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day 16 : prep for tough HIIT

today did another experiment of being between 65% and 85% of my so called peak training heart rate and i guess my training heart rate is higher than the calculated anyways… 59 more words


Photocopy Blues

Today, I wasted a significant amount of time photocopying communication from a delusional person calling himself “President”.
He was brandishing his so-called achievements all printed on at least 20 pages of long bond paper. 151 more words

day 13 : the perfect day

so today was a good day , most of the time i was home and i followed the diet as written almost exact except for a little kishmish i had post dinner , also i did sandeep rpm just below my threshold point let’s analyze that a bit… 42 more words


day 12 : recovery

after last night’s workout my body is broken up , but still i managed to end up at RPM but made it a point to strictly stay in the aerobic zone and not enter the peak as last night’s HIIT and subsequent aerobic walk had taken its toll , i am feeling sore and tired , i guess i would ge a good 8 hours sleep today to recover for tomorrow’s rpm in the evening with sandeep… 53 more words


day 11 : bringing it up

i am experiencing a strange phenomenon which i remember  i had experienced in the last challenge too – suddenly the body has reduced it craving for carbohydrates so i am assuming it is surviving on fat storages as i feel my waist has gotten less , it feels like that  when i wear my belt or tshirt etc… 191 more words


day 10 : slack

the slack set in although i maintained the diet , the exercise ( pump ) was lost in translation but today i do have a muscle burn which is good… 48 more words


day 9 : recover

today i had to start to recover with 5 more days before weigh off i got the message that i had won week 1 with a minor weight change , well that was a surprise but would not deter me from my goal – this week i am not too hope full but i have to recover and get back on line , that would require awesome effort… 126 more words