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The Future, or Advantage of Foresight

The future is a scary place full of strange unknowns. If history is the study of the past to stop the same mistakes happening then maybe it’s a failure, not only do the same mistake keep recurring but we manage to find new and amazing ways to mess everything up. 536 more words


I wouldn’t want to see the future. Not my own and not the one of others. What, if I would take a look and the people I love wouldn’t be in it anymore?

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Iron on the Line

Let the Flames Begin, Artist Isaiah Stephens

Iron on the Line

 As the steam clears away
No longer blinded by mist
Allowing way for a new day… 76 more words

Field Of Thorns

Door - Photo Challenge

Ready to walk on through? This week, share an image of a door.



The Hemingway Day. Hide.

Having spent the past hour dithering between Wimbledon watching, work and this blog post, I am struggling to find more words than the six below. Welcome to The Hemingway Day… 27 more words


I look in the future and what I see...

…is not much really. A bunch of guesses (same as anyone else I suppose). When I answered this prompt the last time, I spelled out why I thought it was impossible to see the future with any real clarity.   699 more words

Daily Prompt

Tomorrow Never Comes

“The future starts today, not tomorrow.”

Pope John Paul II

“Tomorrow never comes”, I said to my then 14-yr old a few months ago.

“Yes it does,” she replied, “tomorrow’s Friday and when midnight comes, it will be Friday.”

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