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Tai Chi Y4D110: Complete Set

Today I did a complete set: 20 push-ups, two qi gong forms, and all eight of the movement-style focus groups: upward, downward, inward, outward, splitting, breathwork, footwork, and moving through water.   207 more words


Tai Chi Y4D109: Independence

Yesterday evening, we went to watch the fireworks. They were pretty awesome. Tonight there’s a barbecue on a lake-front property, and maybe more fireworks.

My tai chi today was simple and simplistic.   20 more words


Tai chi y4d108: in the heat

i was up and doing tai chi before the sun cleared the mountain, about 7:00am. But by the time I was done, the full heat of the day had risen along with the sun. 168 more words

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Tai Chi Y4D107: watery

Today’s practice was watery.  I don’t mean in the sense that it was raining; but in the sense that it tended to wander from one thing to the next to the next.   457 more words

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Tai Chi Y4D106: Three times

Did my preliminaries—20 push-ups, two qi gong forms, and then three times through the form: focusing on breathwork, and then outward and inward movements.  It was enough. 219 more words

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Connect- Connecting With Myself And With Others #NaBloPoMo

Journaling and Walking is very much about self-exploration, self-development and deep reflection. To me journaling and walking are my creative practices. They are the two things that unleash my creativity, and allow me to live more creatively and full of energy in my everyday life. 294 more words


Tai Chi Y4D105: Six times

Twenty push-ups, two qi gong forms, and then six times through the form, each time emphasizing something different: today it was splitting, upward, downward, outward, and moving through water.   413 more words

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