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Getting it started, not getting it perfect.

I think to create a blog you have to have somewhat of an imagination. When I was younger I was always fascinated by laptops and computers. 276 more words

Daily Thoughts (My Crush, Act 3)

I loved her, I really did love her. But I finally came to a clear realization. That I was desperately reaching recklessly towards something that was overwhelmingly far. 118 more words


Press for Peace 2

Why are we, as women, self-destructive?  For most of us, every other word that is released from our lips is filled with self-inflicted disdain.  I don’t know how many times I’ve said, “I’d be so much happier if my nose wasn’t so wide…”  I’ve looked in the mirror and noticed that one eye is set slightly lower than the other.  153 more words


Thursday thoughts 

Nah yeah: Clocking up two free bowls of potato wedges.

Yeah nah: Finding out that trivia about how far back my cervix is isn’t generally considered good small talk over said deep fried potato shards. 45 more words

This One Did Not

A Blessing to All

Today is full of football, turkey, family, and afternoon naps. But We should stop today and be reminded of all of the things we are truly lucky to have. 71 more words

Daily Thoughts

Lead From the Middle

“What brings a fresh future into being is citizens who are willing to self-organize. An alternative future needs the investment of citizens – leaders not in top positions – who are willing to pay the economic and emotional price that creating something really new requires.” 470 more words

Daily Thoughts