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Odd Dreams

I’ve noticed in the past few months, I have recurring dreams about my old friends from middle school. I do miss them from time to time. 450 more words

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Lately I’ve been thinking about how fragile are humans

They broke easily

They are very gullible, especially in tough times

They have trust issue

They do not believe… 527 more words

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Today's Thought: Super Fabric

Quote from The Prayer of the LORD: We have to remember that this One we’re talking to is omniscient. He doesn’t learn anything new. So if you’re going to change His mind by your prayers, it won’t be because you give Him new information. 11 more words

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Daily Thoughts #10

Photo: http://www.houseofhumble.com/2011/10/flying-foxes/

The Last Day of Summer

When I came to Sydney, I discovered that there is a huge ancient tree in the bustling city I walk past everyday, that is home to a number of bats. 276 more words

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It’s funny a few years ago writing was everything to me. I carried around notebooks and wrote little notes about ideas for stories I had. I wrote poems during classes I hated. 189 more words

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you see the image
it seem;s to appear,before your very eye’s.
it may just be a lost soul,
or even the devil in disguise.

the spirit seem;s to quietly arrive, 101 more words

Daily Thoughts


As we sit in long-awaited anticipation
Surely the best virtue by far will be
patience rendered hopefully

Wait, we can hear so plainly now
That of course, clear as the bell… 78 more words