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Thinking about Rilke

When I graduated college, a professor gave me a copy of Letters to a Young Poet and I’ve been reading through it lately. Here’s a thought from my journal dated February 4, 2018: 86 more words

Daily Practice

The one that completes me

via Daily Prompt: Parallel

We’re alike you and I

collateral in kind and surety

My kindred coequal

the one that completes me

Our match is eternal… 64 more words


Your job

I am making a compromise with myself. I may not write every day, but following the advice of Brené Brown, Liz Gilbert and Martha Beck… 100 more words



There’s a lot of mixed science out there with how long it takes to form a habit. Some say 21 days for simple activities and much longer for others. 802 more words

Energy Work

Write three lines in a notebook everyday.

In 2011, I heard the poet Naomi Shihab Nye speak at Earlham College. She said two things I still remember: everyone needs to read Every War has Two Losers… 1,722 more words

Daily Practice

Calling to function and purpose

via Daily Prompt: Song

There’s a ditty, a melody, a tune

a calling to function and purpose

A niche, a position, vocation

begging a familial long… 60 more words


When Daily Writing Doesn’t Work Out

I know excuses aren’t helpful, but the past few months have been rough, and I’m not even talking about my writing practice. I was feeling good about writing every day throughout most of February, and then life showed up. 469 more words

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