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Dronesville adventure #16: A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees.

A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees. This is what I learn today. Otherwise it will be Meaningless!
Well, I am now at the Dronesville city hall. 512 more words

Millennial Short-story

Spring's First Bloom

the seasons past were

meaningless to the new growth

as the flower bloomed


Resistance is Meaningless

The world we live in is forever changing,

There is a continuous flow of rearranging.

Whether big or small –

It matters not at all. 85 more words

It's The Small Things

My life sometimes seems so meaningless and insignificant. I don’t feel like I have a higher purpose. I live a small, unusual life. I sometimes feel like I’m a waste of good oxygen. 80 more words

Daily Post



How meaningless the sound of the music,

When each generation create their beat,

Another generation thinks it’s a racket,

Deafening to the ears, disturbing to the mind, 27 more words

Love appears in strange ways


It is a Friday before the spring break. Daisy drives back home picking her daughter Emily from her school. In the car, Emily eats her favorite vanilla ice cream cone and tells her mother all the interesting things of her day in her school. 1,915 more words

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