels like they were made just for you to run. Then some summer days are humid and the heat feels like it wants to punish you. 323 more words

Daily Post

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 “Loyalty to God?”

1 Kings 15:14 But the high places were not removed. Nevertheless Asa’s heart was loyal to the Lord all his days.
It is hard to understand how God’s word can say that Asa’s heard was loyal to the Lord all his days. 45 more words
Daily Post

Dream Big or Stay Home

In response to the Daily Addictions prompt today, I decided to innovate our blog by writing a poem to encourage and inspire readers today. We will still write prose, of course.   156 more words

Where I Want To Visit

We’ve all got that location, or locations, we would kill to visit.

For me, it’s New York. If you follow my short story site you’d know most of my stories are based and set in New York, I love everything about the place. 141 more words


Present, Please Sent Future


A smile with a biting tone.
Incessantly, she fidgets.

Kind words behind different doors.
She bursts with blunt tones.

Wind shakes curtains,
but the air remains hot. 28 more words

Creative Writing

Ruang Pameran, Pengunjung dan Informatif

Blog yang dimiliki seorang blogger itu ibarat sebuah kamar atau ruang pameran dari isi kepala penulisnya. Semua orang boleh datang berkunjung ke dalam ruang itu, melihat-melihat, menyukai dan mengomentari karya yang dipamerkan di sana. 774 more words

Daily Post

Martin, in my office

Monday 16th July 2018, 11.30am (day 2,517)

Three weeks remain until I take my summer holiday, and there’s still plenty of work to do. Martin visited today as I have been a research subject for his project on pedestrian behaviour, which is far more interesting than it sounds. 8 more words

Daily Post