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Are You Ready To Go Public?

If this feels like a big responsibility and scary, well, it is. Only you, as the poet/writer/artist can decide when and if you are ready to go public with your work. 405 more words

Writing As A Wake-Up Tool

Every choice we make

Day 326 of #LiveWell2017

I read this sentence yesterday:

Every choice you make is building up a habit for the rest of your life.

That’s a powerful idea.

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Daily Mantras: What Are They?

Part of my daily morning routine includes a daily mantra. So what are mantras and why do people use them?

The word mantra can be broken into two parts: “Man” meaning mind, and “tra” meaning transport or vehicle. 122 more words

Once Upon A Marriage

Once there was a young couple who were set up on a date.  He was shy; she was outgoing.  He was into science and technology; she was an actress who loved musical theatre.  550 more words

Walking With God

Daily Practice 4

My Daily Practices until this point have been largely visual based. This is logical. I’m largely a visual artist. However, with this week’s theme of “Red/Green” I wanted a challenge. 1,024 more words

Daily Practice

Slow motions

I look at the empty screen and think: “what right now?”. I found today an old dream. An elderly shaman gave me small pieces of gold, looked at me sharp and said: “slow down”. 55 more words


Daily Practice 3

At this point I think I’ll give up trying to focus on one moment and just walk you through my train of thought for the week every time. 609 more words

Daily Practice