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Amicable Solution

The date is 26th September 2015, the day in which both my wife and I will move into “our” home and start a new nucleus family extension of our own. 1,383 more words

Daily Rants

Last day of work

10th July was my last day of work. Finally it was time to say goodbye for good. Bittersweet moments but definitely something that I need to do. 283 more words

Daily Rants

7/21/15 – 7/25/15


Me and me bride started the rock garden work, and it’s looking awesome.

The new arborvitae was delivered and planted. Looks better already.

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Daily Rants

Social Anxiety

I wish I would have known about my social anxiety disorder years ago. I always knew there was something ‘wrong’ with me since I would have panic attacks over simple tasks such as: 185 more words

Daily Rants

This is the preview of the dry kitchen area of our matrimonial home. Build on the foundation of lies and deceit.

Sugar coated to perfection but bound to collapse when the test of time comes to visit. 76 more words

Daily Rants

7/16/15 – 7/20/15


Since I stopped working, I’ve had less time for the Musings. Bad me. I’ve kept busy painting things and fixing things I never had time for before. 243 more words

Daily Rants

2 more weeks...

Yoohoo!!! two more weeks my Hunny is getting married! Feeling pretty excited for her plus I’m gonna be her bridemaid!

I can’t imagine how time flies when last year it was her ROM n now it’s her wedding dinner soon! 88 more words

Daily Rants