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Weekend shops filled with weekday workers,

With a lonely child being dragged behind

Who’s forgotten the joy of carefree Sundays

Without the stresses of the daily grind… 30 more words

Why do we always go after the products that are newly released and suddenly see our previous iterations as lesser and inferior? Why is it always “the next best thing” for us?

888 more words
Daily Prompt

Slosh Goes the New Me

Just for fun I decided to try today’s rather unusual daily prompt. So I peeked at the first paragraph in my blogging friend Helen’s latest post at… 655 more words


two and three times

It was his eighth birthday that was celebrated for the first time.

(Like, in forever. As in eight years of living.)

This stranger—Harry had heard accidentaly about “people you didn’t know and one thousand and one reasons why you shouldn’t follow them” speech delivered by Aunt Petunia to her Dudley—had not seem really suspicious. 124 more words


All Roads Lead To Music

So, I was hanging out over an my friend Calen’s blog. It’s a favorite place to go of mine. She did this prompt about going to visit a blog and picking out the 4th and 14th word in the day’s post, and so I did that… But I went random, and just found a blog and looked at the 4th and 14th word. 76 more words

#Daily Prompt

Clean is the New Rage

His gruff reflection

Looking back in the mirror

He noticed

That his beard

While fascinatingly long

It was awfully unkempt

Stroking it slowly

He made a firm decision… 70 more words

Poetry Cabinet

This one is a toughie!

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Ok, my mind is drawing a gigantic BLANK trying to figure out what to write in response to today’s Daily Prompt entitled “ 283 more words

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