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Musonius Rufus and Asceticism

While reading and researching Musonius Rufus for this post, I came across an interesting article by Richard Valantasis entitled “Musonius Rufus and Roman Ascetical Theory.” Valantasis is a scholar and Episcopal priest who has also written… 873 more words


Going to Art School... Express

I’m going to art school… express!

Been wanting to get some of the basics from art school without the ridiculous price tag. Pretty sure it’s the dancer in me that thinks everything requires proper training. 574 more words

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My Inner Texan, and Meditation

This morning I thought I would take my mindfulness on the road. I had to get my photo studio ready for an early morning shoot, and still wanted to get some mindfulness into my daily routine. 900 more words


It's About Shape and Mind

To study anything requires a precise language and to continually develop an understanding of different terms and how they apply to that study. In one model of looking at the body/mind practitioners of Kung Fu and The Internal Arts delineated 4 parts; Chi(qi) the flow of life that moves through us all, Hsing the shape of life and all of its parts , Shen, the spirit with a small (s) that moves through life , and Ching the mind that moves through life. 726 more words

Daily Practice

How to Eat the Moon

In one part of my life, I am a photographer, Food, and People. I have worked over the years with many foodies and have cooked some pretty tasty meals myself, here is a link to some of my… 731 more words


Da venerdì 09 settembre a giovedì 15 settembre 2016

Questa settimana ho lavorato a casa.  E’ positivo avere ancora una volta del lavoro da fare, anche se a breve termine.  Ha fatto molto caldo in Inghilterra per questo periodo dell’anno e cosi’ ne ho approfittato per andare in bicicletta e fare passeggiate lungo il fiume.   82 more words


EuroTrip Challenge 24 & 25 - 'train' & 'ferry'

French – le train & le ferry
Italian – il treno & il traghetto

German – der Zug & die Fähre
Dutch – de trein & de veerboot… 33 more words