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I ran into BmC's doppleganger today ...

Ever have one of those double-take moments ? Met a person today, and she’s a dead ringer for our Johhny FjL’s sweetheart. Checkout BmC’s doppleganger …

Daily Rants

Saw this posted a bit differently ;-)

Saw this posted a bit differently, not sure the point, so I made a point. ;-)

Daily Rants


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I’ve been stuck in a place where I know I shouldn’t be at but can’t seem to get out from. 95 more words

Time Person of the Year ...

No surprise here. President-elect Donald Trump named Time Person of the Year. Not that it’s a big deal, but at least it’s not that fucking Kriminal Killery Klinton … ;-)

Daily Rants

A few pics from Zelda's birthday ♥♥♥

A few pics from Zelda’s birthday. As I get more, I’ll post them. She LOVES LB, and LB takes real good care of her … ♥♥♥

Daily Rants

Are crooked bumps painted by drunken bums ???

Riddle me this Batman. Are crooked bumps painted by drunken bums ? For the taxes paid in Malba, I’d want my BUMP signs pefect…

Daily Rants


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Another not-so-productive day it seems. Been working on my final year project since September and currently stuck in the middle of nowhere. 68 more words