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Life talks

【手寫生活】倪端 NiDuan


Daily Thoughts

too busy being busy to get things done...

The last week has, on a scale of busy to hectic, been right up there with the best of them. For all sorts of reasons. And most of them are of my own making. 261 more words


I Want to Try New Things

Dear Amis,

Lately I have been in an unsettled mood. Perhaps it is because my final months in Vancouver are upon us, or it is due to all the clothes scattered in my room whilst I try and pack (and then re-pack when I realize I am bringing too many things…it takes months to do this, yes). 383 more words

Today's Thought: Pervasive!

The Prayer of the LORD: The principles for prayer that we find in the Lord’s Prayer are not obscure principles—they’re found throughout the book of Psalms and indeed throughout the Scriptures

Daily Thoughts

Life talks

【手寫生活】 倪端 NiDuan


Daily Thoughts

The eccentric writer (6) - Facebooking, meme-ing, blogging

Reads a few lines.

Notices a certain word that has been annoyingly repeated within the same paragraph.

Looks word up on Google for synonyms.

Replaces word. 107 more words

Daily Thoughts


Hello Lovelies

So first of all, it’s 2am and I am incredibly tired. Even though inspiration is great, I am not sure how well I can execute when I am falling asleep. 142 more words

Daily Thoughts