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When I hear the word constant, I don’t think of a thing. When I hear constant I think of a person. Someone who is always there. 120 more words


Adulting. Not really a word but a common adjective used to describe the very exhausting, consistent pull on your pockets and life from the very day you moved out on your own or turned 18. 329 more words


Dream A Little Dream

I rarely see the world’s golden glow
the way it is meant to be seen —
my eyes do not work that way

I see shadows play on asphalt & 23 more words


Life is still lonely, at eighty-three

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I wake to an empty nest
And wonder what happened
Is this it?
Is it over?
My purpose in life

What will become of me… 170 more words


When Food is your Constant- Matrimonial

Arranged marriages are in full swing in India even today. Once someone hits and surpasses their Quarter Life Crisis, they are obligated to create matrimonial profile for a potential bride/groom, in the best interest of their parents. 331 more words

Daily Prompt

There is Only One Constant

via Daily Prompt: Constant

One of the difficulties of being human is the rumination of the mind.

Am I making the most of life? 

What am I here to do?  559 more words


Clash of Extremes

I am burning fireball

Trapped in a shell of ice

A pained scream

Caged inside

Struggling to break free

But my throat has closed

My tongue tied… 79 more words