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May 26, 2016: Learning

At age 87, Michelango famously said, “I am still learning”. In another century, Albert Einstein admitted, “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know”. 43 more words

Daily Prompt

Countless Times

You can visit

the same place

in nature

countless times,

without it ever

appearing to be

the same.

© Xenia Tran

Daily Prompt: Countless 10 more words

Rescue Dog

Final Countdown


I have said it countless times now,

told you until I’m blue in the face.

I’m constantly repeating myself,

This is a diabolical disgrace! … 62 more words

Daily Prompt: Countless, again and again

How often have I cooked spaghetti for Thurday lunch? More often than I care to remember and why Thursday? Another very good question. The countless dishes of spaghetti I have cooked and eaten are so numerous. 818 more words

Daily Prompt

another story #3.1 - countless

Mornings began early in the village and the girls took their washing down to the river before the sun became too hot on their backs. Balancing baskets and treading carefully over rocks and roots they chatted and laughed. 689 more words

Daily Prompt

To loose count of beauty

We all are, in some or other way, creatures of habits. Whether it is the habitual way of visiting the same coffee shop over and over and ordering the same item from the menu, or choosing a favourite side of the bed to go to sleep.   170 more words




If I counted how often I think of you …
If I counted the different reasons I love you…
If I counted times I’ve said “I Love You”… 40 more words