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Pros And Cons Of Living In Auckland

Growing up in Auckland, I spent a chapter of my life in the North shore suburbs, by the beach and a chapter of my life in North Auckland in the country side. 1,341 more words

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Daily Thought #16

Remember when you were a child and every new experience was so amazing. Just seeing and feeling a pineapple was astonishing. Every sight, every sound, every smell was interesting. 153 more words

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Plodding Along

Still plodding along….

Health anxiety continues to be above average at the minute but manageable.

This morning was, as expected given yesterday, a difficult morning but made it out at the usual time and a successful extended loop around town and then home. 78 more words

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Under Darkened Eaves

through a veil I barely see

darkness shrouding the land

shuttered windows

obstruct the view

doors firmly closed

darkened eaves hold secrets

no one drops by

there is no need

the net was my safe haven

but safety net no more

with partially opened doors

shutters always ajar

tabs can reveal more

we keep pretending

that truth is elusive

but no more

a version is always

within one’s grasp

© 2017 Michael D Emmerich

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Today's Thought: Unique Mystery

Praying the Names of God: The title “Holy One of Israel” emphasizes God’s uniqueness, otherness, and mystery as well as his call to his people to become holy as he is

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Flights And No Consequence

Flag’s wave in for the incomplete, they pass through the mind field dangers. Those zone’s cannot have you pass over, you built an empire out of the guilty. 130 more words

Out of Reach

I look
over the horizon
into the far

my dreams
my desires
they await me
so far away

How I long
to shorten it
to traverse
the distance

but I am always
one step behind
so they will always
remain far away.
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