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每到十月份,我就像大家一样特开心,存粹因为生日要到了。如果你的生日是在五六月、九十月 那你应该能体会我的感受了,因为我的生日日期通常是考试周 要不就是大学假期,谁会和你庆祝啊!所以 每一年 几乎从出世那天起 我多数是和家人过的。间中有几次还是有和朋友一起过的。上了大学以候,有两年我无法回家和家人团聚 蛮不习惯的,有少许的失落感 :'( 。今年呢,赶在我生日前毕业了,所以我回到家人身边了!今年也能聚在一起吃一餐,太开心了。

太平凡的日子有太深的感触:还记得每年10月16日午夜0000, 我妈就会敲敲房门祝我生日快乐  或者爸爸拿着红包给我了。今年也不例外。

但是 这次我比较想抱着感恩妈妈十月怀胎 再辛辛苦苦地把我养大;想感谢爸爸在我成长的道路中默默地以他严厉的管教方式教育者我成长。

回想起 当初踏上大学的道路时,父母依依不舍地样子 妈妈还默默地流着泪 回去家乡时的样子 我都一一记在脑中。咻  的一瞬间 我也毕业了。一路上不算非常的顺利 但是感恩父母从来不责备我 或者对我要求很高的 要我考个好成绩回来  而是,顺利毕业后回到他们的身边。毕业那天,爸爸眼中溢出的泪水 是既兴奋又感动 他的宝贝千金女儿终于完成了一项课程。说了那么多,我只想表达 我深深的感受到父母对我的爱与期待,那期待不是想要我获得最高的荣誉什么的,而是成为一个越来越好的人。在我心里 我的成就,永远是父母的。我相信对于许多人来说 也是一样的,只是多有些长辈 并不那么会对子女表达他们的心意,毕竟我们亚洲人多数含蓄。所以,我们过得越好 就是给父母最好的回报了! 11 more words

Daily Thoughts

You would know the secret of death

Here is the poem I read at my father’s funeral…I made it almost the whole way through, until the part about dancing…

On Death

Kahlil Gibran…

353 more words
Daily Thoughts

October 20, 2016

In that critical time of forty days, after His resurrection and prior to His ascension, Jesus

“presented Himself alive after His suffering by many infallible proofs…speaking of the things pertaining to the kingdom of God” (Acts 1:3). 134 more words

Daily Thoughts

Everybody Dies

everybody dies

but not everybody lives

life without living

death without dying


walk through forests filled with demons

avoid the the paths

live a little

get lost


chase the demons

don’t let them chase you

catch a demon by its tail

then let it go


laugh in the face of death

one life

live it

love your life

© 2016 Michael D Emmerich

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Just A Thought

How do you win at life? Are there any equations any formulas that you can put in and say That’s what i always wanted.
How do people plan each moment each second of their live.. 98 more words


Today's Thought: The Breaking Point

Praying the Names of God: The next time you feel tempted beyond your power to resist, call on the name of El Shadday , asking him to help you bear up under it, confident of his ability to sustain and bless you.

Daily Thoughts

People Come & Go In Our Lives For A Reason

I believe that everything happens for a reason. It could be difficult to believe that if you had a traumatic experience, if you had a bad past relationship or if you were deeply hurt by someone. 717 more words

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