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"There's no such thing as a bad day"

I’m on a train travelling to my hometown from work, half asleep and feeling a bit dreary. I had intentions of doing work on the journey, managed to get some reading done but straight afterwards I fell right to sleep. 183 more words

Daily Reflections

November 24: Jesus Beyond Dogma II: xxiv – He washed their feet

Picture: L’Arche Kent

So many of the dysfunctional illnesses are the result of a distortion in our relationship with the Spirit; living with no place for the spirit. 269 more words

Daily Reflections

November 23: Jesus Beyond Dogma II: xxiii – Science has not invented beauty.


There is a tremendous wonder about the way creation works. Science has not invented the beauty in creation, merely discovered what was already there. Creation seems to have been on the brink of destruction so many times, yet things never come to nought. 285 more words

Daily Reflections

Little White Bridge

I spotted this little white bridge at Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee.  It crossed a small trickle of water and lead the way to a hiking trail into the woods.   95 more words

Photography Challenges

The Privileged Perspective

I read a FB post by the well known handloom aficionado Laila Tyabji and it did piss me off. I have always looked forward to her sari posts because she has an enviable collection and most times I find her views on other topics very balanced and wonderfully worded. 2,100 more words

Daily Reflections


How to grasp?

The low moment

Years ago, I was so low in confident in myself in every aspect. I would consider myself average, not the brightest, also not the worst. 367 more words

Praise Points

November 22: Jesus Beyond Dogma II: xxii – loved, endowed, persuaded.

Without the earth we are nothing – earth is the womb where there is nourishment for growth. Love is responsible for bringing everything into existence; and through the potential love brings there are arise infinite possibilities – characteristic of the Kingdom. 305 more words

Daily Reflections