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Tai Chi Y3D346: Narrow space, short time

I did tai chi this morning but not until late.  It was a 20-hour yesterday, all told, between getting up earlier than usual, driving to Boston, and managing the day, and driving home.   172 more words


Tai Chi Y3D345: at #NAISAC Today

I’m going into Boston today, to the NAIS Annual Conference.  If you want to find me, look for me in the top hat with the steampunk strap.   139 more words

Tai Chi

The Habit of Yoga

My family and I recently packed up our lives and moved them elsewhere, from our lovely spacious home in a lonely part of the world to a smaller, kinda crummy rental home in a thriving community. 347 more words

Tai Chi Y3D343: Working

Did the work this morning. Just learned that someone is in town, and would like to have a bite to eat.  Off to the races we go this morning! 124 more words


Meditate This March With Tricia

Have I ever mentioned how valuable I feel meditation is for us all?

I don’t meditate because I think I should.  I meditate because I’ve seen the results.

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Self-Care And Self-Healing

Tai Chi Y3D342: Up, Down, In, Out, Split

Over my vacation, I met with Greg, who is an acupuncturist.   He offered to see my form, and give me some specific ideas about how to improve. 605 more words


Tai Chi Y3D341: A Mix of Messages

Today was a half-hour series.  I did tai chi, some qi gong, some yoga, and some meditation in that half-hour. Sort of a mix of messages, really.   198 more words