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Risk anyway

It’s risky business, first learning to paint

being creative, letting go of restraint

who wouldn’t want to see two women chattin’

But maybe not Churchill… 16 more words

Daily Post

Return of The Jerk Squad

If you want to know where some of the biggest, rudest jackasses in Seattle were this morning I can say for sure they rode bikes to 2nd Avenue and then parked them in the one and only  handicapped spot in the lot. 41 more words


The marriage 

Some said “It’s not worth”

Some said “This is risky”

Some others “This won’t last”

Few others “You won’t be happy”

Hardly anyone supported her… 93 more words

Daily Post


There’s always something new to complain about. If it isn’t low slung pants, it’s piercings, complicated television, Bluetooth ear pieces, and clothing that fits too tight. 474 more words


Bored Games


“Sure. It’s better than Life.”

“I don’t see any difference.”

One of my favorite lines in Little Big Man (a GREAT film, by the way) is when Alardyce T. 64 more words


Confessions of a Car Hopper

“Car Hopping”. It sounds like some innocent fun, doesn’t it? Although really awesome sounding, it’s probably a hazardous practice, leaping from car to car like that, you could do a face-plant or worse! 2,030 more words