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Installing moodle 2

I use this tutorial : https://docs.moodle.org/26/en/Step-by-step_Installation_Guide_for_Ubuntu and jump to step 4.

On step 7, after chmod -R 777 /var/www/moodle, you have to open http://<your-ip>/moodle on browser for next installation. 121 more words

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Basic installation nginx+php5-fpm+yii

As a reference I use tutorial from rosehosting.

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Travel in Groups

“Travel in groups whenever possible, carry a lantern and waterproof matches, and consider critically both your thoughts and the thoughts of others.”


I have a learned a lot since returning to the US in August. 532 more words

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Time and Tide

“Take nothing for granted.”

It is something that we always crave. We operate by its standards, we categorize by its constraints. We chide ourselves for wasting it, and praise ourselves for being productive with it. 225 more words

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The Bog of Despair

***Before I went off to college, my mother presented me with a Shutterfly photo book. In it were a lot of pictures, and some very special notes. 367 more words

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Challenge Accepted

We are less than two weeks into 2015, and already it has been a ride full of ups and downs—one full of joy, sadness, laughter, and tears. 475 more words

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It probably brings a lot of memories to mind for you—maybe the Aretha Franklin song, maybe a lecture you received during middle school, maybe being grounded by your parents for having a lack thereof. 247 more words

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