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Election 2020: I Want To Struggle Over THIS Decision

Before you read any further, I am not a Trump hater. I am also not a Trump lover. He is OUR president (whether you want to accept that or not), and there are some things I can say he has accomplished and I am grateful for including the economy, low unemployment and troop pay increase just off the top of my head. 202 more words


Jon Stewart explains why he didn't take candidate Trump seriously at first

Nearly two years after Donald Trump was elected president, comedian Jon Stewart acknowledges he did not take the former reality TV star’s campaign seriously enough. 192 more words


Comedian Jon Stewart was interviewed by CNN’s Christiane Amanpour Tuesday night, and the former “Daily Show” host absolutely nailed today’s political journalists in a way no one else has.

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'Daily Show' Gears Up for Late-Night's Election Season

“The Daily Show” makes fun of CNN, but it’s not supposed to work like CNN. That dynamic will change a bit come November 6, when the Comedy Central late-night mainstay goes live on Election Night. 624 more words


Polivision Podcast S1 E1 / Satire in the Trump era

The first episode of Polivision, a podcast about Latin(o) American popular culture, is about humor and satire in the Americas from 9/11 to the Trump era. 77 more words


The Importance of Political Satire Shows

Whether it’s a video from John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight delving into why the obscenely racist act of whitewashing is still a thing or Jon Stewart recounting events in Congress through impersonations of Senator Mitch Mcconnell as an aging turtle, we all have watched a segment of a political satire show at one point in our lives. 792 more words