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Sunday thoughts

Yeah nah: The weather being so fuck-off cold that woollen gloves are insufficient.

Nah yeah: Proclaiming “hooray for menopause” during a checkout conversation. It’s a long story. 134 more words

Daily Thoughts


With all the walking I’ve been doing I decided to take it easy for a day or maybe two.  I’ve still been averaging about 7.5 miles a day and my feet are rebelling.  166 more words

Daily Thoughts

In my mind

Loneliness and being alone are totally separate entities. I can be lonesome within a partying crowd, especially when things are really loud, cause then I would much rather flee to find  place to be alone; alone with my thoughts and memories of a time when responsibility pertained mostly to how I conducted my business personally, with no need to worry how my actions would affect so many people around me that I can not neglect. 120 more words

How Do I Feel?

Theonomy, Christian Reconstruction, and the 1689

Junior over at The Confessing Baptist posted an article a couple of years ago that has recently become incredibly pertinent.  The primary question to be answered is: 201 more words

The Pen

Bigger than This

Earth has no sorrow that heaven can’t heal. – David Crowder

Our God is so much bigger than any circumstance we could ever possibly be in.

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Daily Thoughts

Why do we let little things break our happiness?

God, am I allowed to be sad? I know You will tell me “why, yes of course my child!” but I just want to say sorry for being sad. 412 more words

Random Thoughts

. . . My rock and other thoughts . . .

I’d like to think that everyone has that one person in their life who has a special way of helping you get through tough times and motivates you to remain positive. 584 more words