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A Graduate Apology (If I Can Make It, Finally)

If this is my fifth time of graduation ceremony,
It is mine finally.
I used to think when my time comes,
I would not like others that pour apology. 147 more words


Daily Prompt: Mistake

We all make them, not one of us is infallible. Some of us walk into them blindly and some of us
willingly make them while simply living life. 321 more words

Daily Prompt

A Regensburg Morning

Editor’s note:  This post was inspired by the Daily Post’s one-word writing prompt:  Morning.

For almost three years, I woke up to the same set of sounds.  330 more words



I have come to know one basic reality: one learns from mistakes, but you sure can’t undo them.

To err is human, but to repeat the same error is folly. 140 more words

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One Mistake

I don’t think you realize that I typed that out,

In a frenzy, in a hurry,

With a spool of heat rushing to my head, very much alike… 249 more words

Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: Obvious

via Daily Prompt: Obvious

We often take the obvious for granted, don’t we? Those age old cliches that we all know, but find ourselves completely unable to break free from. 314 more words

The Small Rewards