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Daily Prompt: Generous

Her ample proportions were as munificent as any I had ever laid eyes on before or ever would again. She was beautiful. Her liberal approach and sheer unselfishness not hidden in the demeanour that she embodied, it was her gift to me and all who she loved, and she loved everyone. 154 more words

Callie MM


Daily Prompt: Stylish

It wasn’t what she wore but how confidently and effortlessly she wore it, that made her stylish in her own easy way! I have always thought that real style comes with little effort, lots of character and an abundance of personality. She proved it!

Callie MM

Moments in the Life II

Edit: I forgot that I had used this title before.

Hike 438 more words


Daily Prompt: Perplexed (so I had a dream last night...)

It’s been a while since I posted anything, but it’s not really laziness… it’s more like there hasn’t been anything worth posting about my dreams. Until last night. 881 more words