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These days …

These days I keep drifting away .. to places I never wanted to visit.

These days I can’t find the phrases that could fit what I am feeling .. 179 more words


All at Sea

alone adrift

all at sea

winds prevail and blow

endless sky

horizon lost in the blue

searching for firmer ground

white dove released

in hope… 13 more words
The Nexus

Are you going to give up now?

Life is like a game that has no instruction manual for it ..

Nobody teaches you anything either …
You get up every day and try to get the best out of it .. 158 more words


Daily Quote: 17th October 2018

“If you believe it will work out, you’ll see opportunities. If you believe it won’t, you will see obstacles”

~ Wayne Dyer

Daily Thoughts


From John Collins Ministries:

Teaching our children to know about Jesus and God begins at home.  No school can do it for us.  Satan has woven his lies to keep children from knowing that Jesus is there to help them, to care for them, and to protect them.  640 more words

Rebuilding Our Home

Today I was searching through FaceBook to see if there were any good recipes when I came across this poem by Jodi Dupree. Yes, I am her mom and yes, I could not be more proud to be her mom, but when I read this, I cried. 292 more words

Daily Thoughts

..and autumn killed the summer with the softest kiss! Living within the heart space!

Life has it’s own cycles. Birth, life, death and so on it goes. It’s funny to think that once there was something.. and now there isn’t anymore. 873 more words

Daily Thoughts