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Catapults and Boiled Sweets

By Scott Bailey © 2017

Catapults and boiled sweets
Sailing boats and jam jars
Watching tadpoles
Playing in the woods
Hunting newts
Swings and roundabouts… 22 more words



Wonderful, just wonderful.  This was all she could think as she was flying through the sky.  Janet heard that the catapult wasn’t so bad.  Once she got over the fear and hopped on, she just let go.   28 more words

I wish to be a kid again!

When I was a kid I wished to grow faster, the life of adults to me was so fascinating, how they do everything so perfectly. I look at them as I was a small hut looking at Burj Khalifa, as I envy it, looking around everything so clearly and as a small hut I wasn’t able to enjoy that until I grow. 132 more words


Catapult#Daily Prompt #Season 2#Attempt 71

With turning
Pages of calendar
Among changing dates
Days after days
Months after months
Years after years
Life moves, floats and pass by… 39 more words


Brick Wall

cat·a·pult  : a device in which accumulated tension is suddenly
released to hurl an object some distance, in particular.

Brick Wall

Two times in the kitchen—hurrying like a fool. 395 more words

Visions of Grandeur

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The Daily Prompt: Visions

Smart, beautiful, and ready for whatever the world may throw her way

Fearing nothing she packed her bag and headed to the big city… 107 more words

Wishing for a super catapult....

How can the acts of so few catapult so many into orbits of despair?

Why do the inhumane thoughts of a minority catapult the majority into overwhelming despair and grief? 159 more words

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