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Did You Know? - Learning to Let Go

I’ve been doing a lot of packing and unpacking lately. As I packed, I considered what I would keep and what I would not. This entire process makes you aware of all the stuff you own. 266 more words


Are You Drunk or Pregnant?

I’m rooted here in the DMV area, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on the bammas you’re talking to and I listen to “The Kane Show… 280 more words

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Don't You Forget About Me

Don’t You Forget About Me. Imagine yourself at the end of your life. What sort of legacy will you leave? Describe the lasting effect you want to have on the world, after you’re gone. 148 more words


Anxiety Alpaca at Work

I never realized how bad my anxiety could get until I started working.

At my first job I worked as a character at a theme park during Halloween, but I love performing so this actually didn’t bring up much anxiety. 419 more words


Library walk, reopened

Tuesday 7th July 2015, 9.30am (day 1,412)

This passage between the Manchester Central Library and the Town Hall has been closed for years, literally, while the library was refurbished, but it does now seem to be open again — at least, at this end. 26 more words

Daily Post

Tooth Problems

It’s been a while now since I posted about my tooth, the TN went away following root canal treatment, but I still had underlying pain, and couldn’t eat properly, as I couldn’t chew on that side of my mouth. 87 more words

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