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Daily Report

Running distance: 3.10km

Work done: Figured out how to compile Hadoop JAVA program without having to use Maven. Scripted steps to compile and uploaded to GitHub. 38 more words

Daily Report

Running distance: 2.71km

Work done: 75% completed on the Hadoop automated installation script.

To do: Pending maven, mahout and JAVA IDE setup.

Daily Report

Running distance: 0km (under the weather)

Work done: Re-did Hadoop startup and shutdown script. Uploaded it on GitHub.

To do: Maven installation, Mahout tests, pending installation scripts and pending Hadoop java program tests.

Daily Report

Running distance: 0km

Work done: Did a system wide reinstallation of Hadoop. Uploaded files and settings on GitHub. Discovered that ASCII file can’t be parsed into mahout directly to be used with K-Means clustering, require a .seq file (binary). 24 more words

Daily Report

Running distance: 0km (off day – Thursday)

Work done: Reading on Mahout implementation on Hadoop. Also light reading on Spark implementation instead of Hadoop.

To do: Figure out IDE best for Hadoop development.

A semi-good day #14

Yes it is no lie! I am GREEEEEN today. Now this looks like nothing but it is finally a break from my losing streak. I was red on red for many many days in a row. 296 more words

Daily Report