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Tai chi y4D205: sweet breath

Chaucer says in the opening to the Canterbury Tales, “when Zephyrus with his sweet breath, inspired hath in every holt and heath the tender crops.” I don’t know why I was reminded of that, twenty-seven years after I memorized it, today, but I was. 87 more words

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Tai Chi Y4D204: Practice

Yeah, don’t know what to say this morning.  Druidry first off, and then 30 squats, 30 push-ups, the qi gong form called Five Golden Coins, 196 more words

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10/7/15 Daily Art Journal Practice: Making an Art Journal Page

I didn’t post yesterday because I was too busy making an idiot out of myself. So today’s practice reflects that a bit. So, a black page… yep…kind of how I feel. 57 more words

Art Journal

Tai Chi Y4D203: Good Set

Druidry first this morning.  I’ve not been as good about tracking my druidic practice here, but I’m still at it:  more on that sometime next week, I think.   375 more words

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How Did Picasso Create 50,000 Works Of Art?

Barbara Cortland broke the world record – in 1983, she wrote 23 novels. She was 82 years old. Two novels a month that year.

Altogether she wrote 723 published novels. 2,085 more words

Tai Chi Y4D202: A Little Bit

Tai chi today consisted of two forms — one slow, one moderately fast — and twenty-five push-ups.  I also did about twenty minutes of meditation, which I genuinely needed.

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My daily practice illustrations

Here are some illustration that I made with the idea from some of books I read or some movies I saw recently.

The story of the snail who wants to know why it’s slow (I don’t know the exact name in English of that book, I read it in Vietnamese :P) 107 more words