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I can’t say I am really a big fan of change. I have had quite a bit of it in my life and I like the security of sameness. 274 more words

Finding Solace

Every evening at seven I call my mother. It’s basically the same conversation every evening; the standard how are you, how was your day, are you feeling well. 636 more words

A sort of day...

Morning: Barbershop Man

As I go down the stairs of my exercise club, I notice a new poster: a fit-looking young woman in gym singlet and knee-length leggings is bending over backwards, so that both the soles of her feet and the palms of her hands (not to mention the end of her ponytail) are in contact with the floor. 1,868 more words

Cow Face Pose

Kids love this too!

Lots of Yoga poses have fun animal names, making them perfect for introducing a young, preschool age or so, child to this highly beneficial exercise modality.   558 more words

Yoga For Balance And Posture

Simplified morning skincare routine for summer

I have wanted to make a skincare post for SO long, and its finally here! After what feels like forever since my last post, my first skincare and products post is ready and I’m so happy to share it with you all. 813 more words

Two Ants Invaded Our Home Today...

Yes, spelled correctly. Ants, not Aunts.

Anyways, on this CONSTANTLY rainy day, these little buggers (pun intended), were roaming in my bathroom! This caused a… 98 more words