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my god, I surmise

via Daily Prompt: Compromise

Stillness, Silence
the world is still asleep
early morning greets
me, deep is the connection
mindful affection

Stillness, alliance
I listen to the me… 33 more words



Don’t strive to be like the rest

Just do your best

Life may come with many tests

but it’s the daily practice that brings true success


strap us down before the slew

via Daily Prompt: Courage

Give us the courage as the storm brews

strap us down before the slew

we wait in wake of things to come… 75 more words


Choose Love

We are told that our motivations boil down to two basic opposites: love and fear.

I want us to take it deeper. I want to lean into fear. 1,039 more words


Nor whore of chastity

via Daily Prompt: Rube

Not I

complacent, not I

smug, not me

Nor whore of chastity

you set me free

Signed, sealed, deliberate

the nays begged to be… 37 more words


Monkey Mind

‘I think’

said the monkey mind

‘that I think too much’.

And he scampers off busily

up thought trees tangled

with stories.

Narratives twisting towards the light… 35 more words


Behind me a Costume

via Daily Prompt: Costume

Behind me a costume

the struggle to relay is pain

sitting, sitting the ache of it all

dreams to fill, yet sitting still… 58 more words