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Mother Nature's Plan

The red field of tassel flowers burned while hot lava ran down the slope of a huge volcano. The proud people crowded at the foot of the mountains were dressed in their best clothes. 366 more words

Daily Prompt

unfiltered outlook
reviving old perspectives
fading shards of hate

*Inspired by the prompt Understanding from The Daily Post.
*Image designed with Canva.


rdp: tassel

tussle with a tassel on Tuesday

The focus here is on tassel earrings. They are in there somewhere……


The Message

When the Universe whispers
It is a blot on the periphery
Of the screen of my mind
If I should choose to ignore it
Louder… 87 more words


Day 078 Year 04

Noun: variate

Adjectives: unsound, post-Mesozoic

Verb: kittled


hatchets may dull out
in unmarked graves of regret
scars don’t fade with time

*Inspired by the prompt Bury from The Daily Post.
*Image designed with Canva.



Did it ever

Occur to you

That you

Could hurt me

As easily

As you do?

It makes me

Wonder if

You ever cared

For me. 39 more words

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