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3/16/15 – 3/20/15


32 years ago today, I began to fulfill a promise I made to my then future mother-in-law. A woman who was taken from us way too soon, and before we were married. 395 more words

Daily Rants


Lets look at what this President has done since taking office, tried to close Gitmo, remove all of our troops out of Iraq, has gone on a tour of islamic countries and denounce American past policies, never has him talked about American Exceptionalism. 300 more words

Daily Rants

Toni Morrison on Failure, Risk and Writing Outside Yourself

Toni Morrison has crafted some of the most memorable stories and indelible characters. Now, she has something else to say.

Read the interview here.

Daily Rants

Picture Perfect

Growing up, I’d never thought my feelings toward photography would develop so much but dangggg, I’m wrong! Recently, I’ve been promoting and unleashing some very ordinary HAHA skills and I honestly think I did pretty well. 84 more words

Daily Rants


I remember telling people that my favorite subject was math. I was a mathlete when I was still a high school student. But there is one part of math that I hate. 70 more words


Morning Class

Professor 3d was absent again. He should’ve announce it on FB like he always do but he didn’t. Sayang tulog. Sayang ligo. Sayang plantsa. Sayang gas. 24 more words



We always do group works at school. They say it’s for us to be able to practice good communication and socialization. I have bad experience with group activities. 76 more words