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Today's Thought: Lulled to sleep by inactivity

The Blessing of Adversity: Inaction can be dangerous when we’re facing opposition

Daily Thoughts

When I Used To

I used to be fine.

I used to be fine until that day
when the small kitten jumped off the roof,
and I could not save it… 110 more words

Daily Thoughts

I hope the sunshine burns my cloud

Healing can’t happen in a vortex.

You can’t step away from real life and give yourself space to mend and grow.

There are people depending on me, there is a future I have to keep pushing towards. 468 more words

Daily Thoughts

It's been awhile since we've talked. . .

Well hello my fellow Earthlings,

I hope you are all doing well! It’s been quite awhile since we talked and honestly I don’t even know where to begin. 667 more words

Increased Health Insurance Under the Affordable Care Act

If you only listen to the spiteful abuse from opponents to the Affordable Care Act (who insist they will repeal it at the first opportunity) you would never know that it has provided at least 20 million uninsured Americans with coverage – the DHSS reports a drop from 20.3 per cent uninsured in October 2013 to 11.5 per cent today. 56 more words

Still a Struggle

The beginning of the week was strong; I meal prepped the pork chop recipe (on the blog) and then the following day I meal prepped a stuffed chicken recipe. 260 more words

Daily Thoughts

Wanting Jesus

Today the standard of living has become satisfying not only what we need but what we want.  Simple living is not that simple anymore. We crave for more. 388 more words