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I don’t know who you are, but I know you.
I am always searching but I can never find you. Who are you? Where are you? 369 more words

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Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. I abide by the rule that eating a balanced and nutritious breakfast is key to keeping energy up during the day. 136 more words


Abide in Control or not

is a word
I am not familiar to.

I cannot abide
not to understand!

I don’t abide
to not be in control!

Daily Prompt: Abide.



Think wise and wide,

Take things in your stride,

It wouldn’t prick your pride,

To sometimes, agree, understand and abide,

If it’d help stay true to your instincts and help you decide, 24 more words



I haven’t done a prose/poem in a while, so I thought the weekend would be a perfect time to change things up!ūüėä

Don’t tell me I have to abide by your rules, I refuse to go through life worked like a mule, I know to you I’m only a tool. 209 more words


Daily Prompt: Abide

via Daily Prompt: Abide

This is my house

But it ain’t my home

My family’s here

But I’m all alone

It’s where I dwell

But not where live… 8 more words


if you

if you insist
I think I might
just manage to do you
all through the night

if you really want
I think I could
take full advantage… 137 more words

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