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Follow the joy

That which makes you glow
Radiating from deep within
Giggling with glee
That unexplainable feeling
Of euphoric joy
Bubbles from the fountain… 29 more words


Live Avidly

I am avid about life
I am avid about humanity
and try to blend these passions
on my blog and in my actions

Listening to others, volunteering… 119 more words


An in convenience truth

As one possessed of what is disparagingly known as a ‘gill bladder’ – which is to say that my powers of retention are somewhat below average – I have extensive direct experience of public conveniences all over the world, and during my many passing ( 580 more words

365 Days Of Writing Prompts

Monday April 24, 2017

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There’s an urban legend going around that there is a taxi cab that doesn’t take you where you want to go, but instead it takes you where you need to go. 21 more words



Will you watch with avid eyes
As my hands slide down my thighs
Will you breathe a little deeper
When my fingers start to creep… 135 more words

Daily Prompt

An avid life liver

via Daily Prompt: Avid

For lunch today we ate our faces.

My daughter is four and she is avid about everything.

Today: Craft, painting, kindy, dress-ups, dance and making pizza faces. 138 more words

Writing Prompts

Day 114 Year 02

Noun: trousers

Adjectives: healthy, premium

Verb: pick