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Do You Know Fear?

Today’s Soul Report: Fear

Fear. Perhaps as great a mystery as love. As God.

A man approaches me, and asks me for a ride. Fear. A stray dog in the path I walk. 143 more words


Are you Bored? Is it Time to Walk a New Path?

Today’s Soul Report: Enthusiasm

Everyday, subscribers receive in their inbox, a Daily Soul Glimpse: a nudge from my soul to yours to help inspire self-inquiry and relationship with your soul. 889 more words


Connect Before You Cannot

Today’s Soul Report: Reaching Out

I can’t do this alone anymore. These words poured out from me as I walked up a hill by my house.  716 more words


Trying to be Alone

Today’s Soul Report: A Writing/Walking Meditation (written several weeks ago)

I am called forward by the sound of a bird. It is the only sound I want to hear. 455 more words


A Contemplation on Struggle

Today’s Soul Report: Struggle

I saw a man. Same one I’ve seen several times, on Colorado Blvd. with a styrofoam cup, he jiggles for change. 673 more words


Don't Look in that Box- or Do

Today’s Soul Report: Seeing & Going Deeper

“Mom, I need to show you something. There’s a dead cat in a box.” (Yes, Rhonda I am writing about it) 1,092 more words


Soul Work With Me

Today’s Soul Report: Soul Work (for a brief synopsis of Soul Work with me, click here)

The only useful purpose is to turn within and realize. 1,555 more words