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"Junk" By Melvin Burgess

As a teenager I got very wrapped up in dark books; I read “The Vampire Diaries”, Lenore comics and this book “Junk” by Melvin Burgess. When I first read it the book was an insight in to a life I already knew about but reading it from another perspective, being enveloped in to the characters lives and back then the content was quite shocking for a young teenager as it was about drugs and graphic relationships. 268 more words

Daily Prompt

It Takes a Lot of Courage to Stand up to Your Enemies, But a Great Deal More to Stand up to Your Friends

Quote Me

I’m sensing a theme here with the Dumbledore quotes.

Although I chose this one, I can’t say this is the only great quote, it’s just the first that came to my mind. 246 more words


My Mind

The end,

Waiting for the end,

I want the end.

Done with the race of life,

Done with the competition,

Done with running away from people, 112 more words

Daily Promt

Top five places I've wanted to visit

I’ve never been thinking about places I’d want to visit, I’ve never been the person to really want to go somewhere because I know I never will go visit a places. 327 more words


There's no way to deny she's lovely

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Can’t Drive 55.”

She is the prettiest girl in school and many would like to tell you that she is just like every other popular barbie-wannabe girl there is.

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Fame Update -- Isn't it Ironic?

Well, folks, as I was writing my response to the Daily Prompt this morning, I received an email from the small press who had asked to see my novel, … 105 more words

Daily Post

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “When Childhood Ends.”

With him recovered (recovering?) and me having lived abroad for more than two years now, it is sometimes easy to forget (pretend to forget?) that I grew up with an alcoholic father and a depressive mother.

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