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a very small eligibility post

2019 was a very busy year to say the least. I couldn’t find time to post anything here – but that’s about to change, since I deactivated (temporarily, I think) my Facebook account, which was gobbling up most of my spare time. 234 more words

The Singularity Loves You

He fell in love with a woman who has the same name as his wife. She’s everything his wife is, but better. But there’s more to the story… 23 more words

Review of "Rainbows" by William R.D. Wood

Note: the story comes with an editorial warning from Daily Science Fiction that it is a dark, adult tale. In short, you won’t see any rainbows. 354 more words

Daily Science Fiction

World Fantasy Con and Me

Happy to announce that I will be a speaker at the World Fantasy Convention in Los Angeles, October 31 – November 3, 2019. My panel is called “Switching Gears,” which sounds more like steampunk, but here’s the description. 211 more words


Review of "The Last Rider of the Apocalypse" by Floris M. Kleijne


The Four Horsemen of lore—Pestilence, Famine, War, and Death, have destroyed humanity in an Apocalypse, leaving only Porcaleo alive. Porcaleo pursues them with vengeance across the vast expanse of space through Andromeda and the Horsehead Nebula. 184 more words

Daily Science Fiction

Review of "The Raleigh Temple of Artemis" by Caroline Diorio


The reader is told that the Temple of Artemis closes at midnight and it’s now 11:52.

The narrator apologizes to the snake-headed girl in the UNC Chapel Hill sweatshirt who’s cleaning the statue of Artemis. 265 more words

Daily Science Fiction

Steel Slats: Daily Science Fiction Contract, Bio Request Received

And here it is, the DAILY SCIENCE FICTION contract for “Steel Slats” (see August 17) arrived and has been signed (or more precisely, my agreement assented) and returned.  161 more words