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Have a Good Day

I’ve been listening to some of my friends talk about the notion of acknowledging “Today was a good day”.   It’s something that one of them noticed in a series about living in Alaska.   420 more words


Quick tip: how to maintain productivity over the weekend

Ah, weekends are for relaxation, right?

Not exactly, if you’re like me, who’s busy with school and life you’d want to use your weekend constructively while still relax. 130 more words


What daily routine is recommended for a new Buddhist?

This answer probably depends on your school. The answer for a Theravada Buddhist would be different than that for a Pure Land Buddhist.

The Tibetan Lama Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche gave his beginning students a simple mindfulness practice like anapanasati as an exclusive practice. 285 more words


DP_05_Framer Studio

  • new PageComponent (page scrolling)

width: Screen.width

height: Screen.height

  • addPage    # name.addPage layername #name>layername
  • snapToPage #name.snapToPage layername #the ‘layername’ is the one should be at the first page when it’s loaded.
  • 107 more words
Daily Practice

DP_04_Framer Studio



x: 100

time: .25

curve: “ease” #spring(300, 25, 0)

delay: 1

repeat: 2


Daily Practice

DP_03_Framer Studio

for Layer in Layers #Do something to each of them

1 .myArray = # in the brackets it includs numbers, object, phrase etc. in Javascript. 145 more words

Daily Practice

The Simple Practice of Daily Meditation

Many of us have heard about the pros of daily mediation…much research and discussion is still to be done on this subject…but more and more it seems that there is a positive correlation between a daily meditation practice and improved mood, health, and an actual change in brain chemistry so that these benefits can become long-lasting with continued practice. 571 more words