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Back to Earth Meditation

I find that being grounded and connected to reality is a moment-to-moment practice. I’m a daily meditator because I’m a chronic worrier and negative self-talker. If I don’t meditate, practice yoga, receive bodywork, etc. 258 more words

Massage Therapy

Peace Begins With Me

Peace begins with me.
I live in one of “those” neighborhoods where the cops don’t come when called.
I live in a community of all colors, some serene, some desperate, some dangerous. 166 more words

Daily Practice

One of my best friends is a Buddhist. He and I spend a lot of time discussing spirituality. Last week, he mentioned his daily meditation and mindfulness practices. 474 more words

16 July 2016

Another long day working on a festival and seeing friends

Daily Drawing

Yay for preventive medical stuff?

This week has been quiet on the spiritual front.   I continue to do my daily devotionals — light incense, light candles, have my quiet time, especially my prayers to Sigyn, practice my breathing, get LOST in trying to remember where I am when I am practicing a rhythmic breathing pattern, etc. 425 more words

Staring Out The Window

For the past hour I have been staring out the window. Except that there are no windows in my tiny studio so I am really just staring into space. 403 more words

Cogs And Wheels

Reds And Blues

I thought you might enjoy seeing some of my watercolor paintings I did recently in my art journal.

My cherry tomatoes are ripe for picking – they are my “red” subject: 52 more words