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A writer wanna be

Setelah membaca cukup banyak buku baik hard copy, ebooks dan audiobooks, saya merasa mulai naik kelas mau menulis buku.

Untuk mendukung usaha saya menulis buku, saya baru saja membeli 3 buku tentang how to write, how to become a writer dan how to publish. 115 more words

The Daily Grind

I have classes in Mandarin every morning from Monday to Friday. These classes start at 8:30am prompt. After a hurried bowl of China’s finest hot water and oats I am out the door and blasting out Justin Bieber’s latest banger as I urge my dilapidated, rusty, one pedal bike over the hill and to class. 558 more words

Madeleine In China

Day 23 ~ 30 Days of Thankfulness

Im so happy and thankful that I don’t mind giving a person a compliment, or a word of encouragement.   242 more words

Sunday Yoga: Forgetting what you know (Day 3)

I know, I know I’m a little late with my Sunday Yoga. I got super busy today since I spent most of the day cleaning the house so that my mom won’t have to do much. 431 more words

Finding Time for Outdoor Play

On the days I don’t work, making time to play outdoors is no issue. We have a park around the corner, the Marshes nearby, and lots of other green spaces that we can easily access. 650 more words


Just Imagine: Darth Vader with a Daily Routine like the Rest of Us

Polish photographer Pawel Kadysz imagines that Darth Vader is more like us than we might realize. In his series of selfies called Daily Life of Darth Vader, Kadysz shows that the infamous Sith Lord performs many of the same relatable and mundane tasks that we do, such as food shopping and cleaning the house. 86 more words


Our Daily Rhythm in November

Rhythm plays a huge part in Waldorf Education. It starts with the moon, the seasons of the year, the festivals and celebrations of the year, to the months, the weeks, the days. 1,419 more words