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Shifting the Lens

I had a very serious and heartfelt conversation yesterday with someone whose life partner is dying. We spoke of many things. While the main and most important topic, of course, was constellated around fears about change and how to let go of this precious life together that has lasted so long, we also talked about how to face everything in the best way possible which included being honest about feelings and reactions, not skirting anything but facing things head-on with as much grace as possible. 223 more words

When things are a little thorny.

One would be mistaken in thinking that just because you get up every day and engage your body/mind that you wake up and feel fantastic with a big smile on your face. 1,286 more words

Daily Practice

Quilting: Emergence

A new quilt is starting to take shape in my studio.  It’s based loosely on a technique that I’m trying to learn, called bargello, after a pattern of quilting on some chairs in the Bargello Palace. 548 more words

Daily Practice


as part of my initiative to get to bed earlier, get more quality shut-eye and finally prioritize sleep, i took 10mg of melatonin last night. i didnt believe too much in its abilities but 😱. 140 more words


day 7 // daily practice

I talked to the woman in charge of the East Library Branch today. I asked her if I could interview her about my documentary subject (libraries as places of refuge and support for the homeless), and she agreed. 124 more words

Daily Practice

day 6 // daily practice

location: Milwaukee Public Library East Branch

date: 9/17/2017

time: 4:30pm

subject: shelf keepers, shelf browsers, dividing lines

Daily Practice

day 5 // daily practice

location: Milwaukee Public Library East Branch

date: 9/16/2017

time: 4:45pm

subject: readers, study-ers, inhabiters

Daily Practice