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The Simple Practice of Daily Meditation

Many of us have heard about the pros of daily mediation…much research and discussion is still to be done on this subject…but more and more it seems that there is a positive correlation between a daily meditation practice and improved mood, health, and an actual change in brain chemistry so that these benefits can become long-lasting with continued practice. 571 more words

Writing and the "T" word

No, not T—-, but Time.  Periodically, I go back to something I heard from Elmore Leonard at a conference, namely, “You either want to write or you don’t.”  Leonard was somewhat irascible at times, but, in my experience, he hit the nail on the head and didn’t mince words. 319 more words


My yoga mat, my island...

In the middle of a sea of emotion, what practices do you have?

I was on my yoga mat this morning, the 4th class of the week already, thankful, and I mean… 670 more words

Day_01_Framer Studio

Day 01: Framer Studio

  • Set properties of Layers
  • Define States
  • Add Events


Daily Practice

We Choose Life

Every morning I leave my house before the sun is up. As I walk to work I see the trees leafing out and the good green Earth opening to the rain, the sun, the fog. 1,421 more words


Routines, we all have them.  From the little rituals that get us going in the morning to the major cleaning, exercising, and vacation planning our routines help us get things done.   431 more words


Mind Control as a Tool for Change

Sandy was a woman that struggled with weight issues.

Year after year she would make a new years resolution to lose weight and start eating healthy. 

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