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Today's Thought: Access, Access, Access!

Praying the Names of God: By revealing his name, God reveals who he is, allowing us access to him and placing himself within the reach of our prayers

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What If It's Not For Me?

Two years ago, I went to this magical made into reality wedding in Upstate New York. It was as though the entire place was plucked out of a Pinterest board. 318 more words


Destiny is a wonderful little outline on how everything will work out, but free will can rewrite the outline as things come to pass. It’s like the highway system, the road is already laid out for you, but there are numerous interchanges, off-ramps, and forks you can take; the road is set, the final destination isn’t.


KIndling the Hearthfire

A pagan podcast bringing together the people of ADF, A Druid Fellowship, around the same fire! Come check us out on Facebook, Stitcher, Itunes and Podbean!

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{update} New Adventures!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been here to share a thought, poem, story, and what not. Yeap… life happens… However, I have started posting my stories on Wattpad. 69 more words

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It also seems that nowadays, everyone hates themselves as well. Glorifying self harm, mental and eating disorders is not right. Now, I am not saying that those who do suffer from these things shouldn’t look for help. 133 more words

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The Cat People

With unending duality, it’s no surprise that people divide themselves based on their favorite pet. Cats v Dogs. But with most people feeling such a pull in one direction or another could it be more than seeking companionship, but rather seeking a reflection of oneself? 467 more words