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Do you see
the black
that hides
behind my eyes
trying to
at every 
wanting to not
act upon them
I drown them
in any way 
I possibly can
now you think
I am deceiving
into believing
I am doing
something right
when I am not
but do you
really know
how often
the blade slices
inside my mind
how often
I suffocate
and strangle
myself in hatred
breathing all
the mistakes
down my throat
the nights
I cry myself
into a ball
of hopelessness
I ask not 
for anyone's pity
or judgement
all I want
is to accept
the person
that stares back
when I look
in the mirror
and not see
a shimmering
of the person
I could have been.
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"Just Let It Happen"

A few days ago, while at work I overheard some male employees joking about rape. One mentioned how it wouldn’t be rape if you “just let it happen”. 34 more words

Daily Thoughts

Life After Adoption

Nine times out of ten, when asked to share an interesting fact about myself, I’ll default to “I’m adopted”. Being adopted has become an integral part of my being regardless of if I like it or not. 101 more words

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Today's Thought: The Invited Name

Praying the Names of God: by inviting his followers to call God “Father,” he made this the primary name by which God is to be known to his followers

Daily Thoughts

Today's Thought: The Full Revelation

Praying the Names of God: Though the Old Testament provides many rich names and titles for God, the New Testament reveals him most fully

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Be happy
snap out of it
just fix 
that is wrong
is what 
people tell me
what I 
tell myself
eroding away
the small things
I… 13 more words
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It's a week!!!!!

SO, today our blog turns a week older. “STARTING A BLOG” is one of those random decisions which proves to be right. We basically started our blog to utilize our free time letting everybody know about our place and surrounding and give a peek to our personal life.. 68 more words