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The 100th Hop

I think I was about four when I learned the entertainment that was hopping in place. Feeling brave, and having just learned how to count, I told my dad that I could jump for forever. 447 more words

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Monsoon time-lapse_1_2015

It’s mind boggling to know what secrets nature holds. If once in a while you pause your high speed urban life, and enjoy few carefree breaths of fresh air, mother nature will amaze you with its mesmerizing tricks. 102 more words

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Life by Example

As I read over blogs, both my own and others, a common theme appears, and it can really be boiled down to one question:

Who are you in times of suffering? 434 more words

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Installing moodle 2

I use this tutorial : https://docs.moodle.org/26/en/Step-by-step_Installation_Guide_for_Ubuntu and jump to step 4.

On step 7, after chmod -R 777 /var/www/moodle, you have to open http://<your-ip>/moodle on browser for next installation. 121 more words

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Basic installation nginx+php5-fpm+yii

As a reference I use tutorial from rosehosting.

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Travel in Groups

“Travel in groups whenever possible, carry a lantern and waterproof matches, and consider critically both your thoughts and the thoughts of others.”


I have a learned a lot since returning to the US in August. 532 more words

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