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11-21-2017 News

11-21-2017             News report of police activity on Temple St. in West Roxbury.

News and Notes from Tuesday's Capitals Practice: After Struggles Continue, Any Line Changes?

After a brilliant performance on Saturday night, the Capitals hoped to continue their home ice November dominance last night. After Lars Eller scored the game’s first goal just 1:02 in, it looked like the Caps picked up where they left off. 323 more words


11-21-2017 Report

11-21-2017             Saw NBC10 filming a report about parking tickets.

#52 - They keep bouncing. I gotta learn to keep catching

Trades: 2
Accuracy: 50%
Executions: 3


Missed the pullback on this and tried to chase it a bit. Realised my folly and got out for a small loss. 99 more words

Daily Report

11-20-2017 Break

11-20-2017              Cold at 3:00 break time.

#51 - Life doesn't get better

Trades: 1
Accuracy: 0%

Cannot be more mad at myself today. Suretrader decides to fuck up when I want to take an entry at 9.47. This thing goes up to 9.93 and I try to play the pullback after my platform got fixed. 37 more words

Daily Report

11-20-2017 Crash

11-20-2017           Former Patriot Terry Glenn was killed in a Texas car crash.