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Cinnamon Roll with Maple Ooze

I attempted blueberry picking this morning but it was already so hot and, having tasted the berries from several bushes, I didn’t like them well enough to continue. 65 more words

Daily Prompt

Not a pleasant word...


“To exude something often in a faintly repellent manner.”

My initial reaction to the Daily Prompt ‘ooze’ was one of repulsion.

Sure, you can ‘ooze with confidence’.   72 more words


How Can You Feel So Sad

How can you feel so sad when you’ve got

the stars

and the moon

and the clouds

all looking down?

Am I the only one or does the moon also get lonely from time to time? 79 more words


Asbolane and Dot

Two nights ago I was on the sofa, minding my own business when I heard Oscar fussing at the window. I looked up and yelped, “Oh. 417 more words

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Eastern Horizon

I climbed onto the ferry boat in the early morning hours, before the sun had a chance to peek through the clouds hanging low on the eastern horizon. 82 more words

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Foamy Vengeance

When I think ooze, I’m reminded of a clever prank played by Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory. He uses ordinary dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, and saturated potassium iodide to produce a large quantity of foam that gets bigger and bigger like a giant monster. 32 more words

Daily Prompt