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3 Steps to Energizing Your Days

We all build models of the world in our consciousness, it is hardwired into our beings for survival. Though we are good at building models we are less good at realizing that the model that has been built to interact with reality is not reality itself. 892 more words


Lazy Man's Mind Tricks 

I am always looking for ways to trick myself into a regular daily practice. I may have found a model for hitting each activity that I think is important to engage each morning. 105 more words

Daily Practice

Apple Three Ways

Who says art supplies need to be expensive? I’ve been drawing the same apple for the last few days: with charcoal and Crayola chalk on cardboard that used to be packaging. 64 more words


Picking Up the Poop

My daily horoscope suggested that I needed to take a self care day for myself today. “Who me? I’m fine,” I thought until I sat down to meditate. 293 more words

Every Breath I Take


In every dream home a heartache

And every step I take

Takes me further from heaven

Is there a heaven?

I`d like to think so… 656 more words


Religion in Daily Life, Part I: A Broken Caduceus

For the next series of posts on this blog, I want to focus on identities and religious obligations. This is something that I have thought about for the past few years privately, and I have said some things publicly that haven’t really done justice to how complicated this is. 1,906 more words


A New Dawn of a New Life

Again and again
Falling back, but falling up
I’m in its pull
It’s often best to just get out of the way