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Saul Continues to Fall

It is an interesting exercise to wonder how differently history would have turned out if just one simple decision would have been altered. Saul’s life provides an example to do just such a thing. 708 more words

1 Samuel

How Would You Feel If You Had A Child Like You?

This post is dedicated to my parents

I wish I had a more clear image of my family together, but I think this will do because it’s a happy picture. 447 more words

Daily Thoughts

Deep Breath

More often than I wish, I have that feeling of static running through my skin and the ball of nerves bundled in my stomach. Nerves of excitement and fear tied together over one decision. 565 more words


In light of the Olympic games I’ve been facetious with my parents, acting as though they must have missed my calling. They didn’t allow me to pursue my full potential in the water or in a gymnastics gym. 810 more words

Daily Thoughts

Our greatest joy!

1 Chronicles 16:10 says: ” Glory is the name; let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice” seeking the lord will be our greatest joy! 356 more words

The Relationship Expectation

So you meet the man of your dreams, the one you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. He treats you right, makes you feel special. 556 more words


Imaginated Sunset

You wrote your markings on my head, in which comes from your soulistic tendencies. Scatterbrained, we embark on this journey together forever. Your blissful insurgence, outing in the lights cannot bring out my madness. 94 more words