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我每日沖涼嘅時候會洗面落妝,跟住我會做一個double cleansing, 用一個叫做not-a-sponge嘅蒟蒻洗多一次面。跟住我會做比較mild嘅peeling 或者係磨砂,但係我嘅皮膚好敏感所以我只可以做一啲好mild嘅 peeling例如係呢一隻Dr.Jart 嘅peeling。

跟住就會敷一啲快嘅面膜例如係三分鐘嘅Dr. Jart Transfoam clay mask做一啲深層清潔跟住我就會敷一啲Karuna嘅paper mask做一啲抗氧丶抗衰老 或者係保濕或者敷DoMeCare Deep Cleansing Mask凍膜幫我嘅皮膚降溫絳紅。

記住做一個勤力扮靚嘅女人就可以 keep住後生keep住靚啦!

Daily Routine

Daily Refreshment for Your Face

Let’s get down to business.

Now that recruitment is over, my face, wardrobe and life finally have the chance to take a serious breather. After constant makeup & my hair being done *cough cough fried* every day, I think I deserve a product detox. 420 more words

The Haze

The life is limited. It will end one day. So will youth. What if someone is not prepared for the end when the end comes. One has not prepared himself when he is asked to leave. 447 more words


Multi cultural lunch meeting

Siang ini sewaktu menghadiri workshop dengan customer, saya join lunch dengan 3 orang asing yang merupakan team overseas dari perusahaan kami di Jakarta.

Satu Software Developer dari Romania, satu Solution Architect dari Australia keturunan Serbia dan satu lagi Project Manager dari Australia keturunan China. 154 more words

Just a typical morning.

Dear Pedestrians,

I just got my car three weeks ago. And I love it. So I don’t really want to clean blood or body parts on it. 207 more words


Ways to create a balanced daily routine

Let’s face it, the majority of the plans that we make for our life never turn out the way we imagine them to be.

Those goals and dreams—landing a perfect job, living in a swanky house or traveling the world—are still within reach, but most of the time they are out of our control. 854 more words

What I learned from my new job

Two weeks ago I was hired for a new part-time job as a Student Support Worker for my university. My job responsibilities include taking notes during lectures for students with disabilities and providing them with mobility support. 750 more words