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What Do We Leave To The Imagination?

A beautiful quote from Rei Kawakubo “For something to be beautiful, it doesn’t have to be pretty”. The words are golden because we all have our own perception of what is beautiful, yet somehow when I reflect on what we leave to the imagination as a society, the answer is not much. 572 more words

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Daily Thought #55

I am sick today. The cold in my head is making me a little fuzzy, but I still have to write this daily thought, do I not? 155 more words

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The Aquarium

I love animals so much! They are just so dang cool. Everything in their perspective is black and white, and I sometimes envy them. Being from California, I have seen a lot of marine animals in their natural habitat. 160 more words

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We don't talk anymore

How we live in a world of 21st century and how easy everthing is for us,from buying inanimate objects to connecting with animate ones.

I mean it has become so easy, that we would rather ‘text’ our feelings to them rather than saying it out loud… 50 more words

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And so I fold
raise my hands
and walk away
in the same fashion
I have always done
though this is it
I will not play again.
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Today's Thought: Completely Surrounded

Praying the Names of God: it is still true that the Lord surrounds his people. He encircles us with his faithfulness just as the mountains surround Jerusalem.

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